Left Testicle Pain: Causes And Treatment

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your left groin, then you might be suffering from what is known as left testicular pain. wondering what it is? Read on to find out

Testicular pain may be caused due to a variety of reasons and may happen to either one or both of the testicles but you may now wonder why this article is specifically upon the causes of left testicular pain.

The left testicle is anatomically much different as compared to the right testicle and thus susceptible and more vulnerable to injuries and conditions.

Let’s get to know more about the left testicular pain

Left Testicular Pain Causes

Testicular pain generally refers to pain or discomfort felt in one or both the testicles. There are a variety of causes that can lead to pain in your testicles ranging from a simple injury to something grave as testicular cancer.

So let us go through some of the most common causes.

  • Varicoceles- The body is made up of numerous blood vessels which are composed of arteries and veins. Arteries carry oxygenated blood to the different organs of our body and veins carry the oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart and lungs.

The testicles also comprise arteries and veins. When a vein in the testicle becomes enlarged, it is known as varicocele.

This is the most common problem that affects up to 15% of males. A person suffering from varicocele has testicles that appear to be bulgy under the skin of the scrotum.

Varicocele generally appears in the left testicle because the veins of the left side hang lower than the right and thus it becomes difficult to keep pushing the blood back into the body.

  • Orchitis- The condition that causes inflammation of testicles due to a virus or bacteria is known as Orchitis. Infection by the Mumps virus is also one of the main reasons to cause pain in the left testicle. The pain generally starts in the left testicle and then slowly spreads through the scrotum.

Pain in the scrotum intensifies as the scrotal region swells up and gradually becomes warmer. It is also observed that the region becomes either firmer or more tender than usual.

Apart from the Mumps virus, diseases like Gonorrhea or Urinary tract infection can also lead to Orchitis.

  • Spermatocele- Spermatocele is a condition in which tiny, firm, cyst-like lumps filled with fluids forms in the tube that carries sperms. Although generally found on the upper side of the left testicle, it can develop on either of the testicles. Usually, it does not induce much pain but if it grows in size then the testicle may hurt and also feel heavy.
  • Testicular Torsion- The most unusual cause for pain in the testicles is a condition in which the spermatic cord becomes twisted cutting off all the blood supply to the testicles. The spermatic cord supports the testicles in the scrotum and if it twists, it is a very serious condition. If not treated within six hours, it can also lead to loss of the testicles.

It is a very unusual event to take place but if you have ‘Bell clapper deformity’, then you may have a risk of testicular torsion.

In ‘ Bell clapper deformity’, the spermatic cord which otherwise would have kept the testicles in place, now allows it to move freely which causes it to twist easily. Testicular torsion is more common in the left testicle and it leads to sudden swelling and immense pain.

  • Hydrocele- Inside the scrotum, thin tissues surround each testicle and when blood or fluid fills up the sheath, that condition is known as Hydrocele.

Hydrocele can cause the scrotum to swell and may or may not be a painful condition.

This condition generally occurs in infants but generally without any medical help it goes away but in older boys or men, the hydrocele may occur due to inflammation and requires medical help.

  • Injury- The most common reason for left testicular pain is injury. As the left testicle hangs lower than the right one, it is more unguarded to pain and injury.

Generally, if any injury is caused to the left testicle and it is not a grave one, then it can be easily treated with proper medications and ice. However, if pain persists for a longer period, then consult a doctor and get your testicles examined.

  • Testicular Cancer- And last but not least, we come to testicular cancer. Cancer cells form in the testicles and then spread through the rest of the body. Can occur on either of the testicles but the left side is more vulnerable. 

People who have a family history of testicular cancer or have an undescended testicle, they have a high risk of testicular cancer.

Although sounds terrifying, it has been noticed that if testicular cancer can be diagnosed in the initial stage, then with proper treatment and medication, the person can eventually lead a healthy life. So, if you notice lumps or swelling on your testicles, immediately consult a doctor to verify whether they are cancerous in origin or not.

Left testicle pain treatment

left testicle pain

Through research and studies conducted, it has been observed that if a person suffers from pain in the testicles, then one should immediately consult a urologist as most of the time with proper treatment and care, the condition can be solved and the person can lead a healthy life thereafter.

  1. If suffering from Orchitis, surgery is the safest option as it has been observed that most of the surgeries are a success and can cure the person completely.
  2. People suffering from Varicocele are generally advised to undergo a surgery in which blood flow to the enlarged part of the affected vein is closed off and instead, it is rerouted through another vein.
  3. Spermatocelectomy is a process to remove the fluid-filled cysts from the testicles but it is a risky surgery as it can affect fertility.
  4. People suffering from Hydrocele are advised to drain the blood or fluid filled in the tissue around the tissues in the process called Hydrocelectomy.
  5. For testicular torsion, radiation and chemotherapy are prescribed.

Pain in the left testicle can be upsetting and can lead to panic but always do make sure to consult a doctor as with proper medications and treatments, everything can be solved. There is nothing to be ashamed of, brace yourself up instead and fight against it.

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