Do Not Miss Out On These 7 Incredible Foods For Hair Growth!

Hair is one of the most glamourous things in the body. How your hair looks can be the making or breaking factor of any look. Talking about hair, the only hair length that is not in vogue is long hair, because with extra length comes an extra number of hairstyles and loads of creative genius! However, as fun as it is having long hair, reaching your desired hair length is not a piece of cake, unless you turn towards some amazing foods for hair growth

What you eat reflects on all your organs, and your hair demands you to eat a lot of healthy food for it to show its full glory! Do not worry, though; you don’t have to scour multiple sites and grocery stores to know what is best for your hair growth because we have got everything for you in one place! Read on to know all about these foods! 

Some standard information about hair growth 

It is not a widely known statistic that your hair can grow as much as 15 cm in a year. Now, it can happen, but it does not happen for a lot of people because of multiple reasons like age, diet, genetics, and health. Out of these four factors, we are all lucky enough to have control over two, and it makes all the difference. 

Best foods for hair growth

  • Eggs 

Eggs are such a healthy food choice that making them a part of your healthcare routine can shower you with health benefits. They contain profuse quantities of biotin and protein- two essential elements required to grow hair. 

Your hair needs protein because it is made of it! Meaning, protein is the foundation of hair follicles, and its deficiency results in loss of hair. Similarly, biotin is just as necessary for hair growth as it plays a significant role in keratin (another important hair-building protein) production. 

People who regularly consume an unbalanced diet suffer from a lack of both biotin and proteins. If you consume eggs, you can also make up for your body’s need for selenium and zinc. 

  • Berries 

Berries include another nutrient that is just as crucial for your hair growth- Vitamin.  Berries contain adequate amounts of Vitamin C, a nutrient famous for its antioxidant properties. 

Foods For Hair Growth

Berries, with their bounty of antioxidants, prevent your hair follicles from sustaining damage caused by free radicals that are harmful molecules existing in the environment and our body. Vitamin C is also proven to promote the growth of collagen (a compound that helps prevent brittle hair by providing them strength) and anemia- another potential reason behind hair loss. 

  • Spinach 

The greener your diet, the better your body’s health! Spinach is loaded with wholesome nutrients like Vitamin C and A, folate, and iron. Every single one of these nutrients plays some role in hair growth. 

Vitamin C, as we mentioned, helps in the maintenance of hair by preventing breakage. Vitamin A acts as a natural hair conditioner and moisturizes your scalp by promoting sebum production, keeping your hair shiny and healthy. Iron enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of our red blood cells. So, its lack is a potential cause of hair breakage and loss. 

Consuming approximately 30 grams (1 cup) of spinach is adequate to satisfy more than half of your body’s daily need for Vitamin A. 

  • Fish 

Fish for hair growth might not be unheard of. Their amazing effects on hair growth are owed to the plenty of nutrients they carry, especially fatty fish such as mackerel, herring, and salmon. They also bring a nutrient that is very essential for our body growth- omega-3 fatty acids. 

Researchers have also found out that supplements that include omega-3,6 fatty acids and antioxidants can reduce the loss and thinning of hair. Consuming these fish can also supply your body with Vitamin D and B3, selenium, and protein, all hair growth-promoting nutrients! 

  • Sweet potatoes 

Sweet potatoes have a sweet impact on hair growth. Their richness of beta-carotene, a compound that is converted to Vitamin A in our body, is a great piece of news for your hair. 

best foods for hair growth

Consumption of just one medium-sized sweet potato gives you four times more Vitamin A than your body needs in a day. Since Vitamin A is the king of hair moisturization, reduction of hair brittleness, enhancing hair volume and length, and hair follicle regression, you have a good reason to make sweet potato a regular guest in your diet! 

  • Avocados 

This fanciest breakfast ingredient is known to make your hair fancy as well! It features excellent quantities of Vitamin E, a nutrient that is known to promote the growth and thickness of hair. This versatile nutrient can also neutralize free radical-induced oxidative stress. Studies have shown positive results after observing people’s hair growth patterns after regularly consuming Vitamin E for eight months!

Intake of Vitamin E can also help reduce the damage caused by oxidative stress on skin areas like the scalp and hair loss. If you consume avocados regularly, you will give your body the required amount of fatty acids that are critical for its maintenance and improvement of hair quality. 

  • Nuts 

Nuts are probably the most convenient way to maintain your health. You do not have to prepare anything with them, just eat them on the go whenever you feel like it! Nuts contain awesome nutrients like Vitamin B3, B12, B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, fatty acids, and zinc. Not including these essential nutrients in daily diet will result in a deteriorated hair quality and loss of hair. 

Foods that boost hair growth vs the ones that do not 

foods that boost hair growth

Since we already mentioned what the best foods for hair growth are, it only makes sense to tell you about some foods that you should avoid if you need your hair to grow, such as- 

  1. Sugary foods are obstructing in protein absorption in our body. 
  2. Foods containing loads of starch because ultimately get converted to sugar. 
  3. Alcohol is the enemy of an essential nutrient for hair growth- zinc. 

Taking care of your health and consuming these foods will do magic to your locks, and what is better than flaunting a head full of gorgeous hair! 

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