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Does Shen Men Piercing Really Help To Heal?

Shen men piercing is performed on acupressure points on the ear. There are different acupressure points which stimulate different parts of the body or sensations. To understand shen men piercing, one needs to understand methods like acupuncture, auriculotherapy and eastern medicine.

Shen men piercing and acupuncture

Acupuncture is performed by interesting small needles into specific points and different depths throughout the skin. According to research, shen piercing can help to reduce the pain and also a variety of other complaints are addressed. Acupuncture uses certain forces on the body to balance the spiritual energies of the body. 

These are believed to balance yin and yang (good and bad energy) of a person in eastern medicine which results in healthier, more happy lifestyles. For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used to develop strong immune systems, alleviate inflammation, reduce pain, calm nausea, and other things in Asia. 

Research shows that the technique of acupuncture increases blood flow and can help in healing and curing. Few clinical studies examine the medical merits of acupuncture; however many believe that acupuncture facilitates their symptoms. Acupuncture also focuses on several body parts.

 The practice of focusing only on the ear lobe is known as auriculotherapy. In auriculotherapy, it is believed that the entire body is connected to the ear. The ear comprises of certain pressure points which stimulate sensations and help cure certain problems.

Why shen men piercing?

In auriculotherapy, the divine gate, commonly called the shen men point is present in the upper-middle ear and connects to all the energy points throughout our body,  which helps to stimulate certain zones giving a sense of relief. Shen men may also prove to be beneficial to deal with anxiety, depression, migraines or any other such issue. Shen men piercing is performed on the top part of the ear, on the thick piece of cartilage.

How do shen men piercing work?

It is often said that shen men piercing helps eliminate or reduce pain caused due to migraine, depression, anxiety, etc as it works on the pressure points, present on our ears. The pressure from shen men piercing  (along with the nearby daith piercing position) is thought to permanently stimulate the Vagus Nerve by Acupression Experts and Holistic Health Experts. The vagus nerve, the longest of the twelve nerves in the brain, branches the body into your ear cartilage and as far as the colon.

Shen men piercing for headache


Daith piercing is performed to help get some relief from migraine. It is performed on the innermost cartilage fold, which is the crux of the helix. There was some debate on the likelihood of potentially preventing a migraine from Daith piercing (situated at the ears most cartilage folds).

 The relief indicates acupuncture. This is because a daith piercing passes through a region of pressure associated with migraine pain relief. Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles into different depths of a person’s skin. Research shows that pain can be relieved and used to resolve a host of other complaints. According to a study conducted in 2017 by Trusted Source in Frontiers (on neurology)  proved that through daith piercing, stimulations are caused to the vagus nerve which helps to reduce the pain caused due to migraine.

There is a need to perform more research to prove how much shen men piercing and daith piercing is successful in dealing with such a problem.

Shen men piercing for anxiety

Shen men piercing helps reduce or even eliminate the problem of anxiety as the piercing pressurizes the pressure point. Although not a lot of research has been performed to support this claim, there is evidence recorded which suggest that it helps to control the feeling of anxiety to a great extent. As the piercing continuously pressurize a certain point, it helps one to deal with anxiety.

According to a research conducted in 2013, the evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine- suggested that putting pressure at a certain point helps to deal with anxiety as it helps to control your heart rate and therefore helps you to stay calm.

Another study conducted in 2009- the American Journal for Chinese Medicine also suggested a connection between piercing and different kinds of problems which it claims to reduce or eliminate. In this research, it was claimed that shen men piercing help to control one’s heart rate and can also help with insomnia.

Shen men piercing and placebo effect

The placebo effect is described as one in which certain people benefit from an ineffective “look-alike” medication or treatment. There is no established health effect for this drug or placebo. The literal meaning of Placebo effect is a remarkable phenomenon where the patient’s condition often improves via a treatment that may not work to improve the patient’s condition but he believes it to work wonders for him and he even starts to feel better. 

Many-a-times, mind over matter gives the desired result, as people believe that a certain treatment may be suitable for them and it does help him to improve his condition even if it doesn’t work.

Does the side matter in shen men piercing?

Not just the earlobe and the pressure point play a significant role in helping one get relief but also the side (left/right) matters on which shen men piercing is done. If one experiences migraine attack on one side of their head, getting shen men piercing on that particular side is proved to be beneficial. If problems such as anxiety are to be cured, that is not related to any side or part of our head, then, in that case, the side of piercing does not matter.

Are there any risks associated with shen men piercing?

  • Bacterial irritation by the piercing, unsterilized piercing machinery, or bacteria that are carried into the region by your hands.
  •  Pain, even if the degree depends on tolerance or other piercings.
  • Infection-induced fever, sepsis or toxic shock.
  • Sometimes the piercing is marked as an alien entity by our body and therefore it works to thicken tissues of that particular region and forces it out. 

A diabetic person must not go for a piercing as such condition slows down the body healing process.

One must take the following steps before going for a shen man piercing-

  • Doing thorough research on shen men piercing.
  • Consulting a doctor before opting for it.
  • Understanding the healing process, as it takes 6 months to heal.
  • Finding a well-known piercing shop, certified piercers and local or federal health service certified persons.

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