Fenugreek And Testosterone: Know The Many Benefits Of This Spice

Fenugreek For Testosterone

The fenugreek is a clover-like herb. It comes from the Mediterranean, the South and the West. The seeds are used for food, medication and other drugs to cover up the taste. It belongs to the plant family – Fabaceae. In India, Rajasthan accounts for the maximum production of fenugreek (up to 80%).

Fenugreek is proved beneficial for the treatment of diabetes, menstrual cramps, high cholesterol and many other such health issues, but the majority of these applications are not confirmed by any strong scientific proof.  It is also used to imitate maple syrup, food, drinks and tobacco as a flavouring agent and as a spice. These seeds also help in cosmetic and soap production.

Uses of fenugreek 

  • It acts as herbal medicine.
  • Clinical findings have suggested it is useful for diabetes treatment.
  • It also enhances the production of testosterone.
  • It is also used in cooking.


Testosterone is perhaps the most dominant male sex hormone that controls fertility, muscle mass, distribution of fat and development of red blood cells. The testosterone hormone helps to develop male sexual characteristics.  These are chemical messengers which makes changes in the human body.   Females also have testosterone hormones, but at a low level, such that it does not make significant changes in their body. 

In males,  along with sperm production, several functions are performed by testosterone. The following benefits of fenugreek can be observed on  its regular consumption:

  • Sex drive
  • Bone mass
  • Distribution of fat
  • Height and strength of muscle
  • Generation of red blood cells

Fenugreek for testosterone 

Historically, fenugreek seed had been used to stimulate libido that helps to enhance masculinity. Research has been conducted to find out its benefits for testosterone. Testosterone level may decline due to several reasons- due to diabetes, obesity, ageing, etc. Hypogonadism is a term used to describe testosterone deficiency, which accounts for approx 39 % in males over the age of 45. 

Although this is curable with hormone replacement therapy, researchers have found that fenugreek seeds have proven to be beneficial for the same. It contains compounds proven to increase testosterone production, namely furostanolic saponins. Protodioscin is a kind of Fenugreek saponin that can be especially effective when testosterone levels are increased. 

The science behind testosterone and fenugreek 

Even though there is evidence on both sides of the continuum for and against the claim as to whether fenugreek increases testosterone level in a male body or not, there is empirical evidence that shows that fenugreek has been beneficial for a number of things. When a fenugreek supplement is taken by an individual, he is simply taking fenugreek extract which contains high steroid saponins- popularly known to improve the blood sugar level resulting in enhanced production of testosterone and LH (sex hormone).

Fenugreek For Testosterone

Can fenugreek increase testosterone

According to 12-week research conducted on about 50 men, proved a substantial increase in the level of testosterone production in those who consumed 500 mg of the seeds per day.  The study showed that the level of testosterone in 90 per cent of participants increased by up to 46 per cent. Besides, many improvements in the mood, energy, libido and sperm counts were observed in the fenugreek group. 

In another research, performed on men belonging to the age group of 43-75 who consumed 600 mg of fenugreek seeds daily, also showed a significant increase in the testosterone production. Can fenugreek increase testosterone has been proven in this research.

Benefits of fenugreek

The fenugreek is a herb that belongs to the family of soy. It is used as a spice in various forms like dried or fresh seeds, its leaves, branches, roots and also in cooking. Further, fenugreek for testosterone has been proven to be beneficial, it also possesses certain health benefits as listed below. 

1. Enhances fat loss

Fenugreek seeds when consumed on a daily basis, gives a feeling of fullness and thus cuts off excess consumption and cravings, resulting in a loss of appetite and thus helps in weight loss. According to research performed in 2015, about 9 Korean women were offered fenugreek and placebo tea before lunch. The ones that consumed fenugreek water felt fuller and consumed less food than those who drank tea. 

The fibre content present in fenugreek seeds also gives a feeling of fullness and makes one consume a lesser amount of food. 

2.Enhances lactation

Breast milk production can be stimulated via Fenugreek.  Since ancient times, Traditional Asian medicine practitioners have recommended fenugreek, for its health benefits. According to a study in 2015,  women who started lactating after birth were asked to consume 3 cups of fenugreek seeds per day and saw an increase in the volume of milk produced.

3.Improves blood pressure condition and reduces heart risks 

Fenugreek is said to balance cholesterol level and boost blood pressure, thereby showing a significant reduction in heart risks and improving heart health. 

This can be achieved by the fact that fenugreek grains contain approximately 48% fibre. Dietary fibres are very difficult to digest and are vicious to the intestines that render digesting sugars and fats more difficult.

4.Diminishes inflammation  

It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent; a large number of antioxidants present in fenugreek have considerable potential. The results of a 2012 study in mice indicated that high flavonoid antioxidants could reduce inflammation when fenugreek seeds are consumed regularly.

5.Helps to reduce pain

Since ancient times, fenugreek has been used as it possesses some medical benefits. It is said to act as pain relief. Researchers claim compounds known as alkaloids in the herb help block sense receptors that make the brain experience pain. For a study carried out in 2014, 51 women with painful periods took fenugreek seed powder capsules three times a day for two consecutive months, for the first three days of the cycle. During the months they experienced less discomfort and fewer symptoms.

6.Lessens diabetic risks

Research has shown that fenugreek consists of anti-diabetic properties as it:

  • Helps to reduce the absorption of intestinal glucose.
  • Delays the gastric emptying process.
  • Enhances the sensitivity and action of insulin.
  • Shows a reduction in the concentration of lipid-binding protein.

Other than this, fenugreek is beneficial for combating other healt issues

  • Digestive issues
  • Constipation
  • Menopause
  • Breathing problems
  • Arthritis
  • Ulcers
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Labour pain 
  • Open wounds
  • Boost low exercise performance

Thus, Fenugreek can increase testosterone levels in the body, but at the same time, one must be wary of the side-effects that it can carry. It is necessary to take medical advice before consuming it in any kind. 

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