Labial Hypertrophy: Ladies, There Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of!

Labial hypertrophy…sounds terrifying right? However fret not as you get to know more details about this condition, your fear will soon disappear.

Labial hypertrophy is a situation where one or both the labia are larger than usual. Well, it did not help much, did it? Then let’s get into more details about it.

What is labial hypertrophy?

Labia are part of the female genitalia. They are two fat pads which help to cushion and protect a woman’s clitoral and vaginal areas. They are the visible external portions of the vulva covering the vagina. Labia can be differentiated into two parts, one being the Labia majora or the outer lips which frame the labia minora opening and the other being Labia minora or the inner lips which frame the opening of the vagina. 

Labial hypertrophy is the enlargement of the vaginal lips. It can happen to either one side or both or can take place in the outer lips or the inner ones but most of the times it is the inner lips that get affected. Hypertrophy in the outer lips can make them look expanded whereas hypertrophy in the lower lips can cause them to go past the outer ones.

Symptoms of labial hypertrophy

Having slightly asymmetrical vaginal lips are nothing uncommon and if it is a minor enlargement, people hardly take notice of it. But in some cases, enlarged labia can result in some discomfort and irritation which may then lead to a visit to a doctor.

Labial Hypertrophy

Listed below are some of the most common symptoms noticed

  1. Visibly noticed expanded labia.
  2. Apparent bulge especially if wearing a bathing suit or tight underwear.
  3. During vigorous physical activity, the constant rubbing against the sensitive labia may cause irritation, pain and discomfort. 
  4. During intercourse, pain may be felt due to an enlarged labia.
  5. Chronic vaginal yeast and bacterial infections.

Labial hypertrophy causes….Are there any proper ones?

Having an enlarged labia is perfectly fine and no studies till conducted have been able to point out what is the actual reason behind this growth of the lips but some of the common notions that have been generated are stated under:

  1. Due to some genetic imbalance, a person may be born with an asymmetrical labia.
  2. During puberty or due to some hormonal imbalance, labia can get enlarged over time.
  3. During pregnancy, due to an increase in blood flow or sometimes due to infection or even during menstrual times, labia can get swollen up. Most of the time it returns to its normal shape but it can also keep on growing to cause labial hypertrophy.

Labial hypertrophy treatments

Having labial hypertrophy is completely harmless and it does not also produce any adverse side effects. But some of the common treatments that you can consider attempting to ease you out of the discomfort caused is listed down below-

Lifestyle changes

  1. Stop wearing tight clothing or underwear, shorts or pants. Use of silk or other, synthetic garments should be a strict no-no. Rather the usage of more breathable fabrics like cotton is advised more. Do not stuff it up instead improve the airflow to that region.
  2. Usage of topical ointments had visibly reduced the irritation and have decreased the discomfort caused.
  3. Usage of essential oil especially chamomile oil is advised as due to it’s emmenagogue properties, it can tone down the discomfort caused.
  4. Intake of herbal tea can also prove beneficial as due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties, tea can reduce inflammation and also helps to relax.
  5. Maintain good vaginal hygiene, always wash your area and use a light hypoallergenic soap to do so. Make sure you have washed your hand before touching your intimate area so that you can avoid any type of bacterial or microbial infection.
  6. Start using more natural unscented pads and tampons during your menstrual cycle and steer clear away from those which have added chemicals and scents. Make sure you keep your intimate area extra clean during this time as due to enlarged labia it may increase microbial or viral infection.
  7. Labial enlargement sometimes causes great discomfort during physical activities, so to protect your sensitive areas, you can use protective panty liners that can provide you with better coverage.
  8. Make sure to be always hydrated. At least having 2 to 3 litres per day is advisable. Stay away from excessive caffeine intake and have a properly balanced meal and a good sleep.


Labial hypertrophy does not cause much discomfort most of the times but for some people, it may be a source of emotional distress. And especially for them comes the next treatment handy that is the surgery. 

Surgery of labial hypertrophy is known as labiaplasty. It is a type of cosmetic surgery which helps in realignment of your labial lips, thus helping you to have a more perfect alignment. But proper care should be taken after you have completed the procedure. It is generally advised that two to three months of complete rest must be taken from any kind of physical activities as any vigorous activity can cause a tremendous amount of pain. 

This surgery is not a popular choice since most of the times it has been seen that people have been suffering a lot of pain after completing the surgery. Furthermore, the healing process takes a lot of time. They are not able to enjoy mundane tasks as slightest activity can create a hell lot of pain and also delay the recovery period. Sometimes the anaesthesia used during the surgery can create tremendous side effects resulting in inflammation and allergies.

And thus, here we come to an end. Hope this article satisfies all your inquisitiveness. Labial hypertrophy is a normal condition and there is nothing that you should be ashamed of. Size and shapes vary for every woman and as clearly seen from the article there is not much need for surgery or any other type of costly procedures to combat this condition unless essentially required as labial hypertrophy can be easily battled out by just a few mere changes in the lifestyle.

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