Last Chance Diet: Weight Loss Regime That Caused People To Lose Their Life

Who does not want a slim and attractive figure? To achieve this, we sometimes take a path that is not suitable for our health. Something similar happened a few decades back which had an unforgettable consequence. “The last chance diet” is such a protocol that promises people weight loss in no time that too without putting in any kind of effort. The only effort was to drink a magic potion. Let’s get deeper into it.

What is the last chance diet?

Last Chance Diet

Last chance diet is also known as modern PSMF i.e., protein-sparing modified fast. It is a type of diet that involves the consumption of food that is low in calories that is less than 500 kcal per day. This diet is famous for its high proportion of protein calories and restrictions on the intake of carbohydrates and fats.

This diet consists of various protein components, fluids, vitamins, and mineral supplements. This diet is of a 6 months duration that is followed by a systematic increase in the calories over 6 to 8 weeks. 

This is also a type of diet but accompanied by lesser risks. The reason is that this diet consists of minimum amounts of proteins which prevents the health risk of the muscles going to waste. This also helps in eliminating unnecessary fats and carbohydrates from the body. 

The amount of protein to be taken in the last chance diet depends on one’s activity level. About 0.8 to 1.2 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass is consumed by the person. Protein beyond this quantity is eliminated to prevent the body from using it as energy. 

The history of last chance diet


This is such a diet that promised overnight weight-loss to people. As losing weight was and remains one of the biggest goals of many people, this was attractive as it did not involve any kind of workout or exercise. 

This diet was suggested by Dr. Roger Linn to the people through his book “The Last Chance Diet” which he wrote in 1976. Its content was based on a magic weight loss solution that promised a quick-fix solution to obese people. 

The principal factor of the diet was to make people consume a very low in calorie liquid diet that was high on protein. Consuming this concoction will make anyone drop their weight in a small amount of time. 

The main factor that made this practice popular was that you need not to exercise at the time you follow this diet. So, this made a lot of people fall for this diet plan. All thanks to the greed of losing weight without giving any effort.

The results that came after following the last chance diet were obvious. People started to lose weight doing nothing but only by consuming “Proline drink” regularly. Then came the surprise which was hard to believe and left everybody astonished. 

People started to lose about 10 to 30 percent of their weight in a small amount of time and suddenly dropped dead. What you read had happened! People lost their lives just by following a weight loss protocol. 

What killed the people?


The magic liquid in this diet plant was the Proline drink. This weight loss protein concoction was made of less than 400 calories. So, consuming only 400 calories per day for an extended period was no less than making the people suffer from starvation. 

This starvation led people to death. In the current world scenario, people do not prefer a protein drink that is low in calories. They consume a protein shake that contains high-quality protein that has been extracted from dairy, most of the time. This is usually normal to accept a high-calorie protein-rich shake and is considered to be safe as well. 

The flaw involved in the Proline drink apart from being extremely low in calories was its lack of nutrition and nourishment. Imagine surviving the day only with the help of a low-calorie drink, it’s the same. This poor-quality collagen drink was also deficient in the essential electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and the protein itself. 

The composition of this drink was from the products in slaughter leftovers. The products include elements such as tendons, hives, bones, animal horns, and hooves. To make this protein drink look more appealing to the customers, various flavorings and coloring were added. To sum it up, this very poor quality drink was way behind in terms of nutrients. 

After the whole death scenario, it was estimated that the death number varied somewhere between 2 million to 4 million. This was obvious as people were getting attracted to this diet plan shortly after it was introduced to the people. This also promised people that they can lose their excess weight without even doing anything. 

The study was conducted on the people who had been into the last chance diet. It was revealed that their deaths were attributed to the health conditions such as suffering from abnormal heart rhythms. This malfunctioning in the organ leads to the shrinkage of the heart. The reason behind this was starvation or consuming food that is low in calories as well as in nutrition. 

We are free to consider this so-called protein drink as an empty calorie drink. 

Such diet plans are also available in today’s world. But as we have read earlier, such diet plans involve huge risks. Moreover, this comes with the guarantee that the person will lose weight quickly that too without shedding any sweat

This was no less than a mistake to believe that people, without doing any sort of extreme physical activity, will lose weight just by drinking a sort of magic potion.

The bottom line

It’s high time that we acknowledge the fact that losing weight cannot be done overnight. To lose weight naturally, will take a lot of patience and the right foods. This might take time but is the safest way possible. 

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