Want Those Sexy Abs This Year? Your Holy Guide On How To Get Abs!

Do you also think that getting six packs abs is only possible for actors, stars and fitness YouTubers? Well, what if we told you that this article will lead you to a journey where at the end you will have those hard, tanned and muscular six-packs? 

No, this is no joke. You can quit searching for how to get abs and start following this article. All of the ways and methods mentioned in this article can be done anywhere, you do not necessarily need a gym. This Beginner’s Guide will work for any age, it does not matter if you are 25 or 45. 

The Abs

Abs short for Abdominals are the muscles running vertically to your abdomen. The abdominals consist of four main muscles: 

The external obliques help the spine flex to both sides and rotate, The internal obliques assist the external obliques in rotating and flexing the spine, The rectus abdominis flexes the spine and The transverse abdominis helps with core stability and compresses the abdomen. 

The rectus abdominis is the six mounted muscular abs that we all see. No matter how well defined and well-toned your rectus abdominis is, you will not see your six-packs unless and until you get rid of the layers of subcutaneous fats. Once you start losing both subcutaneous and visceral fat by working out, you will start excavating your abs. 

Benefits of Abs

  • Improves health 
  • Provides overall fitness 
  • Improves posture 
  • Supports your back
  • Relieves back pain
  • Prevents future injuries 
  • Keeps your torso in a more stable position 
  • Strengthens your core
  • Helps you stand straight 
  • Helps you become more agile
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Increases life expectancy 

Now we proceed to the next question, “how long does it take to get abs?”. This depends on your body fat. If your body fat is 10%, it will take you 1-1½ weeks. If your body fat is 20%, it will take you 2-4 months. If your body fat is 30% or more, it will take you about 10 months or more. 

12 Week beginner’s guide 

Your sole purpose at first should be losing weight. Use a calorie calculator to get your maintenance calories and subtract 300 from your total. The result will be how many calories you have to consume for the first few weeks. 

Consume 500-700 calories after the first four weeks. If you want the answer to the question, “how to get abs fast?”, then you have to lower calorie intake and exercise more. 


For 12 Weeks, have a cup of unsweetened green tea 20-15 minutes before having breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Fruits with Greek yoghurt or Scrambled Eggs or Chia seeds smoothie.


Salad having ½ beans, 3 egg whites, 3 ounces plain tuna, 3 ounces chicken and ¼ avocado. Top it up with low-calorie dressing and fresh lemon.


Fish with salsa and veggies or Turkey sausage with peppers and onions or Balsamic chicken or Dill salmon patties.


Fruits, nuts, low-fat cheese, frozen yoghurt, chia pudding, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds or turkey breast. 

You can choose what you want to eat but avoid salty foods, added sugar, starch, refined grains, fried foods and processed meats. 


Being physically fit is just as important as having a good diet. You must make sure that you eat your diet 2 to 3 hours before working out. 

Your workout routine will consist of 5 days of High-intensity exercises followed by 3 days of rest per week. 

Workouts to get abs are

1.Upper Abs Workout
  • Dumbbell Crunch

Hold a dumbbell across your chest in both hands and lie down. Raise your torso then lower it and maintain tension in the upper abs. 3×10 Reps with 10 seconds of rest. 

  • Modified V-sit-

Lie down with your legs raised off the floor, straighten them and your arms should be by your side, held off the floor. Raise your torso and bring your legs in. Bend your knees so that your knees should touch your chest. 2×12 Reps with 10 seconds of rest. 

  • Full Sit Ups

Bend your knees and legs on the floor. Crossed arms should be resting on your chest. Bring chin to chest and raise your torso off the floor taking a seated position. Slowly get back to the same position and repeat. 3×20 Reps with 10 seconds of rest.

  • Frog Crunches

Lie on the floor with your hands at the back of your head and feet together. Lift your shoulders off the floor, performing crunches and lift your knees at the same time. 4×10 Reps with 10 seconds of rest.

2. Lower Abs Workout 
  • Plank to Knee Tap

Take a plank position with your hands under your shoulders. Keep your abs engaged and bend your knees. Your knees should be just off the floor and should not touch the floor. Squeeze in your butt as you get back in the plank position again. 2×15 Reps with 10 seconds on rest.

  • Straight-Leg Pulse Up

Lie facing the ceiling with your legs on the floor side by side and hands at the side. Raise your legs making a 90-degree angle. Just as you raise your legs, raise your butts too and put weight in your hands. 3×20 Reps with 10 seconds of rest. 

  • Hanging Leg Raise

Start in a dead hang with your legs straight and knees and ankles touching. Stress on your abdominals and raise your legs making a 90-degree angle between your legs and upper body. 2×10 Reps with 10 seconds of rest. 

  • Hanging Knee Raise

Just as in the previous exercise, you have to raise your whole lower body in this workout. Bend your knee such that it should touch your chest. 3×12 Reps with 10 seconds of rest.

3. Core Strength Workout 
  • Russian Twists- 

Lie down on the ground with feet close together. Make an acute angle with the floor by raising your torso. Bring your knees halfway towards your cheat by bending knees. Twist your torso towards the right until your hands touch the floor and extend your arms completely. Repeat the same on the other side. 

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Week 1 to Week 4Cardio(Running, Jogging, Biking)Core Strength Workout Upper Abs Workout 
Week 5 to Week 8Cardio Upper Abs WorkoutLower Abs Workout 
Week 9 to Week 12Cardio Upper Abs WorkoutCore Strength Workout Lower Abs Workout 

Here is an example to provide you with a clear understanding: 

Day 1- Diet, Cardio, Core Strength Workout 

Day 2- Diet, Rest Day

Day 3- Diet, Cardio, Upper Abs Workout 

Day 4- Diet, Cardio, Core Strength Workout 

Day 5- Diet, Rest Day

Day 6- Diet, Cardio, Upper Abs Workout 

Day 7- Diet, Rest Day 

Follow the same routine for four weeks and you will complete your first phase. 


How to get abs in a week? There is no promising answer to this. Once you have developed a 360 approach for yourself including nutrition, the right training balance, lab-specific exercises, proper recovery and patience, you will get your answer to the question, “how to get abs?”. 

Motivation, dedication and commitment are also the main key elements to get those muscular six-pack abs. 

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