Go Banana: 5 Reasons To Eat Banana Post Workout

There is a reason people are “going bananas” for eating a banana after a workout is because not only it is considered as one of the best foods to have after a workout, but it is also deemed as one of the most popular foods all around the world. 

Not only bananas are tasty but they are abundant in nutrients and are an extremely versatile ingredient.

So let’s get to know more about this wonder ingredient and talk why you should consider having it after a workout.

Why should you eat a banana after a workout?

Banana can be crowned as the ideal workout partner as it has high fibre content, low calories, and a good amount of carbohydrates present in it. Not only to have after a workout, but it is also very effective to initiate a workout too. There are many benefits to eating a banana after a workout. 

 Banana improves efficiency, mobilises fat, and provides a boosted amount of energy for a high-intensity workout. No wonder it is a go-to food item for Novak Djokovic before any competition.

You got to know what are the advantages if you have a banana before a workout but now let’s see the benefits of eating a banana after a workout 

A sports company in Australia conducted a study where they compared bananas to water and sugary sports drinks to check which is more effective related to a post workout recovery session in athletes.

It was observed that bananas could easily replace both water and the sugary drinks as it had enough nutrients to replenish all those that they have lost during those high-intensity workouts.

Some of the most notable observations are listed below: 

1.Speed up a post workout recovery-  Eating a banana after a workout can speed up your recovery process. Bananas are extremely nutritious and rich in carbohydrates and water content and having one can be extremely beneficial to recover from all the muscle pain and fatigue encountered during the pieces of training.

After a workout, the body needs nutrients that can replenish the ones that have been lost through sweat. Banana provides the solution to all the problems, it has all the essential vitamins and minerals present that can nourish the body thoroughly. It also promotes muscle growth and recovers the body for the next workout session

2.Helps to build muscle glycogen– During a workout or any type of exercise, the glycogen stored in your body gets broken down which causes the feeling of heaviness in your body.

Having a banana after a workout can prevent breaking down of glycogen by effectively replenishing the glycogen depletion in the muscles and also help in rebuilding the damaged ones.

Banana promotes the release of insulin which helps in shuttling the sugar from the blood to your muscle cells where it is stored back as glycogen. 

It also has a huge contribution in helping the muscle cells to become sensitive to insulin so that they can speed up the process of muscle glycogen formation.

3.Utilize protein effectively- Having a banana alongside some protein shake is one of the best post workout snacks. Banana provides instant energy that is required to start utilising the protein for immediate muscle recovery.

 It is easy to digest therefore light on the stomach and also has all the combination of nutrients that are required to promote a quicker recovery.

Bananas are packed with fibres that help in keeping a person full for a longer time and also at the same time is low in calories. 

A simple exercise of jogging can use the potassium content of the body, thus banana helps in replenishing the nutrient as it is abundant in potassium.

4.Reduce inflammation- Not only bestowed with nutritional goodness, but bananas also secrete a good amount of dopamine and polyphenols in the body which not only increases the speed of recovery post workout but also prevents excessive inflammation.

Bananas are a rich source of vitamin B6 which helps in creating haemoglobin that maintains proper flow of blood throughout the body. Eating a banana post workout can help you in maintaining proper blood sugar levels and also helps in the production of antibodies that forms a stronger immune system for the body.

Also, not to forget the fact that it helps in synthesizing and breaking down of amino acids.

5.For a great body- Bananas are a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and fibres. Therefore, it is great for gaining the perfect muscle weight for your body. 

Also helps in buffing up the muscles in a natural way and getting a 6 pack abs. As it has an ample amount of potassium content in itself, it helps in eliminating water retention of the body.

banana after a workout

One of the most unique things that were pointed out during the study and deserve a special mention was the fact that bananas provided eighteen unique metabolites for the body.

Now you must be wondering about the function of those metabolites. Upon more research and studies, it was inferred that these metabolites had a special power of repressing the gene that causes pain and inflammation in the body after some exercise.

Bananas provide a natural defence against post workout soreness and inflammation and also helps in healing of the body and prepare the body to bounce back for the next workout session with more vigour and energy and also much faster.

It is also said that consumption of bananas along with blueberries can increase the benefits by tenfold but further studies and researches need to be conducted for establishment of the fact.

Consumption of bananas as a post workout snack

Bananas are tasty and can be added to custard, cakes, sheera to enhance the taste or even baked to lip-smacking desserts but honestly, these are not the ideal post workout snacks that should be consumed.

Preferably have a banana as a whole but also you can have smoothies or add it to your oatmeal bowl to make it more nutritionally rich and filling.

Now you understand what is this all craze about eating a banana post workout. It is loaded with nutrients and nourishes and replenishes the body from inside, increases the recovery rate and also helps you in getting back for the next work out session with more energy and power.

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