6 Signs Of Being Hyper-Productive And How To Overcome The Condition

Did you know that our search platform, Google, can release 34,70,00,000 results in 0.60 seconds when someone tries to search how to be productive? And quite surprisingly, this was the most searched topic in the past few years according to Google trends. 

Being Hyper Productive and ticking off the tasks from your to-do list at the end of the day is always satisfying but not at the point wherein the rush to be productive, you push yourself past every limit, put in tons of work, skip meals or even neglect taking breaks and only focus on completing all the task that day. 

We often fail to understand that pushing our boundaries to such an extent and then solely focusing on being productive all the time can eventually lead to burnout and emotional fatigue. 

This condition which is known as hyper-productivity has often led people to emotional wreckage and made them less productive in the process. 

Wondering how you can prevent yourself from being hyperproductive and manage all of your expectations healthily, continue reading the article then as we help you to identify and get through. 

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Signs of you being hyper-productive

Hyper Productive
  1. You are not able to complete the most important tasks on your list. You are investing your time on menial tasks that leave very little time on the important ones and therefore it remains unfinished. 
  1. You start making errors in your work. Hyper productivity leads to frustration and stress and therefore you lose focus from your work. The errors are usually trivial but the mistakes usually pile up and that causes you more time to finish your task. 
  1. You are neglecting to eat. When we remain super busy, we often tend to forsake meals. But we tend to overlook the fact that our body needs sustenance and we have to consume our meals so that our mind and body can function well. 
  1. One of the clearest signs of being hyper-productive is that you are putting in more time but you are getting less work done. It is said that the harder we try to push ourselves over the limit, the more we end up compromising our real productivity streak. 
  1. When you start focusing all your energy only on your work then nothing outside work gets your attention. You start spending less time with your friends, family, loved ones, and even with yourself.
  1. We often feel that putting in extra hours of sleep at night when we should be sleeping is the only way to catch up on your work but it is essential to remember that not getting adequate sleep will make us groggy and unrested and our work will be more difficult to address in the long run. 

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How can you manage your situation? 

If you could identify yourself with any of the above hyper-productivity signs, then this is your sign to reconsider your lifestyle choices and create a new routine yourself. 

These signs of hyper-productivity push you into a vicious cycle. The more you struggle uphill, the worse your condition gets. 

Therefore, the first thing to do in this situation is to take a short break. Take your time off to prioritize your schedule. Just be with yourself during this time. Just pat yourself on your back for what you have done till far. Do not think about any work too. Just enjoy your time with your loved ones and then slowly start to reschedule your routine. 

There are certain measures that you can incorporate into your daily routine that prevent you from getting back into the vicious cycle of hyper-productivity. 

  1. Complete your most important tasks first. Before you start your day, make a to-do list and identify the 2-3 most crucial tasks that you have to complete, and do it first. Once you can complete it, you will see that your day is already a success. You will feel your mood improving and then slowly move on to the other tasks or plan them for tomorrow. 
  1. Having a lot of commitments in a day will teach you how to juggle all your assignments, but sometimes, you must learn to say no to your opportunities. Having too much on your plate can make you feel overwhelmed and deviate your focus. 
  1.  Devote all your focus to the task at hand. Close down your browser windows or just switch off your internet if required and just concentrate on the work you are doing. Immerse yourself completely and you will observe that you can complete the tasks faster. 
  1. Organize your work. You can batch related tasks together and be organized will help you to save tons of time. Streamlining your tasks will help you to finish your tasks quicker. 
  1. Numerous studies have shown a strong relationship between a healthy lifestyle with work productivity. Therefore, try to get adequate sleep every day as sleep is essential to keep your mind and body function optimally. Eat a balanced diet and food that can help you to boost your energy levels. Also, try to exercise at least half an hour every day as it helps in clearing your mind and helps you to focus easily. 
  1.  And lastly, have a time in the day when you just sit still. You will be amazed at the benefits of stillness practices. You should always remember that both action and inaction should play key roles in your life. These times will help you to reduce anxiety and show that there is no need to rush constantly. Also, it will help you to enjoy your working process in the long run. 

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There is always a vague line between being productive and being hyper-productive. If you think that always remaining busy will help you in the long run, then it is time for you to reconsider. Being hyper-productive will only lead to burnouts, emotional drainage, and a decline in work productivity in the long run. Therefore, it is essential to draw the fine line between the two extremes. 

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