6 Bedroom Workouts To Bring The Fitness Vibes To The Room

“Dreams don’t work unless you do”- One of the famous motivational quotes to keep you going. This leads most people to think that they have to start going to the gym and start their workout sessions. However, there is no exact confirmation that you will get your results the same way you wanted and it may work for a particular body type but not for the other. Depending on your situation and schedule, getting a gym membership will be a complete waste of money. Well, the truth is you can bring fitness to the room and stay physically fit by yourself. 

Stay internally motivated, this will help you run a long way than the others. Start with small steps and easy exercises. Doing too much at once can make your muscles sore and injured. As you feel more comfortable with an exercise, start making it more challenging and increase the intensity. 

“Practice makes a man perfect”- Everyone is weak at first so hang in there and have patience. You need to keep practising in order to excel. Spice up your workout routine with your moves and favorite exercises. Set realistic expectations and ditch your excuses. 

Excuses will get you nowhere. Track your eating habits and exercises. Working out in your home with a dog is much more fun than being all alone in a gym. These are some of the basics to keep in mind before bringing your fitness to the room.

Bring fitness to the room with these exercises

1. Cardio

Jog in place to get in some cardio for about 10 minutes. Wear loose-fitting and lightweight clothes while doing this.

Target- To give your body a kickstart.

Benefits- It increases physical fitness with less stress and requires no equipment. It improves cardiovascular fitness and strengthens muscles.

2. Butt kicks
  • Raise your right foot towards your butt and balance your left foot on the ground. 
  • Just when you raise your right foot, bring your left arm forward and keep it straight. 
  • Then change the legs and hands simultaneously, seeing that when the right leg goes up, the left hand should come forward and vice versa.
  •  Take 5 minutes for a set and go for 3 sets. 

Target Glute muscles, Hamstring, Quads.

Benefits It increases your ability to run faster. It improves balance, mobility and flexibility. It engages your core and strengthens the leg muscles, mainly the glutes. It improves momentum and coordination. 

3. Pushup jump-ups
  • Start by taking a pushup and stand tall. 
  • Do a squat and jump. 
  • As you jump, go back down in the pushup position. 
  • Aim for 3 sets (each set 5-10 reps).

Target Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps, Chest, Abs, Hip flexors. 

Benefits It builds upper body strength and also strengthens the lower back. They help to build abdominal muscles and increase calorie burn. It tones up your chest and gives you a better shape. 

4. Leg raises 
  • Lay down on the floor facing the ceiling with your legs straight and side by side. 
  • Arms at your side. Raise both of your legs straight pointing at the ceiling and keep your hands on the ground. 
  • Aim for 2-3 steps (10 reps per set).

Target- Abs, Hamstrings, Quads, Lower back muscles, Anterior hip flexors.

Benefits It helps to lose weight from the lower abdomen and legs. It tones your abdomen and legs. It is a great exercise to get abs real quick. It alleviates back pain and strengthens your core

5. Running planks
  • Take a plank position and keep your back straight. 
  • Your hands should be shoulder-width apart and abs engaged. 
  • Raise your left knee towards your chest and keep it as close as possible. 
  • Switch the sides and do 3 sets (10 reps on both sides per set).

Target Arms, Quads, Core, Shoulders.

Benefits It builds endurance, core strength and agility. It stabilizes your core and upper body. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and burns calories.

6. Walkouts
  • Start with your feet hip-width apart and reach the floor by bending your hips. 
  • Place your hands in front of your feet and shift your weight onto your hands. 
  • Begin walking on your hands until your body is in a straight line. 
  • Stop when your hands are directly under your shoulder and go for 3 sets(10 reps per set).

Target- Abdomen, Glutes, Lower Back.

Benefits It improves blood circulation and strengthens your hamstrings, calves, glutes and lower back. 

You can also bring fitness to your room by skipping, spot jogging, bicep curls, planks, crunches with dumbbells, toe stands, bicycle crunch, traditional crunch, hip dip side plank, Bulgarian split squat, lateral push-ups, chair dips, triangle twist, squat pry, wall handstand, burpees, bridges, spiderman push-ups, etc. 

Even if you cannot bring fitness to your room, consider these four options 

Locker rooms

These rooms are suited for the storage of one’s belongings with gym facilities. They are great for someone who lives in a small, confined place. For example, Locker Room Fitness,  Ferndale, Wa is a high value, low priced gym with 24-hour access and great staff. In this locker room fitness in Ferndale, even a beginner could participate without facing any difficulties.

War rooms 

Such rooms are a place where people meet to solve a big problem but it can also be a gym. For example, War Room Fitness in Grand Prairie, Texas is a physical fitness centre where people come for group workout sessions. Such war room fitness provides motivation and good vibes for you to be fit. 

Steam rooms 

These are like a nice warm blanket over your injured and sore muscles. Steam room fitness helps you to relax and covers up for your recovery time. It reduces muscle tension and gives you the feeling of warmth. 

Boiler rooms

Such rooms contain a boiler and related heating equipment for fitness purposes. For example, Boiler Room Fitness in Glasgow, Scotland provides a cool environment with like-minded people. This Boiler Room Fitness motivates you to challenge yourself with tougher workouts. 


Bring fitness to the room with the above-mentioned exercises. You can add extra activities to your routine like walking more and doing physical chores. Do not overdo the exercises and make sure to take frequent breaks. If you fail to prepare then be prepared to fail. Be confident and Go for it! 

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