Eating Chicken Feet Can Aid In These 6 Health Benefits

You may feel gross about eating chicken feet, but the Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Korean delicacies are a treat for you. It’s not just them, but even Indians eat chicken feet.  The majority of nutritious tissue on the feet comprises of skin and tendons without muscle, after an external layer of hard skin has been stripped. The feet are therefore separate from the rest of the chicken meat. Chicken feet are all skin, really jellyfish The Chicken Feet Recipes have their variants, in the Jamaican, South African, trinitarian and South American countries. Chicken feet is valued for its nutritional benefits, primarily due to its high collagen fibres. However, they are always deep-fried and consumed with sauces. 

Chicken feet are mainly made of bonding tissue — skin, cartilage, tendons and bones. They also offer a lot of vitamins and minerals but remain very healthy. Collagen, which gives form, strength and resistance to your skin, tendons, muscles, bones, and ligaments, is about 70 per cent of its total protein content. The feet of the chicken is also a natural folate source (vitamin B9) that helps to synthesise diabetes and eliminate birth defects. Its fat content is primarily extracted from the skin, typically discarded for cooking. Chicken feet are, however, sometimes fried deeply or serving sauce, and its carb, fat and calorie content can be increased substantially.

Per serving has approximately the following nutritional value.

  • Calories: 150
  • Protein: 14 grams
  • Fat: 10 grams
  • Carbs: 0.14 grams
  • Calcium: 5% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Phosphorous: 5% of the DV
  • Vitamin A: 2% of the DV
  • Folate (vitamin B9): 15% of the DV

Advantages of consuming chicken feet

1.Helps maintain body composition

The collagen will help keep the lean muscle in the chicken foot and the muscle mass safe. This can only happen with a safe, healthy lifestyle including daily exercise and a balanced diet, of course. Collagen is a healthy, carb-free nutrient which is suitable for a healthy balanced diet. Collagen can also lead to increased energy and metabolism.

Collagen has an exceptional profile of amino acid which helps to reduce appetite. This leads to lower consumption of calories, resulting in a weight loss in response. Making chicken feet will give you feel satiated in the same manner as other forms of proteins. A research was conducted which revealed that chicken feet 40% more than soy.

2.Is good for the skin

This wedding season, glow with good skin health and strong immunity - Times  of India
Chicken Feet

Evidence has shown that the consumption of collagen can enhance your skin hydration, roughness, flexibility and strength and overall health of your skin. A six-month study in 105 women with mild cellulite has shown that daily consumption of collagen decreases substantially in comparison with the control group cellulite and skin waves. Besides, collagen ingestion showed promising short and long-term results for wound cure and skin ageing in a study on 805 individuals.

Also, animal studies have shown that collagen can enhance hydration in the skin and minimize wrinkling due to UVB, a kind of ultraviolet sunburn ray. Hyaluronic acid, a water-preserve molecule presumed to help prevent skin ageing, can function by increase the levels of collagen.

3.Helps with arthritis 

Bones, skin and tendons, but no muscles are made of chicken feet. They are packaged with protein.

, calcium, minerals, collagens and cartilage. These components are important to reduce arthritis and joint pain in healthy limb motion. Using your chicken feet on your soup or broth, and embrace a safer alternative for joint health, rather than purchasing glucosamine and chondroitin supplements.

4.Aids in blood circulation

Blood circulation is a key feature of the body as oxygen and nutrients are required to supply all areas of the body. Low circulation can be characterized by numerous causes including lack of exercise, smoking, and blood clots in one position too long.

Arginine contains nitric oxide in the body in collagen. Nitric oxide is a small molecule which can pass between and within the cells, and one of its key functions is to relax the smooth muscle cells. These smooth muscle cells exist in the blood vessels in the entire body. Blood pressure decreases and enhanced circulation can occur when the blood vessels relax. More tissues are nourished as more blood enters the tissues.

5.Speeds up wound healing

Collagen seems to play an essential role throughout the healing phase, as well as in reducing the swelling and infection involved. In order to treat the wounds, the proline in collagen is an essential compound. A shortage of proline will lead to a slower than normal healing. When accidents occur, proline development in the body increases. Health apparel also includes proline fragments which effectively increase wound healing. Injuries to muscle or tendon, extreme bursts and soft tissue wounds all heal faster when the body has ample proline.

6.Good for heart health

Artery stiffening is one of the biggest concerns in cardiovascular disease. The artery’s reduction is thought to be caused by an accumulation of cholesterol in the artery. High blood pressure pumping must be performed more by the heart and the risk of heart disease rises. It also increases the stiffness of the blood vessels.

The great news is that you can improve Cardiovascular health and control your heart rates while eating chicken feet. The collagen proline decomposes the protein required to rebuild and repair cells.

Possible side effects of consuming chicken feet

Chicken Feet
  • Trans fats 

Chicken feet are served deep-fried, so some of the benefits may be lost due to overcooking. Trans fatty acids (TFA), an unhealthy, unsaturated fat which has become known to affect cardiac health, are high in deep-fried food and may pose certain health issues.

  • Unhygienic and can get stuck in the throat

Please check carefully when purchasing chicken feet. Many who look dirty or have the skin burned with ammonia demonstrate that hygiene is bad. You should throw away or avoid the ones with ammonia burns that look like overgrown calluses. If your chicken feet are unclean, wash them well to remove the dirt. Finally, chicken feet contain several small bones, which can pose a choking hazard for both, children and adults.

Skin, cartilage, tendons and bones consist of chicken feet. They are high in collagen – the richest protein in your body, even without a lot of meat. This quality of collagen will help ease joint pain, help skin health and prevent bone loss.

Chicken feet often are deep fried, but a healthier preparation option is to use them for a bone broth. Be careful of their little bones, which could pose a danger of choking.

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