Who Should Be Consuming B Complex Tablets And Why?

Vitamin B does not refer to one, but eight vitamins. In transforming food into energy in the body all B vitamins play a major role as every vitamin has a unique function. Vitamin b complex is a mixture of B vitamins used during pregnancy or to cure or prevent vitamin deficiency from inadequate nutrition, certain diseases or alcohol. Vitamins are vital components of your body and support you to keep you safe. 

Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin/niacinamide, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, follica and pantothenate acid are contained in vitamin B. Ingredients such as Vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin or zinc also occur in brands of B vitamins. B vitamins have a significant effect on your energy level, brain activity and cell metabolism as building blocks of a healthy body. Vitamin b complex tablets help promote the following:

  • The health of the cells in the body
  • Helps promote the growth of RBCs
  • Helps to give energy
  • Helps in digestion
  • Enables smooth functioning of the brain
  • Helps to maintain a good eyesight
  • Helps the nerves to function properly
  • Helps to control cholesterol
  • Helps maintain muscle tone
  • Helps to maintain cardiovascular health

B complex tablets composition

Vitamin B complex tablets comprise of the following components:

  • Vitamin B-1 – thiamin: plays a crucial role in the functioning and growth of our organs like the brain and the heart.
  • Vitamin B-2 – riboflavin: helps to break down fats and convert it into energy.
  • Vitamin B-3 – niacin: Niacin is an important component to maintain the health of the skin, the nerves and aid in smooth digestion. It may also help to control cholesterol.
  • Vitamin B-5 – pantothenic acid: pantothenic acid is an essential element for maintaining good brain health and nervous system.
  • Vitamin B-6 – pyridoxine: pyridoxine helps in boosting the immunity of an individual and also aids in the production of RBCs and promotes the smooth flow of oxygenated blood throughout the body. 
  • Vitamin B-7 – biotin: biotin helps to promote healthy growth of hair and nails and also helps aids in smooth nerve functioning
  • Vitamin B-9 – folic acid: folic acid also known as folate acts as a carrier of genetic material or DNA during birth.
  • Vitamin B-12 – cobalamin: B-12 plays an important role in fulfilling the nutrients needs of the body. It also helps to prevent anaemia.

Who should consume B complex tablets?

B complex tablets can be beneficial when consumed by people of different age groups, it may offer the following benefits:


B complex tablets prove beneficial especially for women who are pregnant or have delivered a baby recently, who are still breast-feeding their baby. These tablets reduce certain risks which the woman can be exposed to post-delivery or even while she is pregnant. 

B Complex

Further, she should also consume food rich in folate sources of folic acid such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, leafy green vegetables, such as cabbage, kale, spring greens and spinach, peas, chickpeas and kidney beans, liver (but avoid this during pregnancy). Consuming folic acid rich food helps to rule out the possibility of any disease post-pregnancy and during the gestation period.


Testosterone levels in men that normally decline with age are thought to increase with B vitamins. They will contribute to muscles building and power building. However, no human studies are supporting these arguments.

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People consuming vegan or vegetarian diets may be at a higher risk of catching diseases due to B complex deficiency as vegan or vegetarian food are not as rich in B-12  as non-vegetarian food. Meat, eggs, dairy products, beef, poultry, fish are rich in B-12.

People who have undergone gastric bypass surgery

Many that have undergone gastric bypass operations, often known as bariatric operations, also require supplements with vitamins. Research shows that a person needs B-12 progressively through this surgery. It has been recorded that many people need, at least in the short term, a multivitamin like B vitamins and other nutrients after this procedure.


People who are 65 or above may also experience several benefits if they consume B-12 tablets on a regular basis. Research suggests the deficiency of vitamin B-12 in elderly adults is more likely to be seen. Some evidence indicates that higher B-12 levels can help to slow brain ageing, but there is anecdotal evidence available confirming this finding. 

The systematic analysis and meta-analytic suggest that the low levels of B-12 and folate — a dietary relative of folic acid or vitamin B-9 — are correlated with depression in the older population. 


Other than the above-mentioned circumstances, B-12 may also prove to be beneficial for people:

  • Who consume alcohol regularly
  • Suffering from health ailments like lupus, arthritis, rheumatoid, diabetes
  • Depression
  • Celiac or Crohn’s disease
  • Kidney disorder
  • Cancer
  • Cardiac disorder
  • Alzheimer’s disease

B complex tablets uses in everyday life

Vitamin b complex tablet proves to be beneficial if you are suffering from the following diseases:


Vitamin B-6, vitamin B-9 and Vitamin B-12 are specifically good to treat migraine. Vitamin B-2 can also contribute to preventing migraines by affecting mitochondrial dysfunction at the cell level. According to reports B vitamin is well-tolerated and effective in reducing adult migraine but requires further study on this topic.

Depression and anxiety

According to a study conducted in 2018 suggested that levels of vitamin B-12 play a major role in the production and development of depression and anxiety. They indicated that B-12 levels are lower in participants with depression or anxiety than in other people. A meta-analysis found that in some cases, B vitamins may help to cure depression. 

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The researchers reported that daily consumption of some B vitamins for several weeks to years could reduce the risk of a relapse of depression. A small study in India also showed the role of B-9 and B-12 in depression and anxiety. 

Skin wounds

B vitamins can help repair your skin. In one research, these vitamins were found to help heal wounds more efficiently. Another research showed that B-12 enhanced injury care in diabetic mice. 

The prevention of canker sores, also known as oral sores, may be effective with Vitamin B-12. A double-blind study found that an ointment of B-12 better soothes pain than a placebo.


A mixture of B-6 and calcium enhances the effects of premenstrual syndrome. Some evidence indicates (PMS). Vitamin B-6 also proves useful in physical and psychological PMS symptoms in a systematic study and meta-analysis.

An individual must eat a variety of healthy food, as much as possible, in B vitamins. Some individuals, however, benefit from a B-complex supplement. People in healthcare or drug stores can find these supplements, or select from brands online. When an individual takes a supplement with a B-complex, it is usually healthy. However, a doctor must be consulted before taking any such medicines as it can expose you to certain risks.

If you have questions about the ingredient on your brand, ask your doctor or pharmacist. B vitamins play a crucial function in the maintenance of good health and health.