How To Use An Exercise Ball For Abs?

Who does not want abs in their body? So, to make the abs workout more fun and effective, you can go for an exercise ball. Using an exercise ball will act as your much-needed prop. One is the use of an exercise ball to get abs. It also does many benefits to the muscles involved in its workouts.

 Here are some ways in which one can use an exercise ball for abs

  1. Exercise ball obliques crunches

The beginning of this exercise is very basic. Lie on the ball while facing the ceiling. Maintain the exercise ball under your low back. Settle your feet on the floor and keep your hands behind your ears. The distance between your feet should be hip-width apart. 

Now turn your core on by pulling your navel towards your spine. Make your glutes tighter and slowly but steadily crunch up towards your right. Lift your shoulder blades off the ball and then rotate your upper body on the right. Slowly with control lower your back down. Repeat the same in the left direction. This is a great way to make use of an exercise ball for abs. 

  1. Exercise ball crunch

This is almost similar to the previous one. Get your body to the basic positioning. Make sure you have placed your feet hip-width apart and hands are placed behind your ears. Maintain the exercise ball under your lower back and face straight up. 

Make your glutes tighter and activate your core. Now slowly, crunch your upper body forward in a steady manner. Simultaneously raise your shoulders off the ball too. At this time your chin should be tucked to your chest. Now, gradually lower your upper body down. This is one rep. repeat this exercise according to your fitness regime. 

  1. Exercise ball knee raise
Exercise Ball For Abs

Lie down on the ball with the support of your lower back. Place your hands behind your ears while keeping the shoulders wide. Your feet should be placed on the ground with hip-width apart. 

Keep a steady balance on the ball and maintain a strong core. Now start this exercise by lifting your right foot from the ground and keep lifting until the right knee comes near the chest. Now slowly, with control bring the right foot back to the ground. Repeat the same process with the left foot. This will mark the completion of one rep. 

You can make this exercise easier by practicing this near a wall or with standing support. Touching the support will assist you with more balance.  

  1. Exercise ball tuck 

This one might seem tough but is more effective for getting abs. make yourself in the position of a high plank. Make sure that your wrist is positioned under your shoulders while keeping your core engaged. The twist here is to place your toes on the ball. 

Maintain your hips at a level and engage your core to pull the knees towards the chest. This will make your roll the ball towards you. To go back to the starting position, straighten your legs. 

You can make this exercise easier by staying in the starting position while holding a high plank with your feet on the ball. Stay in the plank position for 30 to 60 seconds. 

  1. Exercise ball bicycle crunch 

This is also a toughie, but extra rewarding. This one again involves lying backward on the ball with your hands behind your ears. Keeping your core strong and elbows wide, crunch up. While crunching, simultaneously raise your right knee in the direction of your chest. Now you have to rotate your upper body so that your left elbow touches your right knee, upper body, and lower foot at the same time. 

This is the bicycle crunch but with an exercise ball. Similarly, repeat it on the left side. After doing both sides, you will complete one rep. 

  1. Exercise ball pike
Exercise Ball For Abs

This one is similar to the ball tuck exercise. Start by placing your palms on the ground and toes on the ball. Keep your spine and hips leveled up. Turn your core on by pulling your feet towards the arms. Keep your legs straight and do not bend your knees thus, hiking hips high. 

Here you have to keep your core strong to maintain the balance.  To come back to the starting position, lower your hips down by pushing the ball away. 

If you know about the yoga asana downward-facing dog, you must have realized this one is the exercise ball version of it. 

  1. Exercise ball hip thrust 

Start by lying on the ground and face towards the ceiling. Straighten up your legs and place your heels on the ball. Arms should be resting on the sides with palms having a firm grip on the floor. Now lift your hips from the ground. 

Turn your core on by bending the knees and pulling the ball towards your body. Continue to keep your core tight as you continue to squeeze your glutes and hamstrings. To get to the starting position, extent or straighten your legs. 

Apart from involving an exercise ball for abs, this exercise also allows the legs to get very active, you will feel the working on the glutes and hamstrings. 

  1. Exercise ball forearm plank jacks
Exercise Ball For Abs

This is similar to plank. Begin by placing your forearms on the ball and your toes on the grounds. Keep your core strong and hips leveled up. Now keeping your core active, jump your feet wide. Jump back to return to the starting position. 

Practice this exercise for five minutes paired with other abs workouts. This will not only work on your abs but will also make your leg muscles firm. This is another excellent way of using an exercise ball for abs.

The bottom line

Lastly, all these exercises will work best when you pair them with the right kind of diet and adequate sleep. These exercises involve core activation, which is impossible with the strength in the body. So, it is advised not to engage yourself in workouts with an empty stomach. 

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