7 Amazing Home Remedies For Stretch Marks That Work Wonders

Stretch marks tend to be due to skin stretching. Different factors, including your hereditary factors, cause stretch marks, also, the tension on the skin and cortisone levels, influence their intensity.  Cortisone, an adrenal hormone weakens the elastic fibres of the skin.

Usually, stretch marks appear as parallel bands on your skin. These lines are distinct in terms of colour and texture from your usual skin and vary from purple to pink and pale grey. You can feel a slight ridge and indentation on your skin when you touch the stretches with your fingers. Stretch marks can feel itchy or wretched.

Stretch marks are also called striae and occur due to an increase in weight or growth. You’re not a sign that your health is wrong or due to muscle building. The stretch marks can occur in both men and women. The most prevalent time one can have stretch marks is when they are pregnant or when they hit puberty.

At first, a stretch mark will appear on your skin as a thin red or violet stripe on the skin and can be visually identified as it appears different from the rest of your skin. Although, most stretch marks fade and become lighter or almost translucent and shiny. At times, these stretch marks may be stubborn and make you feel uncomfortable or insecure about your skin. However, we just wanna tell you that a lot of people have stretch marks on their skin and it’s completely normal. it is not supposed to define your beauty or shatter your confidence.

Homemade remedies for stretch marks

Stretch Marks

Though getting completely rid of stretch marks may not be possible if it has been there for a long period. However, there are certain home remedies one can adopt to lighten it as much as possible. Here is a list of remedies for stretch marks for you:

  • Vitamin- A

Retinoid is called vitamin A. Retinoids make your skin look healthier and younger. They are often used in topical skincare products and creams all over-the-world. It can contribute to skin and health care and overall appearance by simply taking a topical extract of vitamin A or taking vitamin A orally.  Vitamin A is rich in some foods, such as carrots and sweet potatoes, could also help increase your levels of vitamin A.

  • Sugar scrub

Sugar is an ideal source for homoeopathic exfoliation. Since exfoliation is one of the most successful and dermatologist certified measures to lighten the stretch marks, you can engage a natural sugar scrub to deal with the troublesome stretch marks at household. Exfoliating areas with a natural sugar scrub helps manage the blood circulation in the region as well as accelerates skin healing and regeneration. To make a pulp, combine 1 tablespoon of sugar and a few drops of Vitamin E oil or any essential oil and exfoliate a few minutes before rinsing in the circular motion.

  • Coconut oil and aloe vera
Stretch Marks

The natural moisturizer that assists in skin hydration is coconut oil and aloe vera gel. Though coconut oil has curative effects, aloe vera will help restore healthy skin tissues. You ought to use a DIY remedy to remove stretch marks effectively. Put two teaspoons of coconut oil and aloe vera freshly removed and blend it and mix both the ingredients thoroughly in a cup. Apply a small amount of this mixture in a circular motion, massaging our skin for an approx half-a-minute on a regular basis for the best results. You will be able to notice visible results within two weeks.

  • Hydrochloric acid

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that naturally occurs and gives the skin the tender, hydrated and young appearance. The synthesis of collagen is also believed to induce the production of collagen, which is a protein that maintains the structure and elasticity of your skin. However, over time, the organism produces less and fewer sources of collagen and research has revealed that lower protein levels can contribute to wrinkles, which you guessed can be traced to extend.

A few research have also shown that additional collagen can increase hydration and stretchability of the body or skin. However, there is no conclusive evidence that increasing the consumption of collagen reduces or eliminates stretch marks.

  • Almond oil 

Sweet almond oil is a marvellous ingredient for skincare and will rid you of all skin troubles, including dry skin, dark circles and stretch marks. We may confidently assume that it is the trick, with celebrities like Hilary Duff swearing this wonderful oil during their birth. Rich in vitamin E and other essential nutrients, almond oil moisturises the damaged regions profoundly. It promotes cell health, decreases redness. Heat a little amber oil in a circular movement and rub your skin with it and let the skin absorb it. Twice a day, repeat this and follow up with a humidifier.

  • Rosehip oil
Stretch Marks

Not only are rose bushes pretty but their nuts are as useful too. These nuts can be used to make tea or oil, called rose hips. Since roses contain vitamins A and C, there is a history of their ability to contribute to reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. But, apart from a 2013 report, there is no empirical proof to support it. The trial found that the magnitude of new stretch marks in pregnant women with existing stretch marks was decreased by rose egg oils more effectively than by placebo.

  • Baking soda and lemon

Baking soda is a natural exfoliating agent while lemon has to blanch properties that make the skin easier. Baking soda allows the dead cells to be replaced and stretch marks removed. Lemon eliminates and reduces redness. The combination of baking soda and citrus juice is a successful and rapid way to eliminate traces. One teaspoon of baking soda, half a lemon and a cling wrap. You can also use a kitchen roll for this purpose. Mix and apply the two ingredients on stretch marks. Cover with the wrap and clean 20 minutes later, Rinse. For best results, repeat 2-3 times a week.

Well, instead of preventing them one must take certain steps to avoid its occurrence. Each day you can take a few simple steps to reduce your risk of exposure, such as:

  • Stay hydrated- Drinking enough water can help your skin soften.
  • Keep your skin moisturized- Topical creams (e.g. coconut oil) may reduce the probability of stretch marks.
  • Lose weight gradually- Rapid, drastic loss of weight may lead to shrinking of the skin, resulting in stretch marks.

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