Here’s Why Hotels Have Gyms: Hotel Gym Workout Pro Tips Included!

Are you also struggling to find a place and time to work out while exploring the world? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Many people face difficulties when they abandon their workout and healthy eating habits right outside the window during travelling. It is also a huge deal to start over again after a long resting period. 

That’s why you should always plan your trip which has maximum benefits, a plan that keeps you healthy, strong and fit with exciting adventures. Be wise in your choice by choosing a hotel with a gym of its own or somewhere near to it. Hotels have gyms so that you can stay fit and fine.

Being healthy and living in the moment does not have to be akin or mutually exclusive. It is also not necessary to have hotel gym workouts, you can be fit anywhere. The idea of being cooped up in a gym when you should be proceeding to explore more and more could be the last thing for some of you hodophiles to do.

Do not just blindly choose a cheap hotel with a gym, you have to invest some of your money in a good hotel having gyms and after that, you must make sure that the service you are getting is up to the mark. You may convey your dislikings by writing a review and sharing your problems if you have any. 

Hotels have gyms: Purpose & intent

The popularity of hotel gyms cannot be ignored. Having a hotel with fitness centres, spa parlours and steam rooms are liked by people since they are getting so many facilities by paying a little more or even none. Hotels with such facilities can be costly and practical depending upon your budget.

People mostly choose to do hotel gym workouts as they are concerned about their health and well-being. This concept of staying fit while travelling became a good way to earn profits for the hotel industry. The better service they provide, the more their demand is. Hotels have gyms so that you get the best of your experience. All of these efforts are made so that more customers could be attracted and they get to serve their best! 

Why should you choose a hotel with gyms?

  1. It helps in releasing all of your stress and improves your mental wellbeing
  2. It makes you strong enough so you can be ready for the upcoming adventures.
  3. It facilitates growth.
  4. It gives you a total reset of mind and body.
  5. It keeps you consistent and true to your workout sessions.
  6. It makes you feel happier.
  7. It gives you more benefits with a reasonable amount of money. 
  8. It can help you lose the extra weight you have gained by eating delectable meals. 
  9. It keeps you in shape. 
  10. It helps you to maintain and build muscles and bones.
  11. It increases your energy levels.
  12. It can help you cope up with a different atmosphere. 
  13. It can increase your brain’s function abilities. 
  14. It catches your attention and brings healthy changes to your body. 
  15. It makes you feel relaxed and you get better sleep.

Hotel gym WOD

OptionsProcedure Targets/Benefits-
Body-weight HIIT Workout20 Sidekick through15 Squats20 Lunges15 Tuck jumps 20 Pushups15 Hip raises 20 Sit-ups 15 Russian twistsReduces body weight, Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure, Builds muscles.
Full Body Machine Workout10 Minutes on Treadmill 2×12 reps of Lat pulldown2×12 reps of Leg press2×12 reps of Chest press2×12 reps of Bench press2×12 reps of DipsGives all over body fitness 
It decreases the stress hormone cortisol, improves flexibility, enhances blood flow and builds strength.
Dumbbells Workout15 Single-arm DB burpees on each side15 Single-arm DB overhead lunges on each side10 Dumbbell swings 15 Single-arm DB snatches on each side20 Dumbbell Lunges15 Pushups on the Dumbbells Chest, Shoulder, Triceps, Glutes, Latissimus Dorsi, Calves.
They stimulate muscle growth and increase flexibility. They improve coordination and stability for body muscles and joints.
Full-Body Circuit Workout Warm-up15 Air Squats10 Dumbbell push press20 V-ups 15 Shoulder taps15 Side lunges15 Side planks15 Leg liftsAgonist and Antagonist Muscles, Calves, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Trapezius, Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, etc. 
It increases heart rate, muscle mass and burns calories.
Tabata Workout 20 Lateral slides15 Reverse lunges on each side10 Mountain climbers10 Scissor kicksTabata pushupsTabata pull-ups Tabata sit-ups Glutes, Quads, Hips, Core, Shoulders, Hip flexors.
It increases endurance and improves efficiency. It helps you to stay focused and attentive. 

The above-mentioned hotel gym WOD will help you stay energetic throughout your journey. The last workout, the Tabata workout, does not require any hotel gym equipment so you can perform it anywhere

Make sure to take 20 seconds or more breaks after each exercise. The number of sets depends on you. You can choose to do 2 to 3 sets or more. If you face any problems like muscle soreness or similar, stop the workout immediately and consult a doctor. It is necessary to take proper measures or else you will have to face serious problems such as strains, traumatic injuries, broken bones, etc. 

One of the good examples of hotels with gyms in the Luxor hotel gym in Las Vegas. The Luxor hotel gym is equipped with Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stepmills, Row Machines, Smith Press, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Arc Trainers, Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, etc. It is a great place where you can invest your time and get physically fit. 


All you need is a little planning and resourcefulness to do a great job. You can always substitute an approximate exercise if you are having problems with an exercise. You have to do these gym hotel workouts with your whole heart, do not doubt yourself and be diligent. 

Hotels have gyms because fitness and health cannot go on a vacation.

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