Seek Solace: 8 Combination Meditation Therapies For Depression

Depression is one of the most mental health issues that is highly affecting people. While most people do not take depression seriously, it is no less than a hazardous weapon to our health. There are many therapies available to deal with depression. To name a few, there are group discussions and psychiatrists. But before taking up any external help, see that if you can help yourself or not. 

Below are given some of the combination meditation therapies for depression that you choose to help yourself deal with depression:

Mindfulness meditation 

This type of meditation is considered to be the best of all the meditations. This not only cures depression but also improves concentration. This period of meditation is dedicated to being fully aware and alert of the movement of your breath throughout your body. 

If you are a beginner or you have started meditating to cure depression, it might be tough. You might not get control over your hovering thoughts and get distracted while your eyes are closed. 

Always remember that this difficulty would not stay for longer. Once you get the hold of meditating, focusing on the breath seems easier. 

Cognitive therapy based on mindfulness meditation

Combination Meditation Therapies For Depression

This Is a type of mindfulness meditation that is paired with CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT is one of the most used techniques for curing depression. It mainly focuses on the behavior patterns and the frequency of damaged thinking. 

This psychotherapy is based on the actions and behaviors of the person. The therapist and the patient work closely and target the negative thoughts that are causing depression. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy was first developed to prevent people from relapsing when under recurring depression. This is highly effective for people suffering from active depression. This technique is highly helpful in tracking and managing the level of depression and anxiety


Yoga involves mindful breathing paired with physical movements. Yoga not only has a positive effect on depression but also benefits our body. We can say that along with carrying out the toxins from bodies, it also flushes the toxins out of our thinking. 

Kundalini yoga is such a type of yoga that includes specific postures to deal with fears, expel anger, and replaces negative thoughts with positive ones. This yoga is also practiced to cure obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

Yoga can also be combined with CBT to improve quality of life and give the right ways to deal with and overcome anxiety. It is advised to be careful while practicing certain poses as unlike meditation, practicing yoga might cause injuries. 

Transcendental meditation

It can also be referred to as TM. This type of meditation involves a silently-used sound called the mantra. This is easier than mindfulness meditation as by producing a sound you avoid all the negative thoughts and distractions. 

This meditation should be practiced for 15 to 20 minutes daily while sitting in an eyes-closed position. It benefits our lungs by smoothing the passage of breath as well as benefits the vocal cords. 

This improves mental health and should be practiced even by people with no depression. This simply lifts the quality of living by preventing day-to-day anxiety. It cures the pain coming from negative thinking and gives rise to a positive thought. 

Loving-kindness meditation

Combination Meditation Therapies For Depression

This type of meditation mainly focuses on creating an atmosphere of love and kindness in and around us. People who practice this meditation along-side other types of meditation are comparatively less depressed, carry a positive outlook towards life, cut down the negative emotions, and give rise to greater compassion. 

Loving-kindness meditation helps in reducing the thought of self-criticism which is one of the main reasons to pave the way from mental health-related disorders. 

This form of meditation should be practiced even when there is no reason to practice. It helps in lifting moods and reducing the feeling of negativity. 

Body scan meditation

This form of meditation when practiced focuses on the different parts of the body in a particular sequence. You are free to practice this yoga in sitting or lying down postures with closed or open eyes. 

It entirely depends on being aware of the breath and its movements. It involves inhaling and exhaling while shifting the focus from one part to another. 

It might seem difficult to practice it at first but after some time, it gives a high level of relaxation to the entire body. Body scanning is related to a better reflection of thoughts, sensations, and feelings. This doesn’t requires to be practiced each day. By doing it at least two times a week, one can create a better relationship with their body. 

Repetitive activity

Well, meditation does not only mean breathing and focusing on your body. one can be meditative while doing any activity they like to do. For instance, if someone enjoys cooking or washing dishes, they find their peace and focus while doing that activity. 

Practicing those activities which you love ultimately calms and soothes your body. It gives positive thoughts thus, cutting down the feeling of anxiety and depression. 

So, next time you feel depressed or find yourself in anxiety attacks, leave everything that is disturbing you and find something that you love to do. This is a form of positive distraction from negative thoughts. 


You must have come across elderly aged people or priests chanting in front of a deity or at some type of meditative place. This involves periodic chimes of a mantra or song as a tradition. 

Just take-up calm and soothing songs having positive words in them. Repeating these words will not only make you happy but will also spread positivity in your mind and body. 

This is a fun way of meditating that can easily keep away bad thoughts. You can practice this daily for a few minutes for the sake of your mental and physical health. This should be practiced by both young and old people. 

The bottom line

It might be difficult for you to treat depression on your own. But you should give it a chance. It will improve your life not only by giving away depression but also by enhancing it in terms of every factor

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