Diet Like Hermoine Granger: The Diet and Healthy Lifestyle Of Emma Watson

From entering Hollywood as a 9-year-old girl to becoming one of the most famous actresses around the world, Emma Watson has won millions of hearts. But when the whole world is watching you, you have to maintain your physical and mental health among all the criticism you receive. Emma Watson does that brilliantly; her diet and healthy-life advice over the top healthy lifestyle tips for adults. 

So what does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle?

The bedrock of building a healthy lifestyle includes three things: good nutrition, adequate sleep, and daily exercise. These three steps to a healthy lifestyle will keep you energetic, fresh, help you in preventing illness, help in increasing productivity levels, promote mental health, and other various benefits that lead to a longer and happier life. A good and nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle can benefit you in the short-term as well as long term.

Why should we look upto Watson ?

Busy routines, work stress, and not being able to take out time for oneself is what we all have in common with the celebrities. We try new types of nutrition supplements, workouts, and frequent changes in our diets, which affects our body as it’s not able to get proper nutrition and strength. Watson, for maintaining her diet and healthy lifestyle,  always avoids eating processed foods, even if they are nutritional supplements, and chooses to eat freshly cooked food. She eats whatever she likes and never turns her back on her cravings, but since she avoids processed foods, she ends up making her own meals.

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Watson’s health and nutrition tips to keep herself physically and mentally healthy are something she adheres to every single day, without fail.

Her routine includes tips for healthy eating( a proper diet) and a healthy lifestyle. Those are:

1. Having a proper morning routine

Dawn marks the start of the day, and what better way to soak in the warm sunlight to mark a fresh start to a new day? Waking up early, having a protein filled breakfast, and giving your body a good stretch is a must on Watson’s list. Her workouts are fast and intense, and most importantly self-inspiring, that promote connectivity of the body and the mind because she believes that strengthening, stretching, and stillness are most important for the body. Her protein intake supports her heavy workouts and gives her body the nutrition it needs to keep going through the day. One thing she makes sure of doing is ending her workout on a positive note by working on her stress hormones to keep them in check. 

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2. Heading to work and having an energising lunch

Being one of the richest women under thirty in the UK does not stop Watson from hustling at all. She is always working towards her goals and never backs down from difficult situations. She always follows her instincts and works towards things that make her feel happy about herself. When it comes to lunch, she will always rely on proteins, whole grains, and fresh veggies so that she can keep herself energised throughout her shoots, interviews, and rehearsals. But that doesn’t mean she restricts her lunch only to this. Depending on her mood she may as well grab a burger or chicken or turkey breast to-go. She does not feel guilty about her cheat days, rather she focuses on her happiness and eats accordingly. 

3. After-work routine, snacks, and self-care

This is the part which Watsn feels is the most important for maintaining a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle. Once she is done with her work, she will always do at least one thing every single day just for herself. These activities include: interacting with pets, binge-watching television shows, hanging out with her friends, and eating her favourite dish pasta. This is the time when she believes the mind needs to recharge and stay fresh for the rest of the day, which is a must for Watson. During this period of leisure, she takes out time to be herself. Emma is not a fan of snacking but makes sure to keep herself sufficiently hydrated throughout the day. Moving onto dinner, it’s just a replica of lunch mixed with a couple of mojitos.

Before going to bed, Watson makes sure to follow her self-care routine, when she either reads a book or takes a comforting bath to relax her mind and body. She feels that this time allows her to realise her awareness and think about working on herself and her work. Once done with her self-rejuvenating time, she finally goes to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Steps to a healthy lifestyle

We learn a lot from Emma Watson’s daily routine and how one can follow Watson’s steps to a healthy lifestyle. But Watson’s tips for a healthy lifestyle do not end here. She believes that maintaining a healthy mindset is also very important.  Here are some other intriguing thoughts that she makes sure to inculcate in her daily life:

  • Never stop learning; always welcoming knowledge with open arms since it can be found anywhere
  • Wearing what makes you feel confident and comfortable; purchasing sustainable clothes and protecting the environment
  • Going natural for as many things as possible; avoiding chemicals for your skin for sustainability, just like when buying clothes
  • Keeping your life private; not sharing every little thing over the internet makes people wonder about you more and keeps you safe from unnecessary hate
  • Welcoming criticism and using it to improve upon yourself; accepting one’s flaws is the biggest kind of acknowledgment one can bestow upon themselves and use it to grow into a better version of themselves 
  • Being who you are; living a lie or a pretentious life uses up a lot of energy and therefore let the world see the true you


So, to wind-up everything aforementioned, we now realise why Emma Watson is not just famous for her acting skills, but well known for her diet and healthy lifestyle tips for adults. Her life and daily routine are full of health and nutrition tips and one can learn a lot from her. Her way of living boldly highlights the importance of physical and mental well-being. To check out any alterations you can make to a morning routine that suits you, 

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