How Do Lesbians Have Sex? All Questions Answered!

It would be surprising to hear someone say that the thought about how do lesbians have sex, has never crossed their minds. And we don’t beg to differ! 

With the LGBTQ becoming mainstream, we want nothing more than our uncertainties about lesbian sexual practice cleared up. And you will be glad to know that you and we are on the same page. And so, this exclusive article covers everything you want to know about how do lesbians have sex?  Read on to know more. 

Lesbian sexual practice 

Lesbian sexual practice usually involves two women having intercourse, if you didn’t already know! Since, different people enjoy different sexual practices, not every sexually active person needs to make love the heterosexual way! 

Lesbian sex involves the use of off the wall sex toys for stimulation of clitoris and vagina, massages, arousal techniques like kissing and body rubbing, and most of all oral sex. Let us answer some common questions that might come to your mind after knowing this.

What exactly happens inside the bed?

After doing some research we found out that even though lesbians have no interest in having sexual intercourse with men, they do enjoy penetrative sex and they use various sex toys like vibrators and synthetic penises for the same.

 Then why not just have sex with a man? The answer lies in something called the “connect”. Lesbians enjoy even the momentum of penetrative sex when it is with a woman because they feel more comfortable and can connect with a woman better. 

Is lesbian sexual intercourse better than heterosexual intercourse?

Most straight people wonder if sexual intercourse is better when you are having it with a person of the same gender because you are supposed to know and understand their body. But actually, nothing is better or worse, it all depends on you and your preferences. Although some people argue that lesbian sex might be better since you can go at it multiple times. 

This happens because men, unlike women, cannot have sexual intercourse back to back because of the recovery time of their penis. Women don’t have a recovery time and so they can have multiple orgasms. Does that mean lesbians’ sexual intercourse has an edge over heterosexual intercourse? We will leave the judgment up to you. 

How Do Lesbians Have Sex

Is one of the lesbian partner ‘the man’  in bed? 

Some asking around might make you realize that this question triggers most lesbians. The idea that there has to be a man in bed or the relationship doesn’t make sense to them. Lesbians too, like straight people, have their share of both dominant and submissive inside the bed. 

Although some studies say that one woman is usually more masculine than the other in a lesbian relationship but, it’s more behavior than a personality trait. When a girl dates another girlier girl, she seems to be the more masculine one in the relationship. Glad we have that off the table! 

Do lesbian couples have it easier in the bed?

You will find it easier to find your answer to this question: are heterosexual couples comfortable and familiar with the preferences, body, and other things of every new person they are going to have sex with? The answer is no. You might click with a person in the first sexual intercourse or not even after a few times. It depends on the person. A person usually gets to know what their partner likes in bed over time, sexuality no bar. 

Can lesbians have sex and develop feelings for every other woman?

There are all kinds of people in every kind of sexuality. Just like some men might not get attracted to and have sexual intercourse with every other woman and some do, and vice versa, lesbians too have their precedence. There might be women who change sexual partners regularly and some that don’t. 

So all women who have sex with another woman are lesbians? 

Usually, the answer to that question is yes. But hold on, here’s something unexpected for you- almost 80% of straight women have lesbian fantasies. It’s called being bi-curious and is just like an inkling to explore the female body minus the romantic feelings. You will be surprised to know that this even leads to some straight women finding out that they like women better and not only in bed!

Hidden risks behind the lesbian sexual practice

Apart from the usual risks involved in any kind of sexual practice, there is some right that is exclusive to the minorities like the LGBTQ. And not just for the sake of curiosity but for the sake of understanding them better, we should learn about these risks. 

  • Finding a gynecologist who understands the difference between the sexual habits and behavior of lesbians is difficult even though you might think how it matters because it’s still sexual intercourse. 

The problem is understanding the specific needs of the patient and being empathetic with them. As easy as it might sound to people with an open mind, it isn’t so common for gynecologists to be well educated about lesbian sexual practice. 

  • Lesbians are more prone to mental health problems because they still fear being discriminated against over their sexual preference. They fear alienation and getting discarded by their loved ones. 
  • Lesbians are more prone to stay in abusive relationships because of a lack of minorities in the world and the fear of not finding someone again which results in depression. 
  • Lesbians are at risk of developing diseases like human papillomavirus (HPV), trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis. Digital/ non-digital anal, vaginal, and penetrative sex toys that are shared between two partners for long durations puts them at risk of developing such conditions. 
  • Most of the above-stated reasons put lesbians at higher risk of getting involved in substance abuse too. 

We can see how sexual preference doesn’t set people apart as we initially thought but, we certainly got our initial uncertainties cleared up! 

This is all there is to know about how do lesbians have sex, but count on us to update you on something extra that we might later someday!

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