Are You Forgetful? 7 Natural Ways To Improve Memory

Want to improve memory?

Memory refers to the mechanisms used for the acquisition, storage, preservation and subsequent collection of information. Memory includes three main processes: encoding, storage and recovery.

The capacity to store and to recall knowledge we know or have encountered requires human memory. But this is not a perfect operation, as everyone knows. We forget or mistake things occasionally. Often items in the memory are not correctly interpreted.

Most people have certain memory flaws like forgetting the name of a new friend or putting car keys out of place. It’s simply a sign most of the time that one person is a little too busy or worried. On the other hand, it can be troublesome for someone to still have a poor memory. Many factors, including genetics, age and health issues affecting the brain, play a role in memory loss. Some significant memory loss risk factors like diet and lifestyle still exist.

Natural ways to improve your memory

  • Consume lesser sugar
Improve Memory

Too many health and chronic conditions including cognitive impairment have been attributed to consuming excess added sugar. A study has shown that a diet packed with sugar can contribute to poor memory and lower brain volume, especially in the brain region where short-term memory is stored. In one study conducted with a population of more than 4,000, for instance, those who consume more sugar drinks, such as soda, have lower total brain volumes and weaker memory than those who consume less sugar.

Research has shown that people who use a lot of added sugar daily may be inferior to those who eat less sugar and lower in their minds and overall health.

  • Workout 

Exercise seems to solve almost all our problems, doesn’t it? exercising is really helpful and helps you overcome almost every obstacle in terms of health. Physical exercise impacts brain health directly. As a study states, physical exercise decreases the risk of cognitive deterioration with age and protects the brain from degeneration. Results from a 2017 study indicate that aerobic activity in people early. The control unit stretched and toned non aerobically. Aerobic activity raises the heart rate of an individual and can include:

  • Mediation for enhancing memory

The workplace memory, something like the brain notepad, retains momentarily new knowledge. You will hang these information in memory before you finish knowing the name of someone, or hearing the address of a location you are going to. You should let them go absolutely if they’re no longer useful. If so, you allocate it to long – term memories, and it can be reinforced and remembered later.

Meditation has shown that grey matter is increased in the brain. Gray matter comprises cell bodies of the neurons. As you age, grey matter decreases and memory and intellect are adversely affected. One study has shown that Taiwanese university students who practise meditation have much better spatial work memories than students who did not practise meditation.

  • Add fish oil in your diet
Improve Memory

Fish oil is high in eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acid omega-3 acids (DHA). These fats were shown to decrease the risk of heart attack, reduce symptoms, alleviate stress and anxiety and decrease slowly. Several researches suggests that the ingestion of supplements of fish and fish oil can enhance performance, particularly in older people. A study of 36 old people with moderate cognitive disability showed that after 12 months of concentrated fish oil supplementation, short-term and working memory values improved dramatically.

  • Caffeine for boosting memory

It is open to debate if caffeine will enhance memory prior to learning something new. In most studies, the intake of caffeine before fresh memories were of little-to-no impact. However, a new study found that after a learning task, taking a caffeine pill only strengthened the memory 24 hours later.

In a study, a variety of photos were memorized and checked with the same images (targets), identical images (lures) and entirely different pictures (foils). The challenge was to choose the exact images they had saved, without being fooled by the very identical lures. According to the investigators, this is a mechanism known as a pattern separation representing a – deep memory retention.

  • Cutting on calories for a good memory

I bet you were not aware of this, but in addition to the elimination of excess sugar sources, the reduction in caloric intake will also help protect the brain. Studies documented that high calorie diets can affect memory and result in obesity. Memory effects can be caused by the fact that calorie dense diets contribute to inflammation of certain brain components. In 2009, a research study investigated whether cutting calories in people can enhance memory when most research in this field was on animals.

  • Taking enough sleep
Improve Memory

Sleep plays a major role in overall brain health. Disruption of the normal sleep cycle of the human body can lead to cognitive impairments, as it disrupts the memory mechanisms used by the brain. You must have noticed it yourself, that if you couldn’t sleep well, your day is ruined, you are not able to perform better, it affects your concentration and performance. A full night’s rest usually helps the brain develop and hold long term memories around 7–9 hours a night for an adult. Sleep plays an important role in consolidating memory, which enhances and turns short-term memories into long-term memories. Research suggests you may have a detrimental effect on your memory if you are deprived of your sleep.

There are many easy, quick and even exquisite ways to improve memory. Exercising your mind and body, enjoying a healthy diet and eliminating excess sugar are all excellent strategies to boost your memory. Try to adopt a few of these tips and include it in your everyday routine to improve your brain health.

Many memory enhancement strategies can help the mental health and well-being of an individual. Exercise of mindfulness meditation, for example, may not only reduce stress but also improve memory.

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