Want To Shed Few Extra Pounds? Try Jogging For Weight Loss

Wanting to be the fittest version of themselves should always be in people’s priority list. After all, exercising is your way to express your love for your body! If you have been wondering how to lose weight without stepping into an extra creative cardio routine or not so pocket-friendly gyms, then jogging for weight loss is your warrior!

Jogging means trotting or running at a leisurely pace (less than 6 miles per hour) to increase the physical fitness of the body without putting too much stress on it. People who want to remain fit without overdoing it usually prefer jog to run, quad-burning, and sweat-lathered sprint. 

Studies suggest that jogging for as less as just 15 minutes a day can boost the metabolism and burn a lot of fat! If you are still not motivated, we have more in store for you! Read on to know everything about the revolutionizing effects of jogging. 

How to jog to lose weight?

Jogging For Weight Loss

Jogging burns more calories than most forms of cardio exercises. If you don’t have a place nearby to go jogging and don’t even want to go to a gym or purchase a treadmill, you can still do jogging by just standing at one spot. 

Yes, you heard it right! There are some key points that you need to keep in mind before starting. Let us list all of them one by one:

  • Be realistic about your plan

The first basic thing to know about losing weight is that you need to burn more calories than you consume. Jogging can help in burning calories as it works many muscles simultaneously, but an effective diet followed by a regular exercise routine will benefit even more! It is imperative to understand that losing weight is a process and requires patience and getting-used-to. 

  • How many kilos can you shed? 

Jogging is considered better than even jumping rope and jumping jacks even if performed standing at one place. It is an excellent method to increase heart strength and lung capacity. An exercise this effective can help you achieve your weight goals if done on a regular basis. Studies have found out that a person weighing 70 kilos can burn around 570 calories per hour if doing the exercise at a high intensity.

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  • Making it easy one step at a time

Maintaining the right posture is crucial while performing any exercise. Like any exercise, jogging requires you to be careful about your form. Many people exercise regularly but are not able to achieve their weight goals because they are doing enough but not doing it right!

  1. Keep your spine neutral to straight, feet at shoulder-width, look straight, and stretch your thigh, calf, hip, and hamstring muscles.
  2. Pull your right knee up to your hip, wait for a second before the balls of your right foot touch the ground. 
  3. Pull your left knee up slowly as soon as the ball of your right foot touches the ground. 
  4. Repeat this process for at least 10 minutes while increasing your speed. 

How to increase your pace?

Your pace depends on a lot of factors like weight, endurance, agility, lung capacity, flexibility and others. It is essential to keep increasing the intensity of the workout to burn the desired calories. Consistency is the primary factory to increase the pace. Jogging for a few minutes every day by increasing the intensity every day and every few minutes while you are at it can help significantly. 

A study conducted on two people showed that a person A who was jogging at a normal pace for the same amount of time as person B who was jogging at a higher intensity burned fewer calories than him. 

  • Spicing up your routine 

Anything monotonous can demotivate a person from wanting to continue it. Keeping this in mind, even the most experienced fitness trainers design new exercise routines for their customers on a daily basis to make being fit a fun task. If you want to get into the game, and really engross yourself in the glow-up movement, start running on inclines! Jogging upstairs or uphill can burn even more calories than usual jogging. 

To try inclination jogging, you can either run up five to six hills that are at least two hundred yards or run up steps of a stadium, workplace or any nearby staircase steadily. This change of routine can help you run faster, burn extra calories, and strengthen your legs. 

How fast can jogging help reduce weight?

If you follow the guidelines and safety measures of jogging properly, it starts giving results from the first day itself. As we mentioned earlier, jogging for an hour can help you lose many calories and really fast. Since we care for you, here are some precautionary measures that we advise you to follow

  • It is advisable that you do not right away jump into the exercise. As much as we understand the adrenaline rush of starting right away, you need to do warm-up and stretching exercises before you start jogging especially if you are new to the routine. 
  • Allow your heartbeat to cool down before proceeding to the next set.
  • Increasing your intensity gradually will help you exercise for longer and help more calories than if you start at a high pace. It will also help you feel less tired and more energetic. 
  • Jogging is meant to work plenty of your muscles. Ensure to engage your arms while jogging to reap its full benefits and burn extra calories. 
  • If you are experiencing unusually sharp and persistent pain while jogging, then we recommend you to rest and wait for it to subside. If the pain and discomfort do not pass after waiting for a sufficient amount of time, see a doctor. 

Jogging is a scientifically proven and extensively recommended cardio routine that can help in treating problems like heart-diseases, blood sugar levels, cataracts, knee damage, knee pain, and the risk of falling. 

It is never too late or too early to move towards a change in your life. Jogging for weight loss is not just a gateway to a toned body but also to a sound mind and soul. We hope we hyped this miraculous exercise enough to let you go looking for your long-forgotten sports shoes! 

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