Covid-19 Vaccine- Is It The Key To Freedom?

Covid-19 Vaccine, A vaccine is a biologic preparation which immunizes the body from a certain infectious. A vaccine usually contains an agent similar to the microorganism causing disease which usually consists of weakening or eliminating microbe types, toxins or one of its surface proteins. 

The agent activates the body’s immune system to identify, degrade and further recognize and kill the agent as a threat to all of its potential microorganisms. Vaccines, every year save millions of lives as it prepares the body to identify and fight against the virus, and makes us immune to the virus. When the body is later exposed to these germs that cause disease, it is ready to kill the germs instantly, to avoid disease or fatalities.

The COVID-19 virus is mainly transmitted through droplets produced by coughing, sneezing, or exhaling the infected individual. They are too heavy to stay in the air and fall easily on floors or surfaces. If you are too close to someone who has COVID-19, or if you have a contact with the contaminated surface, you may get in contact the virus by touching the surface or the infected person, or by inhaling, as the water droplets can travel easily and may even settle on near you if you are close to that person.  

Covid-19 vaccines in India

Bharat Biotech’s first vaccine Covaxin has received approval from the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), making it India’s first successful vaccines that have undergone all the trials and have shown positive results against the coronavirus. 

Covid-19 is now on its way out and soon vaccines will also be available in India. However, Prakash Javadekar, our Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, also warned people to avoid public gathering and continue to follow the precautions and guidelines until they are given the second dose of covid-19 vaccine.  

India has been in better condition than most of the countries all around the world. It has been a blessing that India did not experience the second wave of coronavirus otherwise it would have worsened the present condition and resulted in much more fatalities than one can imagine. 

This has been possible with the leadership of our able officials that India did not suffer as much as this pandemic has triggered significant upheavals in countries worldwide. The registration and vaccination process of Covid-19 vaccines is about to start. However, in certain countries, the vaccination process has already begun and has shown successful results. 

Covid-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine

All the countries have been trying their best to develop a successful vaccine for Covid-19 that would help you to fight the disease and show least side-effects since the beginning of the corona outbreak. However, developing a vaccine to fight virus-like Covid-19 is not an easy task and it takes time, as the scientists have to keep in mind that the vaccine should only fight the disease and not expose us to any vulnerabilities

Developing a vaccine to suit human needs and show least side-effects, in such a manner that the antibodies fight against the disease and not against the vaccine (vaccine being a foreign body)  is not as simple as a hit and trial method and involves a lot of failures. 

  • Every vaccine before being approved for public use has to undergo several clinical trials so that it does not pose any threat to living beings instead of curing them.
  • In clinical trials, all COVID-19 vaccines under production are thoroughly tested and accepted only if it makes COVID-19 significantly less likely for you to catch. 
  • The common results of vaccines of almost any kind are that it makes you immune to that particular disease, or in case you do get infected, it lessens the probability of you becoming extremely sick. This is also the assumption for the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • You will not only protect yourself from getting infected if you get vaccinated but also people around you. You may have a stronger immune system than those who are vulnerable to the virus such as your grandparents or small children in or near your home. 
  • However, more research on the impact of vaccines COVID-19 on the seriousness of the disease of COVID-19 is continued by experts and on their ability to prevent the spread of COVID-19 viruses.

Should I get vaccinated?

According to a recent survey, it was found out that some people are dubious about getting vaccinated. There are also some rumours about the vaccine that it may make you impotent, which makes people very doubtful about whether they should get vaccinated or not. 

However, experts claim that it does not expose you to any side-effects, instead of saves you from a life-threatening disease. COVID-19 may have severe complications that are life-threatening, and it is difficult to see how COVID-19 would affect you. And you could spread the disease among your friends, family and others if you become sick. Therefore if you choose not to get vaccinated you will not only expose yourself to the hazardous virus but also your loved ones.

Will the vaccine help us to fight the pandemic?

  • Wearing masks and social distancing can help to reduce the risk of exposure or threat, but it does not suffice. Vaccines can function with our antibodies so that if you become infected, you can fight the virus.
  • The best protection from COVID-19 is provided by a combination of being vaccinated and adopting CDC guidelines to protect oneself and others.
  • To escape the pandemic, all the instruments available to us are important. Experts will continue updating the Guidelines for Community Safety using the latest sciences as experts learn about how the COVID-19 immunization could help reduce the spread of the disease in communities.

Some countries, like the United States, have already begun with the vaccination process and have also seen successful results. However, Some people might be worried about vaccination and the risks associated, if any. 

But the government has been repeatedly addressing this issue and encouraging the people to get vaccinated. Protection is the highest priority and that has been taken care of. With the production, as soon as feasible, of more COVID-19 vaccines, there remain routine methods, processes or procedures to ensure the safety of any authorised or approved vaccine.

India too has been successful in developing successful Covid-19 vaccines and soon we will be able to attend public gatherings, travel without masks, eat our favourite food from our favourite restaurants, go on vacations, hang out with friends without any fear and most importantly go back to our colleges and schools and lead a normal life that existed before the pandemic outbreak.

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