Don’t Sulk: 7 Ways To Banish A Bad Mood

This article will help you to know about How to banish bad mood when in pain in 7 ways. Do you also feel melancholic all of a sudden and have no idea how to change that? Don’t panic, this article will provide answers to all of your questions. A bad mood has many negative impacts on you both emotionally and physically. It affects your mental well being and you get depressed. If you want to banish a bad mood then you have to identify the reason behind it and find ways to eliminate it. If you feel like everything is going wrong with you then recoup your sense of perspective on how you see things and you will get better. 

There may be some people who dare to ruin your mood because they do not like you or they are jealous of you. You have to cut them off of your life. Once they are gone, take time and find like-minded people, who make you happy. These are some basic points to banish a bad mood. 

How to banish bad mood when in pain in 7 ways

1. Spend leisure time with your family

There is no one like your family. They are your blood relations and greatest source of love and support. You feel safe with them and trust them blindly. 

Instead of being alone in your room, go out and sit with your family. Ask your mom to assign you some chores which will keep you busy and divert your mind. Ask your grandmother or grandfather to tell you some old stories and you can banish a bad mood in 10 minutes. 

Most of the siblings have a love-hate relationship which brings more joy. You have a partner to share your problems with. They understand you and even blackmail you sometimes but it is just the part of living a fun life. It is never boring when you are with your family.  

2. Phone a friend 

We all must have at least one friend with the strongest connection. If you want to banish a bad mood, try calling your mate and let everything out. We’re sure they will listen to you!

Your friends are your greatest supporters, after your family. If the matter is too vital, consider sharing it with your friends rather than family. Friends can boost up your mood and you can be yourself in front of them. 

They provide the best companionship and help you cope up with the ups and downs of your life. This will definitely help you to banish a bad mood in 10 minutes. 

3. Workout/Yoga
How to banish bad mood when in pain in 7 ways

Working out can make up your mood. When you exercise, the flow of happy hormones like endorphins and dopamine, increases which are responsible for your mood. You can customize your own 10 minutes workout session or follow a very basic high-intensity interval training. You can also follow a workout app to help you. 

Yoga is one of the most practised disciplines. It includes stretching, exercises, breathing and simple meditation for health purposes. Yoga can calm your mind and light up your mood. Some yoga asanas to banish a bad mood includes:

  1. Nadi Shodhan Pranayam 
  2. Uttanasana
  3. Shishuasana
  4. Janu Shirasasana 
  5. Bhujangasana
  6. Shavasana
  7. Sudarshan Kriya
4. Nestle up with your pet

Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, we feel this is the best way to banish a bad mood in 10 minutes. Spending time with your pet like a dog, cat or horse brings you immense joy. If you have a fish as your pet, you may find a connection. If you’re wondering how to banish a bad mood when in pain, then this is it. 

We all know about the unconditional love of dogs and their loyal companionship. No matter how late you come home or in which mood, they will always wag their tails and shower you with all the love. It is even said that when you interact with a dog, your brain starts to produce oxytocin which is known as the “cuddle chemical”. This chemical makes you feel relaxed and increases your trust. 

Cats also provide the same benefits and their owners claim to feel happy. You might have noticed some cats kneading on you or an object. This is called “making biscuits” and it is a sign which means “this is mine”. This is a way of showing their love towards you. 

5. Concentrate on your hobbies 

Start doing things that you love to do like your hobbies. Invest your time and create masterpieces. If you don’t have any hobbies, consider doing painting, craft and jewellery making, dance classes, knitting, sewing, weaving or learning to play a musical instrument. 

This will not only relieve stress but also wheedle you into taking a break from your work or studies. You can learn more about yourself in this process and even improve the things you are bad at. 

6. Scroll memes or watch funny content

Everyone must have heard about memes and who doesn’t like memes! Memes are basically jokes written in text format which are liked by people of all age groups. There are many types of memes available on the internet like classical memes, dank memes, trendy memes, niche memes, bad mood memes, etc. 

You can also watch your favourite comedian on YouTube to banish a bad mood in 10 minutes. You can make your memes for a particular mood like sad or happy and entitle them as bad mood memes or good ones. 

7. Go on adventures or normal walks

A normal 10-minute walk with your pet can banish a bad mood. Nature has the ability to reduce stress, anger and fear. You can plan to go on hikes with your loved ones as it increases pleasant feelings and stamina

Nature heals you both emotionally and physically. They make you happier and less brooding. Besides being a source of happiness, they also give us happy bacteria which fights back the flu. Such outdoor activities reduce the chances of eyesight problems like hypermetropia and myopia. 

Being in nature also makes you less fatigued and reduces the chances of being obese. Exercising in nature builds focus and attention. This way will help you to banish a bad mood when in pain. 


If you still can not banish a bad mood, reach out to a mental health professional or doctor. You need to trust the process and focus. Some of the above ways are also the answer to the question “how to banish a bad mood when in pain?”. 

If you have enough power in yourself to identify what’s bothering you, then it will be a piece of cake to get rid of it. The main point is to have an optimistic outlook, which helps you focus more on the good side. 

Without further ado, start testing the above-mentioned ways and find the best for yourself!

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