Learn About The Workout Wonder: Kang Squat

Kang Squat form a major part of the gym routine if someone is looking forward to increasing their stamina and endurance of the body and also simultaneously want to have a better silhouette. But did you know that there are more than 40 variations of squats known to date and it could get very difficult when we have to choose a preferred variation to be included in our workout regime?

Yes, you heard that right. And therefore to make your work easier, through this article we are going to talk about one such variation of squat that can not only help you to enhance your performance rate but also simultaneously works on all the major muscle groups of the body, making you fitter and healthier faster. 

We are talking about the Kang squat. Named after the South Korean world-class weight lifting coach Shin-ho Kang, the Kang squat is an exercise form that has been recently making headlines in the exercise world for the abundant health benefits that it has been providing to its practitioners.  

Well you might have never heard of this exercise before but may be intrigued to know more, then continue reading the article as we share every little detail of this beneficial exercise. 

How to do a Kang squat? 

Kang squat is the go-to exercise in Crossfit classes and bodybuilding gyms but it was not in the limelight in the mainstream fitness world for a long time. It only recently shot to fame when several celebrity trainers posted video series on them doing and making others do Kang squats on Instagram. 

Now coming on how to do a Kang squat. Kang squat is a combination of two lower body strength moves- good morning and the traditional back squat and therefore while performing a kang squat, you will be inculcating both of the moves. 

To perform a kang squat

  1. Stand while positioning a barbell on the back of your shoulders. Keep your legs at a shoulder-width apart and ap ta a place your hands at the sides of the bar
  2. Keep your back straight and start to bend your hips. Make your torso forward and keep it parallel to the floor. This position is the good morning pose. 
  3. Keep your spine straight and now sit back by bending the knees and drop your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor. This position is the traditional back squat pose. 
  4. Now extend your knees and raise up your hips to return back to the good morning position.
  5. Raise the torso and return to your standing position. 
  6. Try to do the entire process 4-6 times more. 

For beginners in kang squat, instead of using a barbell, you can also use a kettlebell, holding it close to your chest or perform the exercise by just using your body weight. 

Benefits of performing kang squats

The benefits of kang squats are multifaceted as it works on all the major muscle groups of the body and listed below are all the amazing benefits provided by kang squat to its practitioners. 

  1. The kang squats involve the good morning position which helps in strengthening the back, glutes and the hamstrings. It helps in maintaining complete body awareness and connection. 
  2. Kang squat requires constant tension throughout the body so performing kang squat regularly enhances stamina and endurance of the body. 
  3. As you can already see, kang squats involve multiple steps and it obliges you to slow down and therefore focuses you to perfect and improve your form. It helps you to engage your core muscles and correct the positions during exercising. 
  4. Kang squats strengthen the muscles that help in improving a variety of athletic performances. 
  5. These squats help you in improving range of motion and also correct the muscle imbalances if present. 
  6. The main focus of kang squats is to improve your posterior chain and therefore including these squats will not only help you to increase your functional ability but will also reduce the risk of injuries and fractures in the later age. 

The muscles involved during kang squat is also quite impressive as it involves most of the muscles of your posterior chain like hamstrings, back, glutes, rectus abdominis, obliques, thighs and quads.

What to keep in mind while performing a Kang squat? 

A Kang squat is an assistance exercise that is performed by powerlifters and weightlifters to optimize their performance for other exercises. Kang squat can help you to enhance your form but it should not replace the original fitness exercises as it will not be able to provide similar benefits to its practitioners.

There are also certain preventive measures and tips that should be kept in mind while performing the kang squats

  1. Kang squat is a complex exercise and therefore make sure to start light so that you can grasp all the technicalities of the exercise first. 
  2. According to many popular celebrity trainers and this one is especially based upon anecdotal experiences, do not attempt Kang squat if you have a history of injury or pain of knees, hamstring or back. As already mentioned, kang squat is a technically challenging move and since we place the barbell at an extremely high position on the upper back, it provides very little leverage to any other muscles apart for the back muscles to work. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a professional before you start including this exercise in your daily regime. 
  3. Start the exercise off with little or no weight at all and be extremely patient with the outcome. Just focus on the good form. You can increase your weight as you get better at exercising.
  4. Never keep the bar on your spine. It should be on your shoulders. Keeping the bar at a faulty position can increase the risk of you having a rounded back. 
  5. Have the correct position while performing the exercise. Incorrect postures not only hampers your well being but can also in some extreme cases lead to lifelong deformity. 
  6. Learn the perfect technique before starting so that you can reduce the risk of injuries as you go by. 
  7. Always train under a skilled professional and always abide by their rules and regulations. 

Now, there you go everything you need to know about the Kang squats. With its advantages and the plethora of benefits provided, we are sure that Kang squat would soon be able to create a niche for itself in the fitness world and therefore it is highly recommended to add it in your daily regime and reap all the benefits out of it. 

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