Want To Be Happy In Life? 9 Habits You Need To Embrace

No matter how mature we are, some consequences make us doubt our beliefs. No matter how much success we gain, some things will let us down. No matter how happy we think we are, there will be those times when we feel alone. Well, that’s life! We all are going to be equally sad and happy in life.  

How to be happy in life?

In our lives, there will be an even share of happiness as well as for sadness. Our habits will decide how to get through all these stages in life. They will help us be strong during hard times and down to earth during happy times. 

Following these habits will make you the person you want to be: 


For some, it might be a hard task. But for many, it is as simple as giving a smile. We all tend to smile when we are happy as we feel waves of positivity within us. But what about the difficult times? The time when the world around us falls apart. We all forget to smile at that time as we are filled with negative energy.

Well, next time when something like this happens to you, remember to smile against it and say these words ‘it is going to be alright’. Irrespective of the amount of damage done to you. 

Relax your body 

Sometimes, we mess up even with those things, at which we are best. The reason behind this is being restless and lack of space given to our brains. To prevent ourselves from brain fogging, we need to be in a proper sleep routine. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Not getting proper sleep has harmful effects on our health and any obstruction caused to our health can affect our long-term goals.

Always make time for getting enough sleep even during your busy days. This is one of the biggest investments you will be doing in your health.

Mindful and healthy eating

We all love to have fast food. But having food that is high in sodium and preservatives daily is not a healthy choice. Our bodies and our minds will feel a lot happier in life if we start eating a balanced diet. 

It is easy to organize a balanced plate: cover half of the plate with vegetables, and the other half with a palm-full of protein and some carbohydrates. If you are ready to explore, there are healthy substitutes for your favorite junk food. for instance, hung curd instead of mayonnaise. 

To attain mindful eating habits, turn off your television or anything that is keeping your mind away from your food. Only eating healthy food is not enough. The concentration that you give to your food while eating it will make it a balanced diet. 

Be active

Happy In Life

Health is happiness, this statement is very true. Along with a healthy diet, one should also include daily exercise in their schedule. It also benefits you by reducing stress, anxiety, and in severe cases depression. The time you give to exercising does not matter as long as you do it regularly. 

People who are tied to their desks most of the day have more chances to get lethargic and bored from their lifestyle. So, take yourself for a walk every night or day, it will only take a few minutes to freshen up your whole mood. 

Be thankful

It is true if you have a roof over your head, a 3-time meal, and a healthy body, you are luckier than half of the world. We forget to be grateful for the necessary thing we own. Practising gratitude will have a significant impact on your level of happiness. 

Begin your day by realizing one thing that you are grateful for. As the day rolls on, begin to acknowledge small as well as big happiness. Like when a coworker shares their meal with you or when you get promoted. 

With this little practice, you start appreciating life even more. This makes you happier in life.

Appreciate others

Appreciating others is an act of showing kindness. For example, congratulating someone for their achievements or complimenting someone when they try something new. It not only creates a positive environment but also spreads happiness. 

There is a no bigger gift than making someone smile. You might not realize it, but you can take their day to a new level of happiness just by appreciating them. 


This natural act can relieve stress and anxiety. All the living beings breathe, but have you tried deep breathing? Next time when you get a panic attack, just breathe deeply:

  • Close your eyes and try to vision one of your happy memories. 
  • Inhale slowly but deep enough that the air reaches your stomach.
  • Exhale slowly through your mouth and keep it longer.
  • Repeat the process until you feel calm. 

It is a healthy habit of practising breathing exercises every morning. It might be difficult at first but keeping a regular practice makes it easier. 

Keeping up with difficult times

We all go through the downs of life and we cannot skip it as it is a part of life. Sometimes people try to show that they are okay with the down of life. Always remember, if you fail sometimes in life, it is okay to be sad and even to cry. 

You need to fall in order to get ahead in life. It is okay to experience the feeling of unhappiness for some time. Take care of yourself and trust that the time will soon pass. 

Be social

Being social does not mean partying every weekend or talking to strangers. Sometimes, keeping feelings to yourself can be suffocating. In these times close friends and family come to the rescue. 

Talk to your family and go on trips with your friends. Nothing will make you happier than spending time with close people. It will lift your mood and make life meaningful. 

You can also get a pet, they are no less than a great companion. 

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