Fermented Rice Water: A Miraculous Liquid

It is the simple ingredients in our kitchen that have been providing wonders for our skin and hair since ages. We all know that rice is the staple food for millions of people worldwide but did you know that the water in which the rice is washed can be extremely beneficial for your skin and hair. Quite surprising right? 

How to make fermented rice water then? What benefits does it produce for our hair and skin? Is it really safe for use or it can produce unwanted side effects in the body? If your mind is also boggled with all these questions then continue reading the article to solve all your queries. 

What is rice water? 

The starchy water that is left after the rice is soaked or cooked is known as the rice water and to make fermented rice water, you have to simply let the rice water rest until it turns slightly sour. 

Fermented rice water has been used for beautification in Asian culture for ages but do you know how this fermented rice water became so famous? When the Yao ethnic women from the village of Huangluo, China made it to the Guinness book of world records for being the world’s longest hair and apparently it is the fermented rice water that has been making their hair stronger and longer. Women in the village do not experience any greying of their hair unless they reach the age of 80.

The nutrients found in the fermented rice water are starch, amino acid, Vitamin B, minerals and antioxidants and the minerals found are potassium, magnesium, iodine, zinc, manganese, selenium and fibre. 

How to make fermented rice water? 

In order to make fermented rice water

  1. First, take a cup of rice and rinse it in water for a few seconds and then discard it. 
  2. Now soak the rice in two cups of water for 30 minutes. The water generally used can be either tap or distilled but since it is going to be used for hair and skin, using distilled water is more preferable. 
  3. Strain the water after the stipulated time period and transfer it to a bottle. Keep it aside for overnight. The fermentation process begins soon after. Make sure to keep it at room temperature or where it is a little warmer because warmer the temperature, more fast is the process. 

You may now wonder what is the difference between plain rice water and fermented rice water?  Well, according to studies, it has been seen that fermented rice water has higher amounts of antioxidants present in it which provides better combat against hair and skin damage.

Benefits of fermented rice water

  • Fermented rice water for hair
Fermented Rice Water

You have already read about the story of the Yao ethnic women and their long hair due to continuous usage of fermented rice water. It has been reported that as the rice water is abundant in nutrients and has a low pH value, it works as an excellent conditioner for your hair.

Using the fermented rice water can make your hair roots stronger and healthier and also adds a healthy shine and volume to your hair lengths due to substantial amounts of inositol in it. 

The fermented rice water can also detangle the hair and make it smoother in the process. According to reports, it has also stated that fermented rice water can reduce surface tension and increase the elasticity of the hair.

To use fermented rice water, after you have thoroughly shampooed your hair, mix a cup of rice water with equal parts of plain water and pour it on your scalp. For better conditioning, you can also use essential oils to the mixture. After pouring onto your scalp, massage the scalp gently and let it sit for at least five to six minutes and then rinse it off entirely.

  • Fermented rice water for skin

Not only for your hair, but fermented rice water also works wonders for your skin too. Abundant with ferulic acid and Vitamin E, fermented rice water is an active antioxidant. 

Signs of ageing can be effectively reduced by the usage of rice water. It can also ameliorate spots and blemishes and make your skin soft, supple and radiant. The fermented rice water is considered so effective against ageing problems because of the presence of nutrient pitera in the rice water. Pitera is considered as the anti-ageing elixir which has the ability to promote cell renewal and regeneration. 

Fermented rice water can not only tighten large skin pores but also can get rid of that stubborn acne therefore acting as an effective anti-acne treatment. According to a study in 2018, fermented rice water can also potentially heal skin that has been damaged due to dermatitis. 

Also, did you know, due to the soothing and cooling effects of fermented rice water, it was prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioners as an effective remedy against inflammation? 

Fermented rice water also acts as a natural sunscreen which protects from the harmful effects of the UV rays and also is an active remedy against sunburn

To use fermented rice water for skin, mix a tablespoon of the rice water with two drops of any of your preferred essential oil and carrier oil. Massage it on the affected spots and you could see visible results in just a week’s time.

Apart from being an amazing product for your hair and skin, it also has other benefits for the body. 

Some of the most common benefits of fermented rice water

  1. Good for stomach-related ailments. It can not only cure nausea, gastric problems and infections but also improve gut health. 
  2. Rice water is also used for babies when weaning off nursing to settle the stomach
  3. It has also been reported that drinking rice water can lead to curing eczema, fever and other bacterial infections. It can also boost the immune system and enhance the energy levels of the body. 

Now there you go, everything you need to know about the wonderful benefits of fermented rice water. It has been a part of the Asian tradition since ages and many stalwarts like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Kate Winslet and others swear by this natural remedy. Using or consuming fermented rice water does not produce any unwanted effects in the body but we do advise you to consult a professional medical advisor or a dermatologist before including it in your daily regime. 

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