How To Get Rid of Hip Dip? 5 Exercises To Your Rescue

There are so many things that define our bodies. One of which is hip dips, which we all consider to be a flaw, which is not! If you want to get rid of that hip dip, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be sharing with you exercises that will help you to lose that hip dip. Thus, achieving a flawless and neat body. Let’s get into it!

What are hip dips? 

Hip dips form along the side of the body and look like an inward depression. As it is situated below the hip bones, some people refer to it as violin hips. Hip dips look like curves that are drawn using a protractor and have indentations. These indentations are barely noticeable that form a normal part of the body structure. 

How are hip dips caused? 

When the skin is attached or tethered to the deeper part of the thigh bone, which is known as trochanter, it gives rise to a hip dip. The visibility of the hip dip varies from person to person. The intensity of the hip dip depends on the amount and distribution of muscle and fat in the body. 

The width of the hip, the shape of the pelvis, and the distribution of fat are some of the major factors that contribute to the amount of hip dip. Their shape is enhanced less or more according to the clothes one is wearing. 

Which exercises can help minimize hip dip? 

Hip dips

Diet might not be the right way to get rid of the hip dip. So, all you can do is a workout. Some exercises will help you build more muscles and lose fat as well. 

To work this out successfully, the positions of the exercises should be correct. You can use a mirror for this purpose. It is also recommended to begin an exercise with the leg which you think is the weakest or least flexible. In this way, the exercise will become easier. 

Do not push your body beyond your limits as it might lead to injuries. Begin by doing 1 to 2 sets per day and increase it gradually. Try doing these exercises 4 to 6 times a week for maximum benefit. 

Below are given the exercises that will help you achieve stronger and firmer muscles in the thighs, hips, buttocks as well as abdominals. 

1. Side openers

This exercise focuses on the hips, side buttocks, and outer thigh. You can increase the difficulty by using a dumbbell. 

  1. Place your palms flat on the ground and bend your knees allowing your body to come into all fours. Keep your hands underneath the shoulders and knees underneath the hips. 
  2. Inhale while lifting one leg to make a 90-degree angle with the other leg. Keep that knee bent. 
  3. Slowly lower down but do not let the knees touch the ground. Lift it again. 
  4. Repeat this action 15 times. Switch to the other leg. 
2. Standing kickback lunges
Hip dip

By doing this exercise you will achieve great balance and stability. It mainly targets your thighs and buttocks. Make sure to have a strong core throughout this exercise. 

  1. Stand with your spine straight and your hands positioned in front of the chest in a prayer pose. 
  2. Lift your right knee towards the chest while you inhale
  3. While you exhale, lift your arms alongside the ears. Step the right leg back at this moment. 
  4. Now make your body munge with the right knee. Stay there for a few seconds and release. 
  5. To release, inhale and lift your right knee back to the chest. Along with your hands returning to the prayer pose. 
  6. Repeat on the opposite side. Make sure to do 12 lunges for each side. 
3. Standing side leg lifts

By doing this exercise, your sides of the hips and butt will be gaining muscles while giving a great stretch on the inner thigh. Key to be steady and controlled in your actions. To level up the difficulty, you can also add ankle weights. 

  1. Place yourself in a straight standing position with your face forward. Keep a chair, table, or wall as a support on the left side. 
  2. In this exercise, you will be using your left hand for all the support and balance. Hold a firm grip on the left foot and lift the right foot off the ground. 
  3. Slowly and in a controlled manner lift your right leg to the side
  4. While you exhale, lower the right foot and cross the opposite to the left leg. 
  5. Repeat with a left foot now. Practice 12 lifts on each side. 
4. Squats 

What are hip dips?

By doing squats, you will be toning out your butt along with your thighs and hips too. Make sure that your toes point forward and maintain a straight back throughout. For extra stretch and support, engage the abdominal muscles. To level this up, include dumbbells with minimum weight. 

  • Begin by standing with your feet placed wider than your hips. Your knees should be pointing outwards
  • You can keep your hands facing forward in a straight line. 
  • Exhale as you lower down as if sitting on a chair. 
  • Inhale while you return to the standing position. 
  • Repeat for 12 times
5. Side lunges 

What are hip dips?

The benefit of doing side lunges is that it works on your entire leg. This will give your hips and buttocks a greater definition. Keep an eye on your toes for facing forward only. To level up this exercise, hold dumbbells while doing it. 

  1. Stand with the feet right underneath the hips. Grip on the right foot while stepping your left foot onwards the left. 
  2. Lower your butt down. Thus, resulting in your left leg bent and your right leg straight. 
  3. Continue to press on both feet. Stand up and release. 
  4. Do 12 lunges for each side. 

The bottom line 

So, you have all the necessary exercises needed to get rid of that hip dip. Be consistent and do not lose your dedication!

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