8 Daily Stretching Routine That Will Help You Reset Your Mind, Body, And Soul

It is 6 am.  The alarm is blaring in the background, so you drag yourself out of the bed and stand on the balcony. The wind is blowing and birds are chirping, you are up before everyone else and the air is super fresh. Early mornings are beautiful, aren’t they? 

You are awake but you can feel that your body is still not ready to rise from its sweet slumber, so we want you to go through this daily stretching routine before you sip your first black cup of coffee of the day.

Stretching is a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but as you start practicing daily, it will improve your body’s flexibility and it will be easier to do it once the muscles have comfortably loosened up.

Here are a few stretches to do every day!

If you incorporate this stretching routine in your everyday life, it will help you enhance your performance and productivity in daily tasks and games. Stretching also prepares your body for a hectic day and lifts your mood if you start your mornings slow and give positive affirmations to your body.

Standing Quad Stretch 

You may require the support of a chair or a wall for this one. You must keep your feet hip-width apart then reach your back and hold the left foot with your left hand.

Make sure to keep your thighs aligned next to each other and your left leg with your hip. You may start to feel the stretch in your left leg muscles. Repeat the process with your right leg.

Forward Fold
daily stretching routine

This ultimate full-body stretch for office workers who spend most of their time sitting in their cabins. This is a good opening exercise for your chest and shoulders. 

You must stand with your hip-width apart, toes should be pointing forward. Try reaching your hands behind and intertwine your fingers. Keep your arms straight, as you bend forward. Do not go farther than your flexibility allows you to.

Hamstring Stretch

You must stand upright for this exercise. If you are aiming at a sitting position, you need to bend one knee and place the opposite leg completely. Now, bend forward from your hips to experience a nice stretch. Hold this one for ten to fifteen seconds and then repeat the same with your other leg.

A Runner’s Stretch
stretches to do every day

This stretch will do wonders for your body specifically the hamstrings and the hip flexors. Studies have proved that those who sit for extended hours suffer from lower back pain due to tight hamstrings. So, stand with your feet hip-width apart. 

Take a step back with your left leg and put both of your hands on the ground on either side of your right foot. You will feel a stretch as you will lower your hips, slowly unbend your front leg, holding your hands set on the floor. You do not have to worry if you can not get your leg completely straight. Hold for 30 seconds. Now, repeat the same process on the other side.

Bound Angle

This exercise is beneficial for both men and women. It reduces the tension in the muscles of the inner areas of the thighs. Just sit on the floor and make sure that the soles of your feet touch the ground. 

Put your hands on your feet and stretch through the spine. You might feel as if a string is gently tugging your head to the ceiling and advance your body weight forward off your tailbone. Use your arms to support, bend ahead with a flat back and bring your head near your feet.

Chest Stretch in Door

Poor posture may lead to tightness in the chest and shoulders. Health experts have often stated how a bad posture can lead to severe problems in one’s life. 

If you want to improve your posture, do this exercise for 30 seconds every day.

Stand in the middle of an open door and place your arms on each side of the door frames. Now, slowly bend forward into the doorway to stretch the front of your chest and shoulders. Stay in this position for thirty seconds. Make sure that you don’t overstretch in the beginning. 

Seated Back Twist

To get rid of back pain and increase flexibility. People who have disk problems should avoid doing this exercise as it might worsen their condition. So, if you aren’t then sit on the floor with your left crossed on top of your right leg.

Pull your left leg a bit further to your right side so that your foot may touch the ground while your left knee will be pointing upward. The next thing that you have to do is to turn your shoulders to the left, pushing against your left leg for leverage. 

Do not push harder and follow this stretching routine for improvement in mobility.

Glute Bridge
stretches to do every day

This is a great exercise that targets your core and quad muscles. You might require a yoga mat before you begin with this exercise. 

Lie down on the mat with your knees bent and feet. Bring them closer to your pelvis. You need to press your body down through heels and lift your pelvis off the floor and continue lifting till you can make a straight line from the shoulders to the knees and make sure to keep the knees aligned with the feet. 

Stay at the top for thirty seconds before you come back down.

The takeaway

A daily stretching routine can change your life. Doctors state that a stretching routine benefits us physically and mentally. People of all ages can easily add this routine to their morning routine. 

It lowers the possibilities of strains and muscle aches in the body. Although if you overstretch and it causes you pain, it is advised to see a doctor. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy your favorite yoga pants and start today!

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