Derma rolling Or Microneedling: A Way To Desired Skin?

A derma roller is used for cosmetic treatments these days, to achieve a spotless, smooth skin. This Collagen injection treatment is used to achieve flawless skin, where the instrument pricks into the skin and consists of tiny sterile nails. it helps to get rid of acne, scar, fine lines, cure dark spots, even skin tone, a radiant glowing skin, etc., and makes the skin appear more lively and young. It is an emerging technique used for skin treatments to get desired skin.

The magical dermarolling device

A derma roller consists of tiny spikes like structure on a roller which penetrates the upper layer of the skin and helps in the release of collagen. Collagen is a protein found in abundance in bones, muscles, skin and tendons in the human body. It acts as a substance that gives strength, elasticity, firmness and structure to the skin. It triggers the lymphatic system of the human body and therefore helps to achieve the desired results. Derma rolling is beneficial in hair treatment as well.

The derma rollers used by dermatologists are different from that used at home. Derma rolling in cosmetic and clinical treatment usually consists of longer needles than those available for personal use. It is often suggested that initially small derma rollers should be used, i.e. the ones available for personal use. If the skin can tolerate the roller well, then a dermatologist should be consulted for the same. 

There are certain things to be kept in mind while using a derma roller:

  • It must be sterilized with alcohol before each usage.
  • It should be washed properly after each treatment. 
  • The derma roller must be well maintained, in case of broken or rusty spikes, it must be changed immediately.

Dermaroller for face

These days several people go through these derma rolling techniques to get a soft, supple and younger-looking skin. As people are very much conscious about their looks, derma rolling seems like the best option to get the best and quick results.

Derma rolling technique can opt for many reasons- 

  • To obtain a radiant and glowing skin
  • To obtain a spotless skin
  • To get rid of dark spots and scars
  • To get rid of acne (a major concern for teenagers)
  • To get rid of wrinkles and skin ageing 
  • To get an even skin tone
  • For revitalization and rejuvenation

However, when used at home some steps must be followed:

  • Sterilize – The first and the foremost step must be to sterilize the dermarolling device.  This can be done by cleaning the roller with alcohol. It will kill the germs, if any, present on the roller.
  • Washing your face –  Washing the face before using a dermaroller is very essential. Alcohol consisting of 70 per cent of isopropyl can be used to gently wipe on the face before the treatment.
  • Using a numbing cream – though this is optional and depends on one’s pain tolerance, but must be included as the process can be painful.
  1. Rolling the derma roller by lifting it in the upward direction. It must be rolled 7-8 times or depending on pain tolerance.
  2. The next step would be to roll in the opposite direction than the previous one, again for 7-8 times.
  3. It is often said that a derma roller must not be used diagonally as it may cause damage to the skin
  • Wash your face – After the completion of the dermarolling process, the face must be rinsed with water.
  • Clean the Dermaroller – once the process is complete, the dermaroller must be dipped into a dishwasher or detergent soap solution for about 10-15 minutes and later, it must be cleaned with alcohol.

Microneedling for face


Derma rolling

Micro-needling is a technique used by professionals for skin treatments. It is similar to derma rolling but done by a professional more securely. Both the treatments sound the same and use almost the same techniques, but micro-needling is a better option than derma rolling. 

The medical professional first works at numbing the skin for the micro-needling treatment which helps to reduce the pain. Going for professional treatment is always better than doing it manually, because, at times, the manually handled derma rollers may cause damage if not handled correctly. If the derma roller is used at a wrong angle it may result in skin damage. 

Micro-needling has more benefits than derma rolling as it is performed via mechanical assistance which keeps a check on the penetration that the skin is exposed to. Also, it works consistently on the skin and therefore is more effective.

Dermarolling benefits

 Derma rollers are available for skin treatments as well as other emerging treatments. The following are the benefits of derma rolling for face:

  • Derma rolling for acne– Acne derma roller is used to treat and cure acne and get rid of dark spots. It is said to be more beneficial than a vitamin C or a Platelet -Rich Plasma treatment. As it can provide quick and long-lasting results.
  • Dermarolling for hair growth–  using a dermaroller for hair growth has proved to be beneficial as it helps to trigger the production of collagen which promotes blood flow and results in quicker hair growth.
  • Dermarolling for stretch marks– a dermaroller works wonders on stretch marks as it helps produce collagen which increases the elasticity of the skin and helps in fading the stretch marks.
  • Dermarolling for wrinkles– wrinkles and saggy skin can be treated with a dermaroller as it helps in re-lifting skin and making it look younger.
  • Dermarolling for sensitive skin – dermarollers are also designed for sensitive skin, where the spikes are designed in such a way that it does not cause any harm to the sensitive skin.

Derma rollers are available for different skin, hair and body treatments and have given good results.

Benefits of microneedling 

Going for a micro-needling treatment is better than opting for a derma roller treatment at home. Since derma rollers are manually handled, they have a chance of causing some damage due to erroneous mishandling. 

Micro-needling treatments are far more effective and long-lasting than a derma rolling technique. It reduces the chances of skin burning, irritation, swelling, infection dryness, bruises etc. Further, if the derma roller is not cleaned before and after the process, it may cause harm to the skin. One is not exposed to any such risks when opting for micro-needling technique.

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