Kumkumadi Tailum: The Ayurvedic Solution For All Skin Woes

Ayurveda has provided numerous concoctions that work wonders for the health and beauty of the skin. And one such amazing ayurvedic remedy is kumkumadi. Coined as a miraculous elixir, kumkumadi tailam is a concoction of herbs that act as a magical remedy to treat various skin diseases. 

Intrigued to know more about this ayurvedic wonder? Continue reading the article then as we share with you all the details. 

What is kumkumadi oil made of? 

Kumkumadi oil is made entirely from natural oils and herbs and acts as an ayurvedic facial oil. 

It is made of 21-26 ingredients and the key ingredients are saffron and turmeric which are famed worldwide for skin lightening and antiseptic properties respectively. Floral components like lotus pollen and a specific type of water lily are also used in the concoction. 

Some of the other ingredients used in the ayurvedic elixir are

  1. sandalwood
  2. khus or vetiver
  3. bael fruit
  4. the essence of plants like Java fig and mahua
  5. liquorice extracts
  6. manjistha
  7. dashmool powder which is made from several root herbs
  8. coconut and sesame oils

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What are the benefits of kumkumadi oil? 

As mentioned earlier, the facial oil is made of 21-26 herbs, and therefore the oil, not only provides cosmetic but therapeutic benefits too. Some of the valuable kumkumadi oil benefits are 

  • Improves complexion

Due to the presence of saffron in the concoction, this oil is famed for its skin-lightening properties. Usage of this oil in your daily beauty routine plays a pivotal role in boosting skin condition. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties present in the oil promote blood circulation and rejuvenate skin cells. 

  • Treats hyperpigmentation

Kumkumadi oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants and therefore influences the epidermal inflammatory responses of the skin. This in turn encourages the oxidation of arachidonic acid and stimulates the release of leukotrienes and prostaglandins which are the chemicals that modify the activity of melanocytes and immune cells in our body and that helps in treating hyperpigmentation. 

The potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in kumkumadi oil breaks the chains of the chemical actions and therefore reduces the release of the melanin pigment in the skin which helps in lightening the affected skin region and also prevents the recurrent occurrence of dark patches and spots. 

  • Prevents pimple and acne

As mentioned earlier, kumkumadi oil is loaded with antioxidants and antimicrobial properties which is extremely beneficial in treating skin infections and inflammatory conditions. 

The oil claims to act as a mild cleanser that helps in removing dead skin cells and accumulated dirt or grime particles. Regular use of kumkumadi oil helps in preventing skin ailments and conditions like acne and pimple by keeping the stimulation of sebaceous glands in check. 

  • Reduces spots and blemishes

Blemishes and dark spots can reduce one’s self-confidence and makes the skin appear dull and aged. The herbal ingredients present in kumkumadi tailam works extremely well in boosting skin health. It can also be used under the eyes to reduce dark circles and regular use of the oil helps in preventing discolouration and evens out the skin tone too. 

  • Protection from the sun’s harmful rays

Saffron pollen used in the herbal concoction acts as a natural sun protectant which induces the oil with SPF 30. The herbal tincture protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and also prevents free radical damage. Using this ayurvedic oil will help you in ameliorating tan and other signs of premature ageing

  • Alleviates scars and heals wounds

Acne and pimples can leave ugly scars behind and these scars are often tedious to get rid of. 

Using kumkumadi oil can help you in treating and preventing the occurrence of scars. Since the concoction has low specific gravity, it can easily penetrate deep within the skin cells and help in lightening the scarred regions. 

You can also mix the oil with tea tree oil for enhanced benefits. And further, this oil which is famed for its antiseptic, disinfectant, and antibacterial properties can also help you to heal wounds easily. This unique blend of herbs and oil reduces rashes, burning sensations, and itching. 

How to use kumkumadi tailam? 

Before using kumkumadi oil, make sure that your face is free from all dirt, grime, and makeup. Use a mild cleanser to make sure you are devoid of any residue. 

Also, it is important to note that the oil is beneficial for all skin types but for people who have oily skin, using the oil in minute quantities is strictly advised. 

Kumkumadi oil generally does not possess any adverse effects, however, it is advised to do a patch test before directly applying it on your skin as often the development of allergic reactions can be observed in the users. 

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  1. Take 3-5 drops of the oil onto your palms and apply it lightly and evenly on your face or to the affected area if using for a specific skin condition. 
  2. A gentle massage using just the fingers can be done. 
  3. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it off lukewarm water. 

If you are applying a very thin layer of the concoction, you can also leave it overnight too and then wash it off the next morning. 

Some other ways of using the ayurvedic facial oil are

  1. To boost the overall glow of your skin, mix equal proportions of almond and kumkumadi oil and apply it all over your face using a cotton ball. 
  2. To treat acne and pimples, mix kumkumadi oil with a teaspoon of shankha bhasma and apply it to your affected areas. 
  3. To treat under-eye dark circles, take 5 drops of the oil onto your thumb and gently rub over the circular areas in moon-shaped movements for two minutes each. Wash it off with lukewarm water and try to repeat the procedure at least twice a day. 

You can also use the concoction as a sunscreen or mix it with multani mitti or fuller’s earth and rosewater to make a DIY mask. 

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Now there you go, everything you need to know about the wonderful ayurvedic elixir. Ayurveda has always propounded the secrets of angelic beauty and kumkumadi tailam is the classic example of the centuries-old tradition. Therefore, go on including this herbal tincture in your daily beauty regime and bask in the magic that it provides. 

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