Frown Lines: 8 Ways To Get Rid Of Deep Wrinkles Between Eyes

Frown lines are usually caused by ageing.  As you start to grow old, your skin loses its flexibility and starts to sag, stretch, and become thinner. If frown lines form a sad or angry look that detracts from a friendly facial expression, you must try these few tips to get rid of frown lines. But before diving deep into that we must understand what are frown lines?

Frown Lines – Frown lines are also called wrinkles worry lines, forehead furrows, glabellar lines, or sometimes they are even called “the 11s,” which are deep vertical lines that develop on the forehead. 

They may also develop on the corners of the mouth. Frown lines usually occur due to thinning skin, sun damage, and reiterated movements of the muscles on your face.

How to get rid of frown lines?

  1. Surgery – It is very easy to remove frown lines. You can opt for a forehead lift. It is a very simple procedure that can be easily done in any clinic or any hospital. It is often recommended to get facelift surgery along with a forehead lift.
  1. Good old-fashioned skincare –  These are a few fundamentals for blocking and minimization of frown lines. Cleansing discards toxins you might absorb through the skin such as air pollution or smoke, which add to signs of aging. Next, exfoliating depends on how you like to scrub, with an acid like lactic or glycolic. it removes the top layer of skin to lighten and trigger cell renewal for a clean, bright face. 

Finally, moisturizing is core to avoid dehydrated, crepey skin that is prone to wrinkles. Do not miss the spots between your eyebrows and around the mouth! Make sure that you always wear sunscreen (30 SPF at least) in the sunlight for protection against UV exposure.

  1. Microneedling – A new treatment that has hit the microneedling skincare market. It is rapidly growing a fanbase—and for good motive. It includes using ultra-fine needles to puncture tiny holes that trigger the skin to restore and reform, following in a more abundant, more solid structure.

It can easily be done at home with a dermal roller or you can visit a dermatologist’s office to treat it with a professional machine. Although it could be a little bit uncomfortable and painful, the professionals will give you a numbing cream to help neutralize the pain.

Frown lines
  1. Facial Massage Facial massage techniques will aid in benefitting a variety of muscles in the face. For frown lines, you need to focus on the frontalis muscle, that is what makes or breaks those horizontal wrinkles. 

For a silky whiskerless forehead, lay your left palm on the left side of your forehead and your right palm on the right side of your forehead. Check the skin firmly in place with your left hand as you move the right hand clockwise in a circular motion for about two minutes. 

Repeat with your left palm, keeping the right palm still as you move in a counterclockwise motion for two minutes. Repeat the whole process a total of three times.

  1. Retinoids  – This term includes a large group of vitamin A-based products like prescription tretinoin (Retin-A), tazarotene (Avage, Tazorac), and adapalene (Differin)—as well as over-the-counter retinol.

It’s not surprising that they are some of the best-known modern anti-aging handy ingredients. As a group, they have been read widely for decades and are proven to speed up skin cell turnover and boost the production of collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

The only downfall is that they take three to six months to start showing changes, and the skin might need some time to change, oftentimes it experiences irritation. Do not rush, introduce it only once or twice a week before working up to the daily application but it’s going to be worth the wait!

  1. Lasers – Lasers like Non-ablative resurfacing heat lower layers of the dermis without harming the skin’s surface and intensify multiple signs of aging at once by utilizing targeted heat to trigger a healing response. 

This response spurs collagen production, which aids in firming the skin over time. Not only do lasers result in a decrease in lines, they also change the appearance of pores, dark spots, texture, and overall skin tone. 

The only demerit is that Certain lasers — especially the more destructive ones like the Fraxel Dual — can leave you with numerous days of downtime. With lighter lasers, like clear and brilliant, skin is generally left looking somewhat rosey after the method, but not so much that you can not go out in the daytime.

How to get rid of frown lines?
  1. Thread Lift – Thread lifts usually create a more dramatic shift than other options, instead of undergoing a full facelift. Here is how it works: A doctor punctures holes in the patient’s cheeks and forehead, then injects up to 18 plastic threads through the skin, to tighten them to lift the skin upward. This method can also be done on the brow or upper eyelid. It is conducted under topical anesthesia and commonly has a very short recovery period.
  1. Antioxidants – Antioxidants like vitamin C, niacinamide, or resveratrol work to counterbalance free radicals that cause harm to our skin cells and therefore generate wrinkles, and increase collagen production. To get the most protection, clean the skin, apply an antioxidant-packed serum instantly, and then wait for five minutes before applying sunscreen. This will prevent you from diluting the formula.

Wrinkles convey that you are a human and you have emotions —it is a very essential part of being a human being! Wrinkles show that you have had your share of ups and downs but if you want to lessen the appearance of creases, Fitmist is there for you. Try these tricks to get rid of wrinkles between your eyes.

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