Why Am I Experiencing Back Pain after Sex? | 6 Reasons Explained

So, you have just completed blissful sexual intercourse with your partner. The beauty of the whole phase is destroyed by the emerging pain in your back. You do nothing but wonder what went wrong? You should suspect the activities of your partner or is it the fault of your own body? And instead of basking in the after-sex glow, you try to mask your pain. 

Lower back pain after sex

Back pain that occurs after having sexual intercourse is very common. Out of three women at least one of them gets these types of lower back pain after sex. There are chances of getting back pain during sex too, be thankful if it did not. 

Though this is very normal, most people deal with this issue Thus, making it one of the top problems in the OB-GYN department. 

back pain after sex.

There are many possible causes of getting back pain after sex. The thing that gives relief is that there are several treatments too. 

Below are the causes that might give you lower back pain after intercourse. Try to relate your health issues with the following before consulting a doctor.

  1. Urinary tract infection  

UTIs or urinary tract infection is a type of infection that is caused to the urinary tract. The urinary tract reprises those organs that help the body in the production of urine as well as in the excretion of urine. The kidney is also a part of this tract. 

When the bacteria of the urine are not excreted, it stays in the urethra and causes infection. This infection can be spread up to the kidney. 

One of its greatest symptoms is pain generated in and around the pubic area. The pain occurs due to the inflammation from the infection. Other symptoms are pain while urinating, burning sensation, and dark urine.  This can give rise to muscle spasms. The muscles surrounding the pelvic area are mainly disturbed by this. 

When someone has been through penetrative sex, the other person’s penis goes in and out of the vaginal wall, thus making repeated contacts. 

These spasms can get intense and hurt after intercourse. Just imagine someone punching your muscles again and again in the same spot. The vagina also feels the same except that there is pleasure. The muscles of the vaginal wall become sore and respond by reflecting the pain in the lower back body. 

Hard-core sex can give rise to a severe infection. So, try having wild sex until your body gets used to it. 

  1. The penis of your partner is very big 

Well, size does not matter but in this case, it does. If your partner has a very long penis, penetrative sex is sure wonderful, but it has its downsides too. 

Continuous rubbing in the vaginal wall can affect the muscle group surrounding the pelvic organs and especially your vagina. There might be cramps in the muscles after the bumping is over. 

An average female vagina cannot accommodate a penis that is longer than 6 inches. Thus, the male who has a six-inch-long penis can cause pain to the pelvic floor. Thus, giving rise to back pain after sex or post-sex cramping. 

So, to make things work with a long penis you can try a different sexual position that is especially suited for the XXL penis. So, you and your partner get what you want without any lower back pain. 

  1. Ovarian cyst

Cysts are filled with some liquid and form some kind of structure on your ovaries. Sometimes, you do not even need a treatment to resolve this as they cure themselves within 2 to 3 months. 

But sometimes, these cysts can give you pain in the lower left or right of the pelvis. The amount of pain depends on the size of the cysts. Large cysts can give you abdominal as well as lower back pain after sex. 

In severe cases, diagnosis and ultrasounds are done to examine the cyst’s size. The treatment might involve surgery to remove it. 

  1. Endometriosis 

Out of ten women, one would at least have endometriosis. This condition takes place when the uterine tissues make their way to the pelvic cavity. They typically make their place on the pelvic floor thus, giving rise to the formation of cysts on the ovaries. 

Along with the ovaries, they can also cause cysts on the bladder, peritoneum, and around the pelvic muscles. If these tissues reach behind the vagina, this can result in getting painful sensations while penetrative sex. 

Though endometriosis does not have any cure, the symptoms of it can be decreased with medicines and surgery. 

  1. Having a rough sex

Though having rough sex sounds adventurous and involves many pleasurable positions, it might not be rewarding to your body. Most of the positions involve applying more pressure on the vulva or vagina than other parts. 

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So, if you deal with back pain after sex, avoid trying the position that involves having sex from behind. These positions create additional pressure and friction on the vaginal entrance. 

  1. Not being aroused enough 

Not being sexually aroused or not getting an orgasm can also be the reason for lower back pain after intercourse. This might be due to a lack of lubrication used. 

Sometimes people get carried away by the excitement of the moment that they do not realize the amount of friction they are putting their organs into. 

There are times when you cannot wait to get into sexual intercourse but your body might not be ready for it. This is very normal and is not at all weird. 

So, you need to warm up before getting into actual sex. You can start by foreplay and proceed with time. 

The bottom line  

There are equal chances of getting back pain after sex due to some underlying disease. But sexual positions you get into can be the culprit too. So, try to manage the intensity of penetrative sex you are having. Communicate with your partner regarding the speed and angle that you are comfortable in. 

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