Dear Men Don’t Be Shy: Know All About Healing From Foreskin Tear

The foreskin is a thin layer of protective tissues that cover the top of the penis. Sometimes, while engaging in some activity, there can be harm caused to the foreskin. The injury is usually a tear and can be easily treated at home with minimal care. So, what are the things you need to take care of if you are suffering from a foreskin tear? Let’s get deeper into it. 

How does a foreskin tear happen?

The foreskin is very small and a narrow piece of tissue that is spread from the bottom of the penis head, known as glans, to the bottom of the shaft. 

This tissue is very soft and could be hurt due to going under mild activities. Some of the activities are mentioned below:

  • While riding a motorcycle
  • Doing activities such as home improvement projects or going through physical labor. 
  • Partner intercourse or vigorous masturbation
  • Playing contact sports
  • Covering the penis with uncomfortable underwear or pants. 

Though there are too many risks related to foreskin tear, it would hurt you a little. If you go through this situation, remember to stay calm and take a deep breath. 

How to treat bleeding from foreskin tear? 

Foreskin Tear

The consequence of bleeding from the tear can be treated at home. The bleeding is due to the presence of a bundle of blood vessels located under the foreskin. This involves light bleeding and is considered to be normal. 

In such a case, the remedy involves the basic tool of the first aid box:

  • Before performing any procedure, make sure to sanitize your hands with clean water and mild soap. 
  • Take a piece of clean rag or cloth. Place this cover over the foreskin tear that will make the blood flow stop. 
  • The next step involves gently cleaning the tear and the surrounding area with clean water. You can also use a soap, make sure to use the one which is chemical-free and fragrance-free. Be careful and rinse the tear with clean water and not with soap. 
  • Go ahead and carefully pat dry the area with a clean towel or cloth. 
  • Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment over the tear. 
  • Take a clean bandage and cover the tear with it. You can also go ahead and wrap the area with medical tape or gauze. 
  • Always remember to replace the old bandage with a new one every single day. 

There are chances that bleeding might be longer than intended. If the bandage soaks up with blood within an hour of dressing, you need to consult a doctor. 

This case of heavy bleeding is unlikely, even if it happens, make sure you get the right care. The treatment done to stop bleeding is highly important as it is responsible for preventing blood loss and other damage to the organ. 

What is the level of pain involved in foreskin tear? 

Foreskin Tear

The penis is filled with a dense bunch of nerves and receptors. When the tear is made, it harms all the nerves as well as the receptors. Being a lot in amount, they might hurt you more than expected. This pain can be described as sharp, sore, and deep. This pain will be felt near the tip of the penis. 

The level of pain is usually unrelated to the seriousness of the foreskin tear. To sum it up, the pain generating from the injury might stay for a few days. This does not mean that the penis is damaged forever and cannot get back to its regular activities. 

For how long will the symptoms of foreskin tear last? 

Many-a-times, the initial bleeding or deep pain will vanish within a few hours of the injury. This might feel dull, uncomfortable pain for a few days after the onset of the healing process. 

The longevity of the symptoms solely depends on the severity of the tear. Depending on the same, the pain might remain for a few hours, few days, or few weeks. The entire pain cycle will be a part of the healing process itself. 

Any infection caused to the tear might worsen the case. The symptoms of an infection include penile discharge, fever, and even a foul smell. If the infection is left untreated, the symptoms will last for longer. 

Treating the infection is highly important to stop it from spreading on the other parts of the penis. 

Will the tear heal on its own?

 The tear scrapes even cuts will heal on their own when the following points are taken into action:

  • Treat them as soon as possible
  • Keep the bandages clean and fresh. 
  • Before applying a new dressing, make sure to rinse it with clean water and pat dry before applying a new bandage. 
  • Avoid any sort of physical activity that can have a bad effect on the penis. 

Things to avoid during the healing process

Foreskin Tear

Follow the given points for a successful healing process: 

  • Avoid getting into sexual activities until the initial pain has stopped.  
  • Do not engage in any rough activity until the completion of the healing process. 
  • Never leave the tear uncovered. Exposure to fabrics might induce infection. 
  • Do not use a condom or any other protection until the tear has healed. 
  • Avoid the usage of oil-based lubes that might contain artificial ingredients on the top of the bare penis. This can cause damage to the tear. 
  • Do not immerse or soak the foreskin tear in water until completely cured. 

When to go for surgery? 

  • When the healing process remains unfinished and the tear keeps happening. 
  • The tear gets severely infected and tissues get damages irrespective of all the care taken. 
  • The tissue surrounding the tear gets damaged. 
  • Irreparable damage has happened to the penile nerves or blood vessels. 

Lastly, it is advised to stay careful while performing any sort of activity. May it be repairing or intercourse. Though the tear can be treated at home, it should be taken seriously. Keep an eye on the tear during the healing process and consult a doctor when seeing any sign of infection or persistent pain. 

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