7 Easily Implementable Modules To Develop A Fitness Mindset

How great will it be to have the body you always wanted with a drastic increase in your energy levels and the right fitness mindset to keep it eternally? 

Have you ever felt frustrated about not getting desired results? Have you ever taken a fitness challenge only to abandon it halfway? 

All these questions have only one solution. You have to develop a fitness mindset to overcome the difficulties. The mind holds the key over everything.

Mindset is a mental attitude that plays an important role in your fitness journey or for anything for that matter. You need to develop a strong fitness mindset dedicated enough for you to carry out your fitness programs without any cheat days. 

It will help you gain courage and energy and will kick you into high gear. When you take control of your mind and health, everything will be easier and happier for you, your brain functioning will increase, you will feel stress-free, your sleep quality will increase and you will start to feel confident about yourself.  

Training to develop a fitness mindset

Module 1: Establish your foundation 

The first thing you have to do to develop your fitness mindset is to understand your body. Your current shape is the result of your past habitual actions. Just like you didn’t gain weight overnight, you will not lose it overnight. 

You need to strengthen your foundation and set genuine goals. Track your performance throughout your training sessions. This will help you notice where you are going wrong. 

Start with easy exercise and do not crush yourself. Try different diets and see what suits you the best. 

Try these exercises to strengthen your fitness foundation:

  • Hinge: Landmine Romanian Deadlift 
  • Squat: Concentric-Only Squat from Pins
  • Lunge: Slight Rear-Foot-Elevated Dumbbell Split Squat
  • Carry: Double Overhead Kettlebell Carry 
  • Kang Squat
  • Deadlifts 
  • Running
Module 2: Find your “why”

Ask questions to yourself. Why do you have to develop a fitness mindset? The answer might be because you want to be fit and wear your favourite outfit again without worrying about your belly fat. It might take a few “whys” to get a strong reason so take your time and be patient. 

This way you will be able to reach far more than your actual goals. Once you have got your ultimate reason, write it on a piece of paper and attach it somewhere you can see. This will be like a constant reminder for you to develop a fitness mindset. 

Module 3: Stay focused 

You need to take small baby steps rather than just try out everything at once. Focus on a particular goal, for example, if you want abs you will only workout out for abs and not for your whole body. Do not crush yourself with the burden of doing much at once. Divide your sessions and proceed slowly. 

When you’re focused, you will complete your training more efficiently. It builds up momentum, increases productivity, produces a better quality of work and reduces your stress

Module 4: Be consistent and no excuses 

“I had a lot of work”, ” I was too tired to do the exercises”, “I had no idea how and where to start”. All these are just mere excuses that most of us often make. You are your own boss now so you need to make sure your employee(you) is doing the work consistently. 

Do not consider this as an option, it is a necessity. If there is something very urgent and you skip your session, make sure to invest more time the next day and make up for the missed session. You decided to get a hold of your life and develop a fitness mindset, now it is the time to stick to your desires and fulfil them. 

Module 5: Seek inspiration and eliminate distractions 

If you cannot decide what is best for you, you have the Internet. Use this facility to look up to famous people’s fitness routines, diets and famous foods. You are always allowed to make healthy changes if you want to. Seek inspiration and make your own customized routine chart. 

Get rid of your distractions. Distractions might turn out to be an excuse for you to bunk your workout sessions. You need to stop scrolling on your phone and start doing productive things. Practice your workout session in a calm and quiet place with no kids crying or television. 

Module 6: Get yourself a workout buddy

It is always fun when there are two besties. You are not alone and someone is always there to keep a check on you. You can ask your family members to be a part of your fitness program and develop your fitness mindset with them. You feel more motivated to do your training when there is someone to cheer you up. 

Even dogs are very great workout buddies. As a dog person, I will definition choose to work out with my dog rather than with a human. You can go out on regular walks and have so much fun.  

Module 7: Personal responsibility 

Take 100% responsibility for your actions and do not be a victim. Unlock your skills and stretch yourself for more and more. Do not blame others for your mistakes, for instance, if you are aiming for a morning workout session and you have told your mom to wake you up but due to other chores she gets busy and she is unable to wake you up. 

You cannot shout or complain to her for not waking you up, you are big enough to do things on your own so set an alarm, get up by yourself and become a morning person.

This is the decision point of the training. 

All these nerd fitness mindset modules will help you to develop a fitness mindset. You also need to follow your diet regularly and get enough sleep to have a fit mindset. Fitness mindset sleep will help you gain more energy and boost your mind.

Here’s a fitness mindset meme to enlighten your mood-


Keep reminding yourself why you are living such a life. Taking control of your health is the number one reason to develop a fitness mindset. See this nerd fitness mindset module as a journey instead of your destination. You will feel happy about yourself for being so consistent and developing good habits. This mindset will help you fight back any fitness obstacle and you will come out with flying colors. 

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