6 Ways to Think Differently About Roadblocks in Your Fitness Journey!

Even the most motivated and disciplined people get hit by random waves of overthinking which makes them depressed. They start to think they are inferior to others and they are not good enough. 

The same happens when you start a workout routine. You tend to face many roadblocks in your fitness journey at once which makes it harder for you to continue. You feel that whatever you are doing in the current situation is useless, which is false. You are capable of doing anything if you have the skills and dedication. In this article, we will provide you with the same. Let’s get started!

6 ways to think differently about roadblocks in your fitness journey!

Have faith in yourself and set a goal

The most basic thing before starting anything is to believe that you can achieve your goal. You start it just to complete your goal. Take time to prepare yourself and build up enough faith because it is your faith that gives shape to your external appearance.

It is fine if you start by doing easy exercises for shorter durations. You have to know your skills, abilities, and passions. Make sure to set a goal so that you know which way you are going. It is like If you want abs, you will have to do abdominal crunches, bridges, and planks. 

When creating a goal, try to create it based on SMART criteria: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. This way your confidence level boosts up and you are more likely to reach your goal. 

roadblocks in your fitness journey
Exercise Boredom 

Once you know your goal, start doing exercises. As a beginner, you may find exercise boring. You may feel tired and think that the exercise is not showing any effects on your body but trust the process and continue. 

You can listen to your favorite pop songs or any loud music which you like while exercising. Once you start the music, you feel the beats and exercise accordingly. You focus on the good things and your mind gets distracted from the boredom.

Do new exercises, do whatever you enjoy doing and change locations if your surroundings don’t suit you. 

Time Management 

Manage time in such a way that you complete your fitness routine every day without a single cheat day. 

You cannot just keep the workout session for the end of the day. It is obvious that the whole day you have been doing work or attending school, you must be tired and there are high chances of you skipping it. So keep it somewhere in the evening or just after you wake up. Early morning workout sessions give you energy and you are ready to continue the day with enthusiasm. 

Plan ahead! Make sure to plan your routine with another set of routines just in case any emergency arises and you get busy. 


It is always recommended to include a diet plan in your fitness workout to get better results. Many people have trouble while planning a diet for themselves as they do not want to eat something they do not like.

Healthy food is essential as it facilitates the kind of exercise you do like you have to eat bananas to gain weight. Make a structured diet including easy meals that can be made by you or someone you are dependent on and choose what you like to eat. 

You can eat fruits, carbs, dairy, protein, and vegetables with your meals. Do not skip your meals! Many people who want to lose weight, skip meals as they think it will work but it is just a stupid mistake. You need the energy to perform the exercises and when you don’t eat, it just makes you weak. 

Unappealing Results 

After completing your whole fitness workout, you may find that you have not yet reached your goal even after working so hard. Do not get upset and let this bother you. 

As said earlier, have faith and look for what you have missed. 

Some exercises may not fit your body which is why they have no impact. Analyze your workout, do a little mix match and spice it all up. Do not do too much at once, try a few exercises, and if you see any impact, include those in your workout routine. 


If you ever feel like quitting, remember your goals, just remember those six mounds of muscles, those muscular biceps, and those well-rounded hips.

Be dedicated till the end and you will reach your aim. If you leave halfway, the time and the hard work you put in will be completely wasted. 

Take control over your emotions and make a fresh start again. You can take small breaks but do start again. Learn from the mistakes you made at first and formulate your routine.


Many workout sessions are a piece of cake for everyone with literally no roadblocks. Do not set your expectations too high, as it can discourage you when you don’t meet them. Even overconfidence can lead you to not meet your expectations. You can seek help from a fitness trainer if you have serious issues. 

In the end, roadblocks in your fitness journey are just mere issues that can be easily solved if you are dedicated enough and have the will to overthrow them.

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