9 Chic And Comfortable Fashion Trends Of 2021

After a horrible, emotionally exhausting time being locked up in our houses for the better part of last year, we can all agree that 2021 is the year of new beginnings! Now that the summer of the new year has welcomed us with all its glory, we can take out our cute summer dresses, shorts, and camisoles to take on the summer heat.

Due to spending our time indoors, most of us have heaps of thrift store clothes in our wardrobes that we were supposed to wear if not for the pandemic. But don’t worry—now that life is getting back to its normal rhythm, we can flaunt our fashion on the streets once more. 

But, after being confined to your homes for so long, you have almost forgotten how to style your clothes and you have no idea what’s in trend nowadays—is that correct? This is the exact reason why we have decided to bring today’s article to you—about the various fashion trends of 2021.

So, let’s get started!

9 Fashion trends of 2021

1.Monochrome is the new magic

Even if the world isn’t all black and white, there’s no rule that your clothes can’t be! This epic contrast is one of the most explored routes in fashion. Ever since the evergreen fashion icon Audrey Hepburn paired her black dress with a white pearl necklace in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the black-and-white combo has been a favorite for every fashionista.

And now, this trend is gaining even more popularity among other 2021 clothes trends. So, fish out some black tops and white bell-bottoms, and voila—you’re ready to be the main attraction at your sister’s birthday party!

2. Sexy bralettes are a new thing

If you have been working out at your home gym all through the lockdown and now, you want to flaunt your toned midriff at a friend’s bachelor party—try the sexy bralettes that are the talk of the town right now. You can try pairing some black pants with a black bralette, and tie your hair in a high ponytail—this will accentuate your features to give you the perfect runway look! 

3. Maxi dresses are all about poise

Do you have a beach vacation planned out anytime soon? Go for some azure blue or sea-green floor-length maxi dresses. These flowy outfits look so dreamy and give the perfect look for aesthetic Instagram pictures! Pair the blue maxi dress with a pair of straw sandals, and don’t forget to wear some dangly earrings too. Simply wear this dress with delicate poise and there—you’re ready for perfect photos with the caption “beach beauty”.

4. Pantsuits give an edge to your look

Now that offices are opening their doors again, it’s time to get back to working offline. And nothing screams girl power as a tailored pantsuit does! There is a meeting scheduled with your important clients today? Go for your pantsuit, tie your hair in a ponytail, wear some medium-height heels and do your makeup to accentuate your facial features. Now, your clients will have all eyes (and ears!) on you.

5. Warm colors match your warm attitude

Summers are all about sundresses. And while selecting a cute sundress for your afternoon stroll to the park, go for some warm colors to give off a nice vibe about your warm attitude! Pastel yellow, light orange –all these colors are bright and when paired with some minimal makeup and some sandals or ballerina shoes, can look very cute and peppy. 

But keep in mind that warm-colored sundresses are not appropriate for any parties or conferences because these are mostly thought to be casual outfits that should only be worn for simple day-to-day events like a visit to the park, a dog-walking errand, etc.

6. Party outfits are all about the sparkle

Since all of us were confined to our houses last year, we missed out on lots of birthday parties, office parties, wedding ceremonies, and whatnot. But this year, we have got to make the most of all the parties that we go to, right? And to get the party fun started, first and foremost, we need to choose a perfect dress to wear to the event. 

Our suggestion—add some bling to your outfit by going for a sparkly red dress that will surely make you the cynosure of all eyes! Pair your red dress with some cool heels and sassy make-up with bold red lip color and you’re all ready to turn heads at the party.

7. Go for cutouts that hug your curves

Cutout dresses and tops are a new entry in the fashion game in these recent years. The cutouts accentuate your curves and compliment your body to give a sexy and perfect look. Pair a cutout top with some biker jeans and cool joggers. This is a perfect outfit for a girls’ night out or a friends’ reunion that you might need to attend!

8. Stay stylish in short skirts 

If you want to take perfect pictures for your Instagram feed, short skirts are the number one fashion choice that you have to go for. These skirts help make your legs look longer, and you can pair these skirts with a skin-tight top to accentuate your figure too. Wear some cool sneakers and just remember to never wear heels with short skirts because they wouldn’t look good together.

9. Striped dresses are a fashion statement

Just like monochrome dresses are in vogue these days, striped dresses are an important part of the 2021 clothes trends. So many people love striped dresses, checkered dresses, etc. because patterns are fun! You can check out some striped dresses which give you a cool and smart look. Pair them with boots or sneakers and minimal accessories and there, you’re ready for an evening at the library!

Thus, we come to the end of our article on the various fashion trends of 2021. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you like it, please share it with your friends and family members to spread the good word. Thank you and have a great day!

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