How To Improve Your Body’s Blood Flow? 10 Lifestyle & Diet Solutions

According to research, the human body can’t survive without blood and the average adult human body requires about 5 liters of blood but this quantity can depend on various other factors to Improve Bodys Blood Flow. 

Blood is made up of white blood cells, red blood cells (which constitute the blood corpuscles), and plasma, and one of the main functions of blood is to transfer oxygen and other nutrients to all the body parts. 

Our heart and the peripheral vessels make up a circulatory system through which blood is circulated all over the body. Through this process, blood goes to the various tissues and gives all the vital nutrients and oxygen to body cells. Blood also acts as a medium to get rid of the excess waste products in our system. 

Due to any reason, when our body is unable to circulate blood to the cells, we call this poor blood circulation. Hands and feet falling ‘asleep’ are one of the symptoms of poor blood circulation. But this problem is not very serious and it is pretty common–at some point in our lives, we all face poor blood circulation. 

But if you face this situation very regularly and if you have other symptoms like fluid retention, feeling bloated, or zapped energy, then you might be at greater risk of getting some serious disorder. Thus, continue reading this article and you will find all your answers regarding blood flow, how to improve your blood flow, and all other queries down below. 

Mostly, blood circulation issues are treated with medication but there are some home-made remedies that you can try by yourself to improve your condition—

Home remedies to improve blood flow

1. Don’t take too much stress

Stress is like a parasite in your body; it only creates harm, nothing else. There are many ways through which you can manage stress, such as doing yoga to calm your mind, meditating every day to improve mindfulness, trying to stop your thought spirals, and avoiding alcohol and nicotine. 

All these practices can help you prevent overstress and other disorders related to it. And since stress can lead to heart blockage, you must perform these steps and keep your stress levels low if you want smooth blood circulation in your body. 

Improve Bodys Blood Flow
2. Go get a massage

The best thing you can do, go take a deep tissue massage, it will not only release your stress but also help in your blood circulation. Scientists say that the pressure applied during the massage helps your blood to flow better, thus it helps in blood circulation. 

Getting a massage is a win-win. So, book a session at your nearest spa on the weekend and pamper yourself with a nice, rejuvenating massage therapy session!

3. Go for a dry brush before your bath

It is also a very nice technique you can use for good blood circulation, what you have to do in this step is that, before having a shower, take a dry brush and give a gentle massage with it to your scalp

It will not only improve your blood circulation but also remove your dead skin. But please note that you should start with rubbing circularly on your scalp with your brush or your hands, and you can feel the blood flow during the process. 

4. Stretching 

We are living in a society where everyone stays in front of the screen for the better part of the day. Most of the people spend their day sitting at a desk and this leads to many problems including poor blood circulation. 

But you can surely take some time out to go for a walk or stretch your body between your work—it will help you relieve some stress off your back. This is an amazing practice for IT professionals who spend all their day in front of a laptop sitting on a chair. 

5. Say NO to alcohol and nicotine 

We all know it is not good for health, but it is a hard truth. Alcohol, if taken in excess, can cause severe damage to your liver. If you consume alcohol within the limit, it is fine and by “limit”, we mean—no more than 2 drinks. Alcohol thickens our blood and harms the wall of arteries which may cause severe problems including poor blood circulation. 

Now that we have given you a list of good habits that you can adopt to ensure your body has a healthy blood flow, you must know that your diet plays a major role in determining the condition of your blood circulation. 

So, you need to include proper food items and have a balanced diet if you want to stay healthy. We would like to recommend some food items which will ultimately help you with blood circulation–

List of foods that will help your body’s blood circulation


You must have heard from athletes about how good beet juice is for health. It is a supplement that helps to improve oxygen flow in blood because it contains nitrate which after going inside the body converts into nitric oxide. It also brings down your blood pressure and removes any clotting from the body. 

2. Turmeric

As per Ayurveda, turmeric has many health benefits including increased blood flow.

A compound named curcumin is found in turmeric which helps our body to create more nitric oxide which then helps to improve blood circulation.  

3. Tomatoes  

Research says that tomatoes help in opening up of blood vessels and increase the blood flow. 

4. Ginger  

Ginger has been a staple food in India for years, research says that in both human and animal body ginger has helped to decrease high blood pressure which thus impacts poor blood flow. 

5. Onions  

Onion helps in blood circulation as it widens up the arteries and veins which thus impacts good blood flow.

Onion has anti-inflammatory properties and it also has antioxidants that keep our heart healthy. 

These are some natural ways to improve blood circulation in your body, from stress management to diet plan. We have covered all the essential things which can cause you poor blood circulation. If you still find that you are showing the symptoms of poor blood circulation, then consult a doctor as you might need medications. 

If you found this post helpful then do share it with your friends and family members, and do not forget to comment down your thoughts below and if you want us to write about something then let us know in the comment section.

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