All About Getting Immediate Dentures!

We all go through various types of dental issues. Some of the issues are resolved by extracting teeth. When few teeth are removed, we need something to fill that emptiness. In such a case, dentures come to the rescue. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the two types of dentures, the immediate denture. It is also known as a temporary denture. We will be covering the immediate dentures’ pros and cons and the cost of getting them.  

What do you mean by immediate denture? 


The main difference between a permanent or conventional denture and an immediate denture is that the latter is temporary. The structure of an immediate denture does not require any unique measurements that means it does not come custom-fitted. So, this type of denture does not fit properly in the patient’s mouth. 

Immediate dentures are used or placed in the mouth the same day the dentist extracts the teeth. You will be required to wear this denture for several months after the teeth extraction

This makes the period of waiting for the arrival of the new and permanent dentures easier. Immediate dentures also take the responsibility of protecting your gum while the mouth heals from the teeth extraction.

The pros and cons involved in the immediate denture


If your teeth need an extraction and this leads to the suggestion of an immediate denture, below are given the pros and cons involved in this procedure:

  1. after a tooth has been extracted or full-mouth extraction has been done, placing an immediate denture will fill the gaps in your mouth. This also replaces the feeling of not having teeth or teeth. 
  2. They act as a protective shield on your gum during the healing process. They also reduce the amount of gum bleeding.
  3. The procedure for placing an immediate denture is quick as it is done on the same day as the extraction.
  1. You do not get to try immediate dentures before tooth extraction.
  2. They are not made according to the size of your tooth set so; the fit might not feel ideal. They are not custom-fitted so there are chances of slipping or moving the dentures. 
  3. Some people feel their jaw bone shrink after the extraction procedure. So, the dentist will have to adjust or realign the placement of your immediate denture from time-to-time for your comfort. 
  4. Your mouth is not familiar with immediate dentures. So, you might feel some soreness or irritability at first. 
  5. They do not give a real feeling as the natural teeth gave you. Some people deal with difficulty while chewing their food. this is because the immediate dentures as not as sharp as the permanent ones. 
  6. You are needed to keep these immediate dentures on for about 4 to 6 months until your real set arrives. 
  7. There may be a requirement for your immediate dentures to be adjusted periodically. This means they add some extra material to the denture that makes it accountable to deal with the natural changes in your mouth. 

Who should get an immediate denture? 


Let’s make this clear, getting an immediate denture is not compulsory. If one of your teeth or two are being extracted, situated on the sides of the mouth, then it is alright to go ahead with immediate dentures. The missing teeth are hardly noticed. 

For this specific reason, patients should decide whether or not to get an immediate denture. Your decision should be solely based on the pros and cons involved and the cost of the treatment. 

However, if you are going to get a full mouth extraction, your dentist is likely to recommend an immediate denture. But keep in mind, that immediate dentures are capable of triggering gag reflexes in some people. the reason behind this consequence is that the immediate dentures are not made custom-fitted. 

Using a conventional or permanent denture enables free movements of particles in your mouth without fearing the denture to slip. While in the case of temporary dentures, they move around easily and sometimes touch the back of your mouth. This makes the gag reflex. 

If you have ever felt an intense gag reflex earlier, it’s better to skip getting an immediate denture. Wait for the permanent ones to come as they will fit in easily. 

How long will the immediate denture last? 


Immediate dentures are designed for a few months only. They will stay in your mouth for a temporary period of 6 to 8 months. The wait is only for the arrival of the permanent dentures. 

As the immediate ones are capable of moving a lot inside the mouth, people prefer not to wear those for a long period. Within these few months, the immediate dentures are adjusted and relined with materials to deal with the healing process of your mouth. 

Some people would rather wear immediate dentures for a long period than spend money on permanent ones. People also use immediate dentures if in any case, they damage their permanent ones.

But if you choose to wear immediate dentures for more than the required period, make sure to get frequent adjustments and alignments to ensure a proper fit. 

How much does getting an immediate denture cost? 

The cost of an immediate denture depends on the place you are getting an extraction and the type of material used in the denture. Premium dentures that consist of metal or mesh wires come in a price range of $2000 to $4000 per plate. So, the full upper and lower denture will cost you around $4000 to $8000. 

A non-premium double plate for a full set will cost you from $1200 to $2000. The price can also vary according to the dentist and the dental plan cover. All these things should be discussed with the doctor before-hand. 

The bottom line 

The extraction of your teeth is done in the case of severe tooth decay or some gum disease. This will cause you to remove some or all of your teeth. Getting immediate dentures will help you gain confidence and ensure that you don’t go toothless. 

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