Guarantee A Visit To O-Town! 7 Different Explosive Female Orgasm!

Did you know getting an explosive orgasm a day is good for the mind and body? It soothes the muscles and gives pleasure to the mind. Well, the orgasm does not necessarily have to come due to sexual intercourse, it can come solo too, through masturbation. So, if you are hooked to only one place to create orgasm, this article is for you! 

There are different areas that you can work with to create an orgasm. Who knows you might get one of your favourite spots other than the clitoris? Let’s get into it. 

Understand explosive female orgasms

Did you know there is a sexual response cycle that comprises four different stages? Each stage denotes a different criterion that a person goes through during a solo or dual intercourse. 

The orgasmic phase is the time of a physical reflex. This physical reflex occurs due to the tightening of muscles during sexual arousal. The orgasmic phase is characterized by involuntary muscle movements and pleasurable sounds coming out of the mouths. Then the relaxation phase is characterized by a series of rhythmic contractions. 

Every climax feels different and varies in terms of intensity and duration. The whole experience itself depends on how much that part of the body is sexually aroused. 

Some orgasms can only be felt on the vagina. Though, there are others too that will give you such an intensity that can be compared to an earthquake. After all, there are many unknown erogenous zones too. Well, let’s get started with the classic one.

  1. The clitoral orgasm 
explosive female orgasm

This one is the most common explosive female orgasms. Many women started their masturbation journey with this, the go-to sweet spot. After all, this is one of the best ways to get pleasure and release an orgasm. 

Though the clitoral orgasm is the accessible one, they are highly individualistic too. Many women try a different type of touch on this hidden bliss button to reach the climax. 

This is highly sensitive so always touch it with clean hands. You can start by rubbing the top of the clitoris, which is known as clitoral strokes. You can go back and forth and even make small circles. Start slow and then increase your speed. Maintain the intensity for long-lasting masturbation. 

  1. G-spot orgasm 

The G-spot is situated on the front wall of the vagina. You can feel the G-spot by inserting your finger or fingers into the vagina and pressing forward. Look for a slightly bumpy or ridged area. 

Start by pressing it gently and make light strokes on it. Go slow so that you do not tear the vaginal wall. The blood supply to the G-spot increases and it swells up when you get sexually aroused. 

You can either use your fingers or a vibrator and even your partner’s penis to get this explosive female orgasm. This will surely shake it to your core!!

  1. Anal orgasm 

This can also be referred to like anal play and it is comparatively harder to get. It solely depends on your character if you like it or not. Anyways, there is no harm in trying. 

The orgasm occurs as the anal is located close to the clitoris and vagina. They are connected by a thin stretch of tissues that are known as the perineum. The orgasm takes place as there are many nerve endings and muscles. This supports better blood circulation during arousal thus, giving you a breath-taking orgasm. 

  1. Squirting orgasm 

Females do ejaculate. When women are highly aroused sexually, they expel a liquid, which corresponds to the male’s semen. It can be produced after or during an orgasm. The squirt has a clear liquid and does not contain any bits of urine, though it might contain little urea. 

It is believed that only stimulating the G-spot will give your body a chance to squirt. It is also said that when one massages and teases the area surrounding the urethra, it can also produce a squirt. 

Sometimes the squirt does not come out as it goes back into the vagina when the female is in the lying position. 

  1. Nipple orgasm 
explosive female orgasm

Let’s come to the upper body. The female’s breasts and nipples are no less than any other erogenous zones. The nipples get sexually aroused when touched or tickled. The reason behind this is that they are super sensitive and have several nerve endings. 

When the nipples are kissed and played with, this will surely make you do some pleasurable involuntary movements. 

  1. Exercise orgasm 

Well, this might seem a bit strange, but it works. This involves reaching the climax point while being engaged in a tough workout. When orgasms are induced through a workout it is known as coregasms and they are real. 

In a recently conducted research, it was found that 370 out of 530 women experienced orgasm or pleasure while they are working out. The workouts are mostly based on the core. 

As we read earlier, giving an adequate amount of pressure on the pelvic muscles is the key to get orgasms. Similarly, in this case, workouts that require you to super-squeeze your pelvic floor muscles will also give your an orgasm. 

The chances of an intense orgasm increase when someone has a well-developed pelvic muscle. 

  1. Sleep orgasm 

How wonderful does this sound when our two favorite things get mixed up. We all get sensual dreams. Some of us even get orgasms while witnessing those dreams. 

Sleep orgasms begin with the commencement of a sexy dream. This dream affects the body by increasing the blood flow to the genitals. This gives the body major relaxation and sometimes even  nightfall. With the continuation of the dream, a person somehow reaches the climax phase. Thus, experiencing orgasm without even practically noticing. 

The bottom line 

Orgasm is very beneficial to the body. Now do not go with the flow and cause harm to the sensitive places. Sometimes people get used to one erotic zone and play with it whenever possible. Do not make such a mistake. Watch the place and your fingers while performing it. 

Orgasm is one of the things that one should do after a tough day. Why not? You can also give your body some orgasm. With this, you know the top 7 explosive female orgasm. Treat yourself with one!

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