How To Squat Like A Pro : 6 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

Do you ever wonder why you see no progress in your body structure even after doing squats daily?

Well, that’s because you are not doing them properly. You may also cause harm to your muscles due to incorrect squatting. If you’re experiencing continuous knee pains, then it’s high time and you have to make changes. But you don’t have to worry, this article will convey the most suitable ways to put an end to your mistakes and enable you to squat like a pro. 

Squatting is an integral part of a workout session as it helps in strengthening the quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings muscles. Squats are one of the most successful exercises to increase a person’s athletic performance as well as posture. 


They are nothing but a person’s movement of lowering down his/her hips from a standing position and then standing back up. They are known to be “the king of exercises” because of their numerous benefits and maximum results. 

It improves core strength, power, flexibility, and mobility. It helps in burning fats and results in weight loss. It increases the muscle mass, not just of the legs but the entire body. It increases the flow of endorphins and dopamine which keeps you happy. All of this is possible only if you squat like a pro.  

Squat like a pro by avoiding these 6 common mistakes 

Mistake 1: Your knees are shifting forward 

Correction: While performing a squat you have to make sure that your knees should not go far off where your toes end. You have to put pressure on your hips and not on your knees. Pressure on your hips means your glutes will be activated and you can stay longer in that position.

You may cause harm to your joints if you continue with this mistake and there won’t be any impact on your hips.

Mistake 2: You are not performing squats at a proper depth

Correction: You have to lower down your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor or there is a 90-degree angle between your thighs and lower leg. If you cannot get that low then consider squeezing in your butts and stretching your glutes. 

If you continue this mistake then you may cause knee injury, improper leg and glute muscle activation. 

Mistake 3: Your heels are rising up

Correction: If this happens with you then you are using a stance that is very narrow for your body. Your weight should be lowered down to the hills of your feet and not the toes. You have to keep the hills on the ground and curl your toes upwards. You can also place weight plates under your heels. 

If you continue this mistake then you’re causing strain on your knees and joints thereby harming your lower back. 

Mistake 4: Your knees are caving in 

Correction: You have to avoid your knees rolling inwards and make sure they are in the same direction as your toes. Looping a stretchable band just above or below the knees will work great to get a proper form and will enable your glutes to track your knees properly. 

You may cause extra strain on your quadriceps and ligaments if you continue with this mistake. 

Mistake 5: You are raising your hips too quickly 

Correction: You have to see that your hips and shoulders are rising at the same time. As you raise, make sure to stand tall. When you do a squat, your body uses thigh muscles that cross two joints to transfer force between the hips and the knees which allow the hip extensors to help extend the hip. 

If you raise the hips too quickly then the hamstrings lengthen and your body loses the ability to transfer force. 

Mistake 6: You are rounding your upper back

Correction: When you are performing a squat, your backbone should be flat and straight. If it gets hard for you to keep your back straight then start by doing wall squats or Superman exercise. 

If you continue to lean forward then you might cause some nasty disc injuries or nagging back pain to yourself. 

If you are successful in eliminating these 6 mistakes, then Congratulations! You know how to squat like a pro now. To make sure you get the best of all we also present a few collections you can use to level up your squats. 

Squat like a Pro with Fitness Gear Pro Squat Rack

Squat rack is a sturdy and stable weight training equipment that assists you in leveling up your squats by adding increments of weight. A common fitness gear pro squat rack consists of safety bars, a height selection bar, loaded plates, spare plates, and the main bar usually of 20kg. It is compact and affordable. They even have 10 position adjustable lift-offs.  

Some of the exercises you can perform in this fitness gear pro squat rack include pause squats, hack squats, leg press, goblet squats, lunges, box squats, good mornings, deadlifts, rack pulls, and push press. 

Squat like a Pro with Weider Pro Squat Rack

This Weider pro squat rack comes with the attack bench, adjustable uprights, adjustable safety spotters, and integrated weight plate storage peg. Its top feature is that it is an Olympic-Width Squat Rack. You can train your entire body with this amazing equipment. It can support up to 310 pounds of weight, making it a viable option for weightlifters. 

Some of the exercises you can easily perform in this Weider pro squat rack include traditional squats, deadlifts, rack pulls, barbell best-ever rows, standing overhead press, and jerks. 

Squat like a Pro with Bowflex Power Pro Squat Attachment 

The Bowflex power pro squat attachments includes endless rope trainer, 100 lb heavy bag, high squat rack, spotter arms, ninja cross, universal heavy bag mount, wall rack-vertical weight storage pair, ball target, lower band peg attachment, short squat rack, J-cup bar supports, etc. 

Some of the exercises you can do with this Bowflex power pro squat attachment involve overhead press, squats, deadlifts, reverse lunges, sign-ups, hanging leg raises, and pullups. 


The above-mentioned pro squat racks and squat attachments have an open-access design and they’re not as expensive as they look. Squats are very beneficial and you even do it every day without even realizing, for example, you squat when you get up from bed, you squat when you pick up a fallen object from the ground, you squat when you jump from a heightened place, etc. 

Go ahead and Unleash your inner bull! 

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