Is Hair Cracking Real? | Is It The Remedy Your For Headache?

Remember the time you had a very bad headache? You must have come across the words “hair cracking”. Well, hair cracking or cracking hair is a technique which is tried by people to get relief from a headache and cut-down tension. However, does this technique show any colors? As there is less clinical evidence or even studies done on this remedy. Let’s get to know. 

What is hair cracking? 

While having a bad headache, crackles or pops coming from your scalp might irritate you. It does not matter, if you are going through a tension-type headache or a migraine, opting for a sensory stimulus at the part engaging the pain is the last thing you want to go through. 

However, popping your scalp, which is even referred to as cracking your hair, once was a viral social media trend. it grew its popularity by engaging thousands of people who followed this technique. 

To crack your hair, start by grasping a few strands from your hair that are close to your scalp. It is better when both hands have grasped some hair. The next activity is wrapping that hair around the fingers. Now pull those starts quickly away from the scalp

To make it easier, you can ask someone else to do it for you. Now the sound of pop or cracks depends upon the intensity of the pressure applied to the scalp. If an adequate amount is applied, your scalp will surely crack, or a popping sound will be generated from your scalp. 

What is the purpose of hair cracking? 

Hair Cracking

A very well-known clinical professor Doctor Jan Brandes had commented on this technique and why someone might want to apply this? 

“Many a time, when patients have intense migraines, they pull their hair to create another point of discomfort,” commented the doctor. 

In simple words, people often try to distract their senses from the pain generated from headaches and migraines to some other pain to relieve pressure. Thus, ending up pulling their hair or pressing the muscles from another area. 

This distraction might even work and take your senses away from the headache. Only if our brain can receive what we are trying to achieve. 

The doctor also adds that at times people with tension or headache reach out for a cold compress or heating pad. Sometimes the victim even asks another person to apply pressure with their hand throbs on another area. 

This type of externally generated pressure has proved to help give relief to many people. Thus, the impulsive action to pull hair with adequate pressure must have come from a similar notion. 

Does cracking of hair help? 

Scalp popping, hair pulling, or hair cracking has no part in giving relief to a person from tension, headaches, or even migraines. 

Some experts even say that this may increase the pain instead of solving it. 

It seems quite reasonable as there are no scientific trials or even medical literature that proves hair cracking to an effective technique one could use to get away from the pain. 

What are the disadvantages of hair cracking? 

After knowing the ineffectiveness of the hair cracking technique, let’s get the points of its downsides. Experts say that this is very bad for getting away a pain, in the end, you might let go of headaches but might also end up tearing your scalp and creating folliculitis. Yes, this might not seem dangerous but has some potential downsides, such as: 

  • inflammation or redness of your scalp
  • skin tearing, which can lead to an infection
  • hair breakage, hair damage, and even hair loss

Other potential remedies to get rid of headaches

Below are given some home remedies that can highly help you to get rid of the pain generating from headaches:

  1. Drink water

One of the main reasons one gets a headache is dehydration. In severe cases of dehydration, it can even give rise to migraines. 

So, the remedy to get a headache is to drink lots of water. 

  1. Magnesium 

Headache is caused when there is tension in the muscles. The deficiency of magnesium is a reason for unrelaxed muscles. To resume smooth muscle work and to give relaxation, one can take magnesium-rich foods such as green vegetables or even a magnesium supplement. 

Make sure you consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplement. 

  1. Sleep 

A tired body is another reason for headaches. Not getting an adequate amount of sleep can create tension in the muscles, thus resulting in a and headache. 

So, if your body is sleep-deprived, get some sleep and wake up naturally without an alarm or any kind of external force. 

  1. Essential oils

These are aromatic compounds made up of concentrated liquids and extracted into oils. They come from various herbs and a variety of them is available. 

To name specifically, lavender-infused oil is highly effective in terms of migraine. It smoothes the muscles out thus giving relief to the mind and body. 

  1. Cold compress

This requires you to apply a frozen or cold compress on the head area or neck to lower the inflammation, slowing down the nerve conduction, and constrict the blood vessels, thus, giving you relief from the unbearable headache. 

So, to make one on your own, use a waterproof bag and fill it up with ice. Followed by wrapping it with a soft towel. The compress is now ready to be applied on the temple area, neck, and even on the head. 

You can also apply a cold gel pack to the head. This will reduce the pain generated from migraines. 

The bottom line 

Lastly, hair pulling, scalp popping, or hair cracking is not a healthy way to get rid of headaches. While it might create a distraction for the pain, it has nothing to do with the underlying cause of the migraine or headache. Whereas, it has some potential downsides. 

So, it is recommended not to go for hair cracking. Instead, go for other economical and natural remedies to cure your nerve-wracking headache. 

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