Busted!! 3 Most Common Myths Around Dieting!

We all know how a healthy diet is important for the proper functioning of the body. A diet not only helps you in keeping several chronic ailments at bay but a correct diet also helps you in maintaining your desired weight or get to your wanted shape. 

However, when it comes to dieting, there are several rumors around this topic. According to a study in 2019, it was observed that people have several perceived notions when it comes to dieting and most of the time these dieting myths can leave you quite dumbfounded. 

There can also be a high chance of you hearing some of these diet myths and believing in some of them. If that is the case, then it is high time that we should break some of the common myths revolving around dieting and provide you with the actual diet facts instead. 

Dieting facts and myths

Dieting is considered as a technique of eating in a regulated way to maintain, decrease or increase body weight. Dieting can also be used as a first-line treatment against several chronic ailments like diabetes or obesity. 

Diets when especially involved in assisting to lose weight, several perceived notions follow. And if these notions are to be believed then it can increase the risk of the development of eating disorders or chronic ailments in the future. Therefore, we need to understand real diet facts. 

Some of the most common diet myths that generally people believe are listed down below. 

1. Myth- One should abstain from carbohydrates and fats while dieting

dieting myths

Fact: We can never stress enough the fact that it is extremely important for the proper functioning of the body to consume a balanced diet that contains all the adequate nutrients in it. 

Many people tend to believe that abstaining oneself from carbohydrates and fats will help them to achieve a quicker route for their weight loss. However, they fail to understand that preventing the body from getting these essential nutrients can intrude on the general working of the body. 

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. They act as a source of fuel for the body. Most of the foods rich in carbohydrates also provide dietary fibers to the body which is required to aid digestion and keep the cholesterol levels in check. Carbohydrates help in regulating the required glycemic index in the body and a carbohydrate-deficient diet otherwise can lead to headache, fatigue, and weakness. 

On the other hand, fats are an essential nutrient that is required for the growth and functioning of the body. Similar to carbohydrates, they are also a source of energy for the body. Essential fatty acids are required for different metabolic and cellular functions of the body. And since fatty acids cannot be made by the body itself, it needs to be intake through the diet. 

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However, with all that being said, these nutrients should be taken in moderation. Do not completely abstain from the nutrients but limit your intake. You can include healthy options in your diet like avocados, fatty fishes, sunflower and pumpkin seeds or soymilk and tofu for effective benefits for the body. 

2. Myth: Particular foods help in enhancing the process of burning unwanted body fats!

dieting facts

Fact: This is a common myth that people tend to believe. However, there is no scientific validation to this notion. There are no foods in particular that can help you to burn fat quickly. 

The factor that helps in assisting weight loss is consuming fewer calories than naturally taken. For an average adult, consuming 2500 calories a day is generally recommended for the proper functioning of the body, and intake more than that usually leads to weight gain. 

Dieting is all about potions’ control and one should keep in mind that the required calorie intake usually changes from person to person and one should always consume the required calories required for the efficient working of the body. 

There is also another myth related to calories that we cannot help but address is that skipping meals will help one to save upon the calories intake. However, one fails to understand that skipping meals can make you tired and hungry instead and that can make you more likely to reach out for a calorie-rich meal later on.

3. Myth: Dieting involves only a limited range of food and you should not allow yourself treats

dieting myths and facts

Fact: One of the biggest misconceptions that people tend to believe is that while dieting there is only a limited food range that one can avail oneself to. This diet myth is baseless because a dietician or a nutritionist never recommends you to stay away from any food items. 

We know that fad diets which sometimes include only celery and oranges all day can make you lose weight quickly but this diet will not remain effective in the long run. Consuming a diet lacking in the essential nutrients can lead to the development of eating disorders and chronic ailments in the future. 

And now coming to the myth of not indulging in a treat once in a while. Well, this myth can make you lose your motivation in the diet plan altogether. 

Depriving yourself of all the foods that you love can create a negative impact on your mind which may lead to overindulgence whenever you get a chance and that can hamper your weight loss plan in the long run. Therefore when you crave that favorite food of yours when dieting next time, do not hesitate and instead, go indulge and enjoy yourself a little. 

Apart from the most common diet myths mentioned above, there are some other diet myths too that should be put to rest. 

  1. Not eating after 8 pm
  2. Believing in the notion that certain diet facts can target specific areas of the body for weight loss. 
  3. Snacking can make one fat 
  4. Foods that claim to be low on fats and carbs can be overindulged. 
dieting myths and facts

Now there you go, the most common myths around dieting busted. 

Dieting is all about regulating the calorie intake of the body. Generally consuming excess calories than required leads to unwanted weight gain and by maintaining the potions that one consumes, one can easily enhance their weight loss process. Also, following diet plans can never make you lose weight alone. It just mere assistance and should always follow up with proper exercises and a healthy lifestyle

And a small piece of advice from our end. Never skip any essential nutrients while dieting and always consult a dietician or a nutritionist for proper recommendations, guidelines, and support before starting a diet plan. 

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