Hindu Pushups: Yogic Way To Fitness

Hindu pushups originated in India, by traditional Indian wrestlers. Though, it was essentially practised to strengthen the upper body, little did they know that doing Hindu pushups was benefiting all the parts of their bodies. The legendary Indian wrestler, “The Great Gama” practised 3000 pushups each day. So, what makes Hindu pushup different from our traditional pushup? Let us read what is Hindu pushup as well as its spectacular benefits. 

How are Hindu Pushups different?

The thing that makes the Hindu pushups different from the regular one is the multitasking ability. It not only concentrates on eccentric movements but also focuses on concentric movements, in one go. It gives the body a stronger and better posture. 

As the Hindu pushup involves downward facing dog position, it lubricates your joints, which the traditional pushup fails to do. The traditional pushups concentrate majorly on pectoral muscles whereas the Hindu pushup concentrates on the pectoral, shoulders, arms, core, and spine.

How to do Hindu pushups?

Must be wondering about how to do it. Here is the procedure:

  • Place yourself on the floor and take the position of a push-up with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Keep your stomach or core tight and spine straight.
  • Then get your body shape into a downward-facing dog pose or push your torso backwards so that your hips face the ceiling, making your body in an “inverted V”. 
  • Keeping your hips up, bend your elbows so that the chest could face closer to the floor. 
  • Drop your hips down but it should not touch the floor and keep your whole body in a straight line.
  • Release your body from this position by straightening the hands and pushing the chest in an upward direction, forming an upward-facing dog pose.
  • You should keep your chest forward and your eyes should look at the ceiling or closer to that. Shoulder blades should be pulled together while the legs remain tight and active. 
  • Go back to the inverted V pose by pushing your torso back and repeat going back and forth for 15 minutes to finish a set.

Benefits of doing Hindu pushups

Hindu Pushup

Hindu pushup benefits are many because of its unique qualities. It strengthens the different joints of our body as well as stabilizes the mechanism. Given below are the benefits which you will enjoy if are committed to practising Hindu pushups regularly:

  • Better flexibility

Hindu pushups are a combination of 2 yogic poses: the upward facing dog (urdhva mukha savasana) and the downward-facing dog (Adho mukha savasana). The benefits of both the poses are combined through Hindu pushup. Practising these 2 poses stretches the chest, the wrist, the neck, the spine, and the pelvic part of the body. 

As the muscles get stretched, they make the body more flexible. Doing this type of pushup regulates the spinal fluid which benefits in optimum lubrication between vertebrates. This prevents injuries by making the spine, hip joint, and shoulder rotator blades stronger and flexible.  

  • An excellent exercise

Once you determine the number of muscle groups you are working with while simultaneously doing Hindu pushups, you won’t be able to get away with it. 

While other compound exercises do not benefit all the parts of the body at one time. Doing Hindu pushups benefits your body, from the upper to the lower part and from the back to the front, all at once. It is profitable to all the corners of the body. This welfare is contributed by the eccentric and concentric range of motions. 

Ancient warriors used to practice 1000 of these pushups to give better performance and increase mobility.

  • Versatile

Doing Hindu pushups is considered to be versatile because it does not require any equipment, not even a yoga mat. Simply one’s will power and a floor can do the magic. If you practice Hindu pushups daily, then you attain the quality of versatility. Being disciplined and getting up for training daily, promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Powerful

When one is capable of doing multiple tasks at one go, they are said to be powerful. So, does the Hindu pushup. When one practices this pushup, they dedicate a lot of power to a single exercise. This involves working on multiple muscles and multiple joint groups at the same time. 

When we say multiple muscles, we mean the pectoral muscle (chest muscles), deltoids, latissimus dorsi, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, serratus anterior, abdominals, subscapularis, and erector spinae. 

  • Endurance

When one does Hindu pushups, they gain muscular endurance. It trains the muscles and keeps them active for a longer period. It enhances the ability to resist, recover from injuries, and acquires immunity to deal with fatigue, wounds, and trauma. 

It also enhances cardiovascular endurance. It is related to the heart’s and the lung’s ability to continuously bear oxygenated blood required for performing physical activities. 

Hindu pushup is a compound exercise that will improve the nature of your deadlift, bench-press, or some other exercise by improving your muscle thickness and body’s adaptability. 

  • Stronger spine

Some people have a frail spine in the early days of their lives. Proper physical therapy is required to recover from this condition as the spine troubles the body while doing some kind of training. 

Here, practising Hindu pushups is highly recommended. The upward-facing dog and the downward-facing dog are the 2 yogic poses that focus on a more grounded and adaptable spine. 

If you are someone who is battling with low adaptability of the spine, at this point you should start performing Hindu pushups on a daily basis. This will help you to deal with the rigid spine as well as the hip joint. 

The bottom line

Hindu pushups can be an incredible instrument to prevent lifestyle diseases. These are the diseases that happened due to an inactive way of life. The reason being, individuals have been eating undesirable food, being in the same posture for hours, and exposed to a polluted environment. 

Performing standard exercises such as this one will help in keeping your cardiovascular strength solid. People should stop giving excuses and start doing Hindu pushup for better stance, actual strength, and cardiovascular wellbeing.

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