The Ultimate Guide To Get Rid Of Those Stubborn Dark Circles!

Most of us have struggled with the signs of stress, sleep deprivation, medications, and hormonal changes showing on our faces as those stubborn dark circles. And those of you who didn’t, how does it feel to be god’s favourite child? 

Do you keep searching for someone to guide you through the tiring process of removing those dark under-eye circles? Well, we got you covered with our article that includes some sure-fire formulae to accelerate the process of bidding adieu to your dark circles! Read on to know more. 

Wider and lesser-known causes of dark circles 

Dark circles are not very out of the common but that does not weaken our will to get rid of them! The problem is that it is effortful to do so. Making yourself familiar with some of the underlying causes of dark circles will help you to prevent them in the future. 

dark cirlces

  • Overtiredness

Exhausting, stressful work hours and irregular sleep cycles can constrict the blood vessels and make the dark tissues under the eyes prominent. The same reason causes the eyelids to look heavy and puffy and your under-eye area to appear dark.

  • Prolonged screen time

Sitting in front of the TV or PC and staring at the screen for long durations can not only weaken your eyesight but can cause dark circles due to fatigue and swelling up of blood vessels surrounding your eyes. Taking breaks from screen time to relax your eyes can help with the fatigue and dark circles 

  • Dehydration

Water is not called the elixir for our body without any reason. Water deprivation in the body can cause numerous problems that reflect both internally and externally. In this case, not drinking enough water can cause the skin around your eyes to constrict and make your eyes and skin look dull. 

  • Age

This may be one of the most widely known causes of dark circles. With age, our skin begins to lose collagen, which is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin. This causes the skin to thin out, making dark tissues and blood vessels appear under the eyes. 

  • Genes 

If you have a family history of dark circles or conditions that cause dark circles (hyperthyroidism) then, you are more prone to develop dark circles, at an early age. People with such predispositions find it harder to get rid of dark circles. 

  • Overexposure to the sun 

Being exposed to the sun or other sources of heat causes our skin to produce more melanin. Melanin makes the skin appear darker overall. Doctors advise wearing a sunblock with sufficient SPF even when staying at home to prevent excess production of melanin. 

  • Allergies

Our body releases histamines to fight allergens and bacteria. Histamines, along with fighting these harmful alien substances, cause our blood vessels to dilate. This dilation becomes prominent since the skin under the eyes is sensitive. Hay fever also causes more or less the same reaction in the body 

  • Smoking 

If you smoke regularly then, your body starts reacting to nicotine withdrawal when you don’t consume it for a while. This causes irregular sleep and sleep disruptions at night, making the eyes tired and causing dark circles. 

  • Rubbing the eyes 

Frequently rubbing the eyes can make the blood vessels under the eyes break, causing skin irritation and darkening. 

Apart from the aforementioned factors, ethnicity, iron deficiency, too much alcohol consumption, proneness to hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity, eating habits and dermatitis can also cause dark circles to appear under the eyes.

How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?

Natural treatments

  • Sleep schedule

Try to maintain a balanced sleep cycle. Both oversleeping and undersleeping can cause body fatigue and cause dark circles to appear under the eyes. And believe it or not, even your sleeping position plays a significant role in preventing dark circles. 

If your head is drooping while you sleep, your eyelids will get puffed, causing dark circles. Use a few pillows to elevate your head while sleeping.

  • Cucumber treatment

Cucumber is known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. The silica in cucumber has a healing effect and regularly applying cucumber slices on the eyes can help to maintain healthy skin under the eyes. 


This herbal tea helps to reduce dark circles by reducing puffiness and swelling, inducing healing, and helping with eye pain. Make a cold compress by soaking a few tea bags in water and then keeping them inside the refrigerator till they get cold. Apply these cold tea bags to your eyes frequently for the best results. 

Other teas like green tea, rooibos, and lavender tea are known to have the same effects so choose your warrior!

  • Drink more water! 

The importance of water cannot be emphasized enough. Keeping yourself hydrated can do wonders for your whole body. Drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day for healthy glowing skin under your eyes. 

  • Diet 

If your diet doesn’t already include collagen and iron-rich foods, then it’s high time it does. Include Vitamin C rich food like citrus fruits, sprouts, Brussels and kale, seafood, dry fruits, green vegetables, and iron-rich cereals. Lack of these healthy foods in your diet causes skin thinning and dark circles. 

  • Cut back on salt, nicotine, and alcohol

 Increased consumption of these substances causes skin puffiness, discolouration, wrinkles, dehydration, and many more health-related problems apart from those under-eye bags that we dread! Eat a diet that includes whole foods, to maintain a balance. 

  • Don’t wear makeup to bed

Wash your face before going to bed and take off all the eye makeup. Eye products get deposited under the skin and cause under-eye bags and skin problems. 

These methods are scientifically known to significantly reduce the dark circles under the eyes and make the skin better overall. Some other natural remedies that you can try are- keeping slices of potato on your eyes, applying rose water, cold milk, tomatoes, orange juice, turmeric, etc. Exercising regularly also reduces dark circles. 

Medical remedies  

  • Under-eye creams that have compounds like hydroquinone and tretinoin have bleaching and whitening effects on the skin. You can buy a cream with one of the compounds or both. Using under eye creams can take some time to show results. 
  • Vitamin C lotions are used for skin whitening and brightening. Find the lotion that suits you best and apply it regularly.


  • Azelaic acid works wonders on hyperpigmentation and is a very useful product for those struggling with skin pigmentation
  • A chemical peel is a procedure performed by cosmetologists or dermatologists by using chemicals like glycolic acid to lighten skin pigmentation. You can try this method if you need fast results. 
  • Laser treatment is known to provide fast and effective results for dark circles with fewer side effects if your doctor is using pulsed dye or diode lasers. 

To remove dark circles, you need to take great care of your lifestyle and eating habits and can be removed with the right and suitable remedies. Even though the process is tiring, the results will always make you happy. 

So, add these tips to your routine to skyrocket your journey towards zero dark circles!

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