Consume Phosphorus Rich Food For A Healthier Body

After calcium, phosphorus is the mineral that is found more in our bodies. It is a necessary mineral that helps our body to work properly by maintaining energy throughout an activity. 

So, what are the sources that are generously filled with this mineral? Before going to its rich sources, let us know about the benefits of phosphorus and then move on to some phosphorus rich food items. 

Benefits of phosphorus in your diet

The ways in which phosphorus will benefit your body:

  • Phosphorus helps in generating more calcium in the body hence, contributing to stronger teeth.
  • Reduces muscle pain.
  • Maintains the genetic building blocks of the body.
  • Helps in maintaining heart health
  • Helps kidneys in excreting waste products.
  • Balances other minerals such as iodine, zinc, and magnesium.
  • Maintains the body structure by growing and repairing tissues and cells.

Phosphorous rich food items to include in your diet

  • Seafood

Along with being good sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, seafood also forms a rich source of phosphorus. 

Phosphorus Rich Food

In the seafood category, the carp fish tops the list for being rich in phosphorus, containing 451 milligrams of it. Following it, there are sardines with 411 mg, pollock fish with 410 mg, and clams with 287 mg of phosphorus.

Other fishes such as scallops, salmon, catfish, mackerel, crab, and crayfish can also be consumed as a rich source of phosphorus in your diet.  

  • Chicken and turkey

Poultry such as chicken and turkey, when roasted form an excellent source of phosphorus. As roasting involves the right amount of cooking, it helps in retaining the values of the food. These two are also rich in protein and B-vitamins as well. 

Phosphorus Rich Food

One cup of chicken and turkey, when roasted, consists of 300 mg of phosphorus. Note that light poultry meat contains some more amount of phosphorus than dark poultry meat. 

  • Organ meats

Under the organ, meats category comes the brain and liver of certain animals. They form a rich source of highly absorbable phosphorus. These delicious and nutritious meats also form a good source of iron.

351 grams of pan-dried cow’s brain contain 1355 mg of phosphorus. In the same way, 28 grams of chicken liver contains 124 mg of phosphorus that is used to make various French delicacies. 

  • Pork

85 grams (3-ounce) of perfectly cooked pork contains around 350 mg of phosphorus. Even bacon, the fattiest part of the pork is a good source of phosphorus. 

Phosphorus Rich Food

Pork dishes that are cooked for more time contain more phosphorus than the ones that are not. For instance, pork chops are low in the amount of phosphorus whereas pork tenderloin is high. 

90% of phosphorus is retained when cooked in dry heat. Whereas only 25% of it is retained when the meat is boiled.

  • Dairy products

Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk are a rich source of phosphorus. Most people consume 20 to 30% of phosphorus from these dairy products apart from animal meats. 

Phosphorus Rich Food

Only 28 grams of Romano cheese can give 213 mg of phosphorus. A cup of skim milk which is 245 grams contains 500 mg of phosphorus. Whole-fat dairy products contain the least amount of phosphorus whereas low-fat dairy products contain the most. Low-fat dairy products include yogurt and cottage cheese.  

  • Dry fruits 

In this category, the Brazilian nuts top the list. Only 67 grams or ½ a cup of this nut 475 mg of phosphorus. Similarly, 60 grams to 70 grams of other nuts such as pine nuts, almonds, pistachios, and cashews contain 250 to 350 mg of phosphorus. 

Along with the above nutrients, nuts form a good source of protein, minerals, and various antioxidants too. It is advised to consume soaked nuts instead of dry ones. The reason behind this is that dry nuts contain phytic acid which is not digestible by humans. 

  • Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

You can also include phosphorus in your diet by consuming sunflower and pumpkin seeds as a snack, blended nuts into butter, or can also sprinkle on salads and pesto. These form a great alternative for those who are allergic to other dry fruits. 

A 100 grams of roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds contains around 2661 mg of phosphorus. As these also include phytic acid, it is necessary to soak or roast them before consuming them. 

Soaking as well as roasting these will help in breaking down the phytic acid which will let the seeds release phosphorus for absorption. 

  • Whole grains

Whole grains that contain the highest amount of phosphorus are wheat, oats, and rice. A cup of cooked whole-wheat contains 291 mg of phosphorus whereas the same amount of cooked oats contains 180 mg. A cup of cooked rice contains 162 mg of phosphorus. 

The outer layer of the endosperm in whole grains is called the aleurone and the inner layer is called the germ. This is where most of the phosphorus is located. In order to get phosphorus out of the grains, always go for the whole grains instead of refined ones. 

It is advised to consume grains after soaking, sprouting, or fermenting them. This will ensure the maximum benefits out of them. 

  • Beans and lentils

These are the legumes that form an excellent source of phosphorus. Consuming beans and legumes on a regular basis can help in preventing chronic diseases, including cancer.

One cup or 198 grams of boiled lentils contain 356 mg of phosphorus. Similarly, beans and their variants such as chickpeas, navy, and pinto beans can also serve as rich sources of phosphorus. 250 grams of each of these beans contain 164 to 182 mg of the mineral. 

It is also advised to consume all of these legumes and beans after fermenting, soaking, or fermenting them. 

  • Quinoa and amaranth

Amaranth and quinoa are referred to as grains that hold the shape of small seeds. A cup of cooked amaranth contains 350 mg of phosphorus whereas a cup of cooked quinoa contains 300 mg of the same. 

Both grains are also a rich source of fiber, minerals, and protein. To increase its goodness, it can be consumed by people who cannot tolerate gluten.

So, this was the list of some phosphorus rich food items to include in your daily routine.  

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