Yoga It Your Way: A Guide For Planning A Home Yoga Stretch Routine

By Qwerty


Yoga is one of the most effective ways to work out and also improve your mental health. It is known to be a very peaceful means of exercising which helps relax your mind and establishes great mind-to-body coordination. 

So it is a great idea to be planning a home yoga stretch routine. However, getting started with it can be very overwhelming. 

There can be many questions that surround you. In addition to this, you might not know how to get started but at all. So, with this guide, you will have your yoga stretch routine fixed. 

Planning a home yoga stretch routine: Why do it?

Because of how intimidating yoga might seem, getting started at your home can be difficult. Many people might want to talk themselves out of it. However, you should know that home yoga is one of the most effective ways to reap all the benefits that yoga has. 

Even if you have to look through some yoga stretch videos, you’ll be able to have everything at your own pace. Some of the major benefits of practicing yoga at home are:

  1. Self-knowledge: 

When you practice something on your own, you are bound to engage more with it and learn more. Consider this, if you’re learning yoga on your own at the ease of your house, you’ll be bound to do research and will thereby learn more than you would in a yoga class led by someone else. 

It’s similar to how you’ll understand more about driving if you drive for yourself as opposed to if you drive with a driver to your aid. So, if you’ll be more in control of your journey, you’ll better anchor yourself to where you want to go. 

  1. Self-help: 

As you keep on practicing yoga, you’ll be a better analyst of your feelings. In this manner, you will be able to help yourself through things. With proper analysis of how you feel, you’ll be able to balance everything with your routine as well. 

Based on however you feel, or wherever you are, you can alter your practices. In this manner, you can have just a 10-minute yoga stretch when you don’t feel like doing much of it and can have longer sessions when you’re better prepared. 

  1. Exponential growth: 

Another very important benefit of home yoga is the abundance of growth that you get to see. More than practicing yoga, or any other workout per se, it’s the consistency that helps you see the results. 

So, if you get started with something you love and keep going at your own desired pace, you’ll see more benefits than you would in a class that you visit occasionally. 

This growth can be a major motivator when it comes to keeping going through your yoga sessions. 

Best tips to start planning a home yoga stretch routine

No matter the benefits, it can still be very difficult to get started with home yoga. You’ll be confused as to where to start. 

But with these tips to your rescue, you’ll be able to better prepare your yoga stretch routines. 

  1. Begin with quiet: 

One of the most important things that can set a difference is beginning with something quiet. Isn’t this the basic purpose of yoga? To provide peace to your soul. So, to have a better session, it is recommended that you begin with a pose that is relaxing and quiet. 

This can be the corpse pose or the rabbit’s pose, anything that can help you align your mind and your body. Setting the connection between your mind and body is very crucial at the beginning of the session. 

It can help you avoid any potential chaos that the workout session might turn into. Once that your body and mind are ready, you’re all set to go. 

  1. Choose a direction: 

Now that your mind and body are coordinated, it’s time to choose the direction that your yoga stretch is going to take. Is it going to be a simple 10-minute yoga stretch for the neck or is it going to be a vigorous practice? 

For this, you have to look at your mood. See if you have time or if you’re tired. If so, then choose something calm and easy. In case you’re energetic and have some time, you can incorporate a higher-intensity practice that requires more energy. 

Doing this works like a charm to help you remain consistent as well. 

  1. Choose the poses you love: 

Many people think that the point of doing anything is to challenge yourself. But that’s not the case. It is also important to do something that you love and truly enjoy. 

So, choose the poses that you love and practice them. Sure, you should challenge yourself once in a while, but don’t make your home yoga all about the challenge. 

Many people drop out of any such practices because it seems too challenging. So, if you do something you love, you’ll be more inclined towards doing it again as well. 

  1. Pay attention: 

Many people struggle with yoga and see its results because they don’t pay attention in their class or the youtube tutorials. While the instructor is explaining to you the little things of the pose, it is important to pay attention. 

Memorize it to ensure that you can practice it in the same way and don’t have a bad form while executing any pose. This is very essential to ensure that you execute the poses perfectly. 

  1. Move freely: 

Some people restrict themselves and move only in some directions while practicing yoga. But that should never be the case. Ensure that your practice includes poses that cover all stretches. 

From a forward to a backstretch, twisting and turning, do it all, no matter what the intensity. If you include all these directions in your yoga stretch, you’re all set to have a complete practice. 


Planning a home yoga stretch routine can be tough but with these tips to help you out, it should seem like a cakewalk. So get started with your planning and don’t forget to remain consistent.