Want Beautiful Hair? 10 Kitchen Ingredients For Hair

Ever held back from dying your hair your favourite shade? Ever looked at the too-perfect-to-be-real hair of Instagram models and wondered why your hair can’t be this generous to you? Ever get scared to use heat on your hair? 

How would you feel if we tell you that solutions to this root problem lie in your kitchen? That the kitchen ingredients you have used just for cooking to date, can be kitchen ingredients for hair too? Read on to learn more. 

Unexpected kitchen ingredients for hair 

1.Coconut oil 

Kitchen Ingredients For Hair

Coconut is one of the most versatile natural products to exist. It is a key ingredient in plenty of beauty products like body lotions, moisturizers, makeup removers, body washes, scrubs, hair oils, hair masks, and many more. 

Some of how you can use coconut oil are:

  • Massaging your scalp with it before washing your hair. If you have a dry scalp, massage your roots. If not, massage the tips and rest of the hair. It is recommended to leave the oil in hair overnight, but applying oil even an hour before head-wash gives good results.
  • Applying 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in hair after shampoo makes it easy to detangle hair and makes the hair soft and shiny. 

2.Apple cider vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apple juice and has several health benefits. People use it for both internal and external benefits. It can either be consumed as a food product or can be applied to hair. It is known to balance the pH of hair, promote hair growth, and keep them shiny, bouncy, and healthy. 

Here’s how you can use it for damaged hair:

  • You can drink it raw or after mixing it in water. 
  • It can also be consumed by using it as a dressing on salads, and soups.
  • Use it as a conditioner after shampoo. Mix apple cider vinegar with equal parts water and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it with water. 


Onion might make you teary, but it can certainly make your hair very happy. Sulfur inside onions promotes hair growth, increases hair volume, reduces dandruff and hair loss. Although both applying and consuming onions have a great effect on hair, the former gives faster results. You can use onion to treat hair damage by extracting its juice and applying it to your hair at least twice every week till you see the desired results. The juice can be extracted by chopping, blending, or juicing the onions. Make sure to leave it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. 

4.Green tea

No one is oblivious to plenty of benefits that green tea brings with it. Green tea is rich with Vitamin A and C, both of which promote hair growth, and the production of collagen. Its regular use is known to make hair softer and healthier. 

To apply it on the hair, massage it in your scalp like shampoo and rinse it, or, use it as a conditioner after head-wash.  


It is really important that the blood circulation is good in the scalp and the hair follicles are getting enough oxygen. Apart from being one of the best smelling and tasting spices, cinnamon can enhance the blood circulation in your body which consequently increases the amount of oxygen that your follicles receive. 

Cinnamon can be consumed in numerous ways like as a spice in beverages, savoury foods, desserts, dressings, and many more. People also mix cinnamon with honey and olive oil and apply it as a hair mask for 10-15 minutes before shampooing. 


Eggs are full of protein and iron. Both of these nutrients are known to promote hair growth and make hair healthier. Eggs have been used for ages to treat brittle hair and get rid of frizz. 

An egg can be applied as a hair mask with or without the yolk. For the former, you can make a mask with egg yolk, water, and olive oil and leave it on your hair for almost an hour before shampooing. For the latter, separate egg whites from egg yolk and apply the egg whites on wet hair and wash with lukewarm water. Both the masks are sure to make your hair look bouncy and voluminous!   


Salmon, just like most seafood, is full of protein. It is great for your overall health and it is greater for your hair! The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon enhance the hair volume, strength, texture, length, and shine. Since the body cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids on its own, they are very essential for the well-being of the body. 

Salmon can be consumed and cooked in plenty of ways like baking, barbecuing, frying. It’s best to consume it fresh to reap all its benefits without compromising on flavour. If you don’t have time to cook, there are fish liver oil capsules available in the market and you can make do with them. 

8. Yogurt 

By now, you might have understood how important protein is for hair, and yogurt has gold mines of protein!  Consume it or apply it directly, your hair is bound to become the star of the show if you give them a treat of yogurt regularly.

Yogurt can be combined with other ingredients like eggs, cinnamon, honey and be applied as a mask for 20 minutes before head- wash for smoother, healthier hair that is easy to manage. 

9. Lemon juice 

Lemon is known for easing an itchy scalp and making it healthier which in turn makes the hair follicles healthy. Lemon, along with its anti-itch properties has Vitamin C and antiseptic properties that heals your hair along with making it softer and shinier. It is also an active ingredient in many beauty products for its healing properties.

It can be massaged directly into the scalp. This can remove any build-up that you might have in your scalp, leaving it fresh and dandruff-free. Use less quantity and don’t leave it on for too long as it has bleaching properties. 


Lentils are full of proteins, the building blocks of hair. Lentils are said to be as good a source of proteins as meat and seafood. One added advantage of lentils is the lack of saturated fats. Lentils when combined with kitchen ingredients that are high in Vitamin C, like bell peppers, citrus fruits, guava, and many more, prove greatly beneficial to the health of hair. 

There are creative do-it-yourself methods for making lentil masks for hair but consuming them regularly is more than enough. Studies also suggest that eating iron-rich food like lentils can slow down the greying of hair.

These ingredients are just 10 of the topmost ingredients that can prove how you can recover damaged hair using kitchen ingredients. Apart from them, bell peppers, green vegetables, neem leaves, beetroot, sweet potato, coconut milk, carrots, baking soda, castor oil, etc. are some products that will make your hair gorgeous.

So, next time whenever you want to do something to your hair that you are scared might do some damage to, think about these kitchen ingredients for hair that are just a few feet away from you!