What Is Gentian Root And It’s Amazing Benefits!

Gentian root is an ancient herb with medicinal values. This originated in the mountain climates of the Americas, Asia, and Europe. The bark of this herb is used to cure appetite issues, diarrhea, and heart-related risks. In many medicines, gentian roots are used as a supporting ingredient. Reading the following article, we will get to know where and how gentian roots help to enhance our health? 

Benefits of gentian roots

Gentian roots benefit the body by supporting it during some minor health issues. Hence, preventing the body from creating chronic damage out of it. Gentian roots are available in a wide variety and have been used since the ancient ages as a medicine. 

The active compounds present in the gentian roots that make these roots highly beneficial are flavonoids, xanthones, iridoids, and secoiridoids.  Now, the proportion of these active compounds vary from variety to variety. 

It highly depends on factors such as the type of Gentiana plant, the time and year of harvesting it, and the technique used in the drying process. to sum it up, different gentian roots might give a different set of benefits. Below given are the two benefits that any variety of gentian root will give: 

  1. Helps to deal with arthritis

Arthritis is the result of inflammation in different body parts. Gentian roots are rich in anti-inflammatory properties hence, help the body to get over inflammatory conditions. 

For instance, the active compound iridoids, also known as gentiopicroside, makes gentian roots help people with rheumatoid arthritis. 

This kind of arthritis is a result of chronic inflammatory conditions. It involves inflammation and pain from the swelling in the joints. Consuming gentian roots prevents the immune system from attacking the healthy cells. 

It has been scientifically proven that the iridoids in the gentian roots help in reducing the inflammation markers in the blood significantly. Thus, making improvements in the inflamed joints. 

So, these gentian roots might help humans dealing with arthritis and other inflammatory health conditions. The treatment is done by extracting gentiopicroside from the Gentiana plant.   

  1. Helps to deal with sinus infections
Gentian Root

The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in the gentian roots has proven to be useful in sinus conditions too. when inflammation is caused to sinuses, it gives rise to symptoms such as congestion, headaches, and pain in the facial areas. 

Sinupret is an herbal treatment that helps to get rid of sinus infections. Now, the gentian root forms a component of the same herb. This is traditional medicine and has been highly effective in treating sinus infections. Sinupret can also be found in flowers such as primula, sorrel, verbena, and elderflowers. 

Though researchers have not yet reached the roots of this treatment. It is mainly assumed as the benefits contributed by the active compounds, iridoids, and flavonoids. In one research, it was significant that Sinupret gave rise to the clearance of mucus in human cells. 

In a study conducted by experts, it was compared the significance of the effects of a saline rinse to that of a Sinupret. Both of these treatments were tried on people with a sinus infection. The people who were treated with Sinupret found themselves with reduced symptoms of nasal discharge, nasal congestion, and postnasal drip. Whereas those who were treated with saline rinse had significantly less improvement. 

  1. Aids digestion

The presence of active compounds such as iridoids and secoiridoids in gentian roots helps in increasing appetite and offers protective aids for the functioning of the digestive system. Further, these compounds have amaroswerin, amelogenin, and gentiopicroside. 

The presence of these compounds makes the gentian root bitter. When consumed the gentian roots release their hormones that cause bitterness. These hormones stimulate the body to secrete gastric juices and saliva. The saliva and gastric juice help improve appetite thus, giving way to better digestion. 

Anorexia is a disease in children that causes eating disorders and loss of appetite. In research done in children suffering from anorexia, it has been found that those who consumed gentian root extracts daily, had shown significant health improvement. There was an increase in appetite followed by weight gain and calorie intake after being treated for 2 months. 

These ingredients present in the gentian roots, aperitifs, and bitter liqueurs are responsible for this advantage. These ingredients have appetite-stimulating effects on the digestive system. 

In addition to treating people with a poor digestive system, the elements of the gentian roots also help in treating gastric congestion, nausea, and upset stomach. 

  1. Other health benefits of gentian roots
Gentian Root

Given below are the gentian root uses that have not been scientifically proven yet has some positive effects on our health: 

  • Consuming gentian root extracts might help with heartburn.
  • It can also help in decreasing gastric issues and vomiting.
  • Helps in lowering high blood pressure and can also prevent muscle spasms. 
  • Helps in treating parasitic worms and other germs. 
  • Helps in speeding up the process of healing a wound on the skin. 

The disadvantages of gentian root

Apart from all the benefits produced by this root, there are hardly some downsides related to this. But it will be wise to understand that consumption of gentian roots varies from person to person. Below are given the adverse effects that can be caused by gentian root: 

  • The gentian roots present in the herb mixture Sinupret may have some side effects. Such as mild rash on the skin and an upset stomach. 
  • It is advised, especially to infants and pregnant women, not to consume gentian roots unless and until advised by an herb expert. 
  • Pay attention to the dosage as well as to the other food items you are pairing it with. 

Lastly, products related to gentian roots, such as gentian roots extract should be consumed in moderate amounts. It is advised to consult a biologist or an expert before treating yourself with this herb. As the excessive amount of consumption might cause the gastric juices to have a negative effect on the stomach. Be careful as an excess of stomach acids can cause ulcers and acid reflux. 

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