Does Using Derma Rollers Help Your Hair?

This is a new trend to use a derma roller for hair. Some people firmly believe that using derma rollers has solved their issues with hair regrowth. Additionally, it also helps a person to minimize hair loss. So, if you are someone who has suffered from intensive hair loss or balding and now want to go for derma rollers, this article is for you. 

What is a derma roller for hair? 

Derma roller is now popular for tackling Hair related issues. It is a form of micro-needling with tiny needles with height 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm which is extremely effective. Derma roller is used by rolling it on the scalp.

 The needles present on the roller make holes so that the essential oils can get deep into the scalp. The oil reaches the hair follicles directly thus, giving rise to new, stronger and moisturized hair

Do not get scared by the needles of the derma roller. it is safe to use as it also causes controlled injury on the scalp’s skin. The cells of the scalp respond to this minor injury in the form of regrowth of lost hair. It is the healing process of the holes made by the needles that stimulate hair growth

Derma roller for men 

derma roller for hair

Derma rollers when used by men it focuses on hair other than the scalp, such as a beard. Men also suffer from hair loss from both the scalp and beard area. so, the derma roller is to the rescue. The roller’s amazing formulas help in tackling the problems by initiating regrowth of hair. 

Derma rollers for hair 

Derma rollers can be used in many cases. Such as for hair growth, hair regrowth, and even at the early stages of balding. Remember that there is a difference between hair growth and hair regrowth. 

So, let’s get to know how derma rollers work their wonders on the hair: 

  • Derma rollers for hair loss

Derma rollers prevent excessive hair loss by minimizing the hair from falling. When the hair is weak at its roots, it tends to fall. When a derma roller is applied to the scalp’s skin, it makes tiny holes. These tiny holes present on the scalp give rise to new hair cells by activating the regeneration formulae. 

It has been scientifically proven that derma rollers that are an amazing form of micro-needling are highly effective for making up hair loss. It generates collagen in the scalp thus, giving rise to stronger and healthy hair. 

The key to getting rid of hair loss or hair fall is having a strong root. The stronger the root, the stronger will be the hair. Let’s us know the stages of hair growth to understand why we need a stronger scalp:

  • Anagen phase of hair growth: this phase denotes the first phase of the hair cycle, where the cells of the hair divide rapidly and give rise to new cells. Thus, resulting in new hair growth. 
  • Telogen phase of hair growth: this is that phase of the hair cycle in which the starts to fall. At this stage, the hair follicles enter the resting phase, where they are inactive. Thus, causing hair fall. Using derma rollers will allow your hair to stay nutrient-dense and strong. 

So, after using the derma roller on your scalp, apply some oil directly on the scalp using the tip of your fingers. This method is highly effective in lowering hair loss. Due to the holes made by the needles, the scalp soaks in the oil. 

Thus, getting all the nutrients it needs to survive and deal with the telogen phase. Using a derma roller will give you control over hair loss. It minimizes hair loss to the extent of 50 to 100 strands a day. 

derma roller for hair growth
  • Derma roller for hair growth 

Derma rollers are savvier for those looking for ways to grow as well as regrow their hair. When you apply a derma roller to your scalp, it massages the scalp. Thus, giving rise to good blood circulation to your scalp. 

The increase in blood flow to the scalp results in hair getting stronger as well as longer. This regrows hair which has thick stands. Thus, making wonderful use of derma roller for hair regrowth. 

The derma rollers benefit the scalp by providing essential elements to the hair follicle. To result in stronger hair, hair follicles need elements such as oxygen supply and some nutrients. 

Another way in which derma rollers prove helpful for hair growth is it initiates the production of collagen. The presence of collagen is a blessing for hair. As it prevents the strands from thinning out and also develop the base for new hair growth during the anagen phase. 

Collagen covers the hair thus ensuring optimum thickness and stronger hair. 

Derma rollers for hair also resist shedding of the strand in the catagen phase of the hair cycle. The rollers prove to be more helpful when paired with minoxidil. The rollers quickly absorb the topical solution, such as minoxidil, in huge quantities. 

How to choose the right derma roller? 

There are a lot of brands that sell derma rollers. Below are given the tips to keep in mind while shopping derma rollers for hair: 

derma roller for hair regrowth
  1. The size of the needles in the derma rollers matters a lot as they are a real factor of the rollers. Always go for the roller whose needles are between 0.225 mm to 0.5 mm. This measurement will work best for the hair as they give minor trauma to the scalp. 
  2. Go for a roller that comes with a curved handle. Derma rollers with curved handles ensure a better grip on the hands. Thus, giving you control of the amount of pressure your want to put on your scalp. 
  3. The material of the needles also matters. The most efficient derma rollers are those whose needles are made up of titanium alloy. 

The bottom line  

Isn’t the derma roller a wonderful tool to get back on your hair game? So, if you are suffering from hair loss or any other hair issue, give the derma roller a try. When using a derma roller for hair, make sure you are using a clean roller. as rollers with dirt in them can cause infection to the scalp. 

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