How To Let Go Off Insecurities? 9 Holistic Approach!

We come across many unforeseen situations in life. It does not matter if they are huge or not so huge, it does make us feel insecure. This feeling of insecurity is also accompanied by fear and anxiety. All these feelings do not have a good effect on our mental health. So, how to be sure and let go of insecurities? Let us get deeper into it.

Here are a few things you should know if you are falling into the trap of insecurities

Taking care of you and your needs

Thinking about yourself before thinking about others is not a selfish act. Understanding this will take you a step further in the process of letting go of insecurities. Adding more self-care to daily activities will not only increase your value but also your self-esteem. 

Given below are some ways one can show self-care:

  • Practicing meditation and doing exercise you feel comfortable in. 
  • Doing those activities that you enjoy the most.
  • Taking some time away from social media.
  • Consuming a delicious yet nourishing meal. 
  • Taking those decisions that you think are right for you. 

Eliminating the negative thoughts

Life gives us many opportunities and sometimes we do not take them thinking that something bad might take place. One should not hold back themselves just because they had failed the previous time. Doing this means you are punishing yourself by not giving yourself another chance. 

So, what if you did not get that big promotion? Get yourself out of the circle of shame and self-loathing. 

Next time, when bad thoughts start to surround your mind, remember the following things:

  • Forgive yourself the minute you get some disappointing news and understand the fact that mistakes happen. 
  • Make a note of negative thoughts that keep bothering you and observe them.
  • Look back to the process and find out what went wrong. Then, rectify the mistake

It is okay to get awkward

Let Go Of Insecurities

Sometimes, things do not go smoothly as we thought they would go. For instance, falling while giving a dance performance or fumbling while speaking to someone. 

Instead of getting embarrassed at those moments and ruining the rest of the show. Accept the awkward situation that took place and laugh it off. Get up and keep from where you left. 

The situation might take place on some dance floor or during a conference. Always remember that this is not the end. 

Spend time with your people

By own people we mean the people you feel comfortable around. It is all right if those people are not similar to you, the main thing is that if they understand you? 

Surrounding yourself with positive energy will help you to eliminate the feeling of insecurity. Those people might be your family or friends, will help you to find the reason that is making you feel insecure. There is nothing like the support you get from your loved ones.

So, next time you feel insecure, feel free to connect with people you like. Spend time with them by going outside or by simply calling them. This will lighten up your mood and make you feel fresh. 

Celebrating your success

Whenever you are feeling insecure, look up to the times when you have succeeded or when someone had complimented you. 

Try to appreciate yourself more. We get so busy finding out our faults that we forget to appreciate ourselves. Think of the times when you solved a difficult problem or of that time when you helped someone in need. Going back to good times might have a powerful effect on your insecurity.

Whenever you feel insecure, refer to the following that can instantly boost your confidence:

  • Save the compliment cards that you had received on your birthdays and any other special occasion. Reading these will make you believe in yourself. 
  • Make a note whenever you accomplish something. Reading these will make you know your worth. 
  • Make sure to take out time daily to write down three things that you are grateful for. This will make you believe how lucky you are.

Do those things that make you happy

Let Go Of Insecurities

Everyone has the things that make them happy. It can be as simple as singing or playing on a swing. So, next time you feel insecure, feel free to leave whatever you are doing and engage yourself in the thing that gives you joy. 

Doing those things will not only make you happy but also comfortable in your place. Prioritizing your needs in difficult times is the simplest of all the favors that you can do to yourself. 

You can also take up those activities that wanted to do since you were a kid. It can pottery or even learning how to play an instrument. Learning a new skill and engaging yourself in fun activities will take you far away from insecurity. 

Trust the process

Sometimes, we feel insecure when we are learning something. We should not get frustrated when we cannot do something. At those times, we should keep calm and understand the process. 

There are many obstacles while we are learning something. Those obstacles might be difficult but are not impossible to get over. 

Try to feel confident and believe in yourself that one day you will be able to achieve what you want. Focus on your baby steps and watch them getting bigger with regular determination. 

Step away from bad company

Let Go Of Insecurities

We surround ourselves with different types of people every day. Some might lift us while some look down on us. Now, this is your job to stay away from those toxic people

Having bad company will always make you doubt yourself and make you feel insecure. To let go of insecurities, the best possible way is to avoid them. 

Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself that you will overcome this situation one day or the other is the biggest thing that will help you let go of insecurities. 

The chain of difficult things will not be over for anyone. But the one thing that will make it easy to deal with these difficulties is to believe in yourself and the efforts that you are putting in. 

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