Are You Experiencing Leg Cramping During Sex? Find The Potential Causes!

Good music, good mood, good vibe, desire, leg cramps. It is not hard to find the odd one out in this sequence, right? We must have left you thinking, where does leg cramps come from in that sequence? Well, our article today aims at telling you exactly that today.

Leg cramping during sex is not gender-exclusive. It can happen to anyone. But why does it happen? Surprisingly, there are quite a few reasons behind this common phenomenon, some of those reasons might be out of the usual for you, and others quite obvious! Tally all your doubts with us in our exclusive article which will tell you all about leg cramping during sex. 

Causes of leg cramps during sex 

Some of the causes of leg cramps during sex are shared by both men and women, some just by women, and some just by men. We have gathered all the potential reasons, exclusive or shared, for you to satisfy the thirst of curiosity! 

Muscle strains 

Sexual intercourse puts a strain on the pelvic and abdominal muscles, just like during intense exercise. This strain can sometimes result in muscle cramps 

If yours or your partner’s muscles are tight, bending them in awkward angles might upset them! Dehydration is also said to make the muscles more prone to cramping. However, cramps due to muscle strains pass away quickly, so there is not much to worry about there!


Leg Cramping During Sex

Orgasm, also known as the peak point of sexual pleasure, can make the involuntary contractions last longer than usual when too intense. The involuntary contractions are felt in the pelvic muscles and pelvic floor, leading to temporary cramps in and around this area. But, what’s a high without a few lows, right? 

Bowel troubles 

If your digestive system is not sound, it can lead to abdominal and leg cramps. Some bowel troubles like constipation, gas, and irritable bowel syndrome are known to cause both abdominal pain and leg cramps after sex. 

Urinary disquiet 

Troubles with the bladder and urinary system can lead to pain after sexual intercourse. The bladder sometimes gets irritated during sexual intercourse because it lies just in front of the site of the turbulence-the uterus. 

Conditions like urinary tract infections and interstitial cystitis can also irritate the bladder during sexual intercourse and cause pain and cramps in the pelvic area and urinary system. 

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or infections like Chlamydia or gonorrhoea can cause leg cramping during sex which can last till after sex. Some people with STDs do not experience any symptoms until the late stage of the disease, so it is better to take all the precautions while having sexual intercourse. 

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Emotional triggers 

Emotional trauma related to any past experience can be triggered during sexual intercourse which may lead to physical discomfort, cramps and pain during sex. People who have anxiety and take a lot of stress usually are prone to tension build up in the muscles and body cramps. 

Leg cramps during sex in women

Let us look at some of the reasons behind leg cramping during sex that is unshared by men.

Deep penetration

Irritation in the cervix caused due to any reason like deep penetration, or cervical infections can lead to pain and cramping during and after sex. It is advisable to consult a gynaecologist if sexual intercourse is too painful and uncomfortable. 

Ovarian cysts or polycystic ovarian syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or disease means the growth of cysts on or in the ovaries. Not all ovarian cysts turn into this condition, and it’s not usually a cause of concern till they do. But, these cysts can cause discomfort, pain and cramps during sex.

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Ovulation is the part of a woman’s menstrual cycle when a follicle containing the egg grows inside the ovaries. The egg is released from the ruptured follicle about 2 weeks before the menstruation starts. 

During the period of 2 weeks, this egg is ready for fertilization and conception. Some people experience vaginal dryness during this time and may experience leg and abdominal cramping during sexual intercourse. 


Usually, fibroids are benign or noncancerous growths that occur in the wall of the uterus.  Fibroids can cause symptoms like unexplained heavy bleeding during menstruation, abdominal and pelvic cramps, and pain during and after sex. 


The involuntary contraction of the vagina when anything like a penis or tampon is inserted inside it is known as vaginismus. This contraction can also happen during vaginal examinations. 

Vaginismus may not always hinder a person’s sexual arousal and sexual stimulation but can sometimes be distressing and painful. Vaginismus is usually taken care of by therapists who help patients deal with anxiety caused due to this condition by suggesting appropriate relaxation and pelvic floor exercises. 

Pelvic inflammatory diseases 

Pelvic inflammatory diseases (PIDs) are diseases of the pelvic floor and its organs. This is a reproductive system disease which can be caused by sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia and gonorrhoea, insertion of intrauterine devices, and other medical procedures. 


The endometrium is a tissue that typically grows inside the uterus, at the time of ovulation to be precise. When this tissue grows out of its usual site, it can cause problems like severe vaginal cramping and abdominal pain during and after sexual intercourse. The symptoms caused by endometriosis can be worsened during menstruation resulting in abnormally heavy bleeding and cramps.

Tilted uterus

The uterus in women typically leans forwards. Sometimes, its orientation is changed, and it leans backwards instead resulting in a condition called a retroverted uterus. Women with this condition may experience pressure put on their uterus by penis insertion, causing abdominal and leg cramps.

Leg cramps during sex in men 

Contrary to women, men do not experience leg cramping during sex often. The only cause specific to men is “prostatitis” which is a condition that results in the inflammation of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a vital male organ that adds seminal fluid which is ejaculated during sexual intercourse. Prostatitis in men can result in pelvic area cramps during and after sex. 

The outlook of leg cramps during intercourse 

Leg cramping during sexual intercourse is a very common condition that does not usually require seeing a doctor until you suffer from symptoms like abnormal discharges, bleeding, fever, and severe pain and discomfort during sex. 

We hope you do not have anything to worry about, and even if you do, we assure you that it’s temporary! So go unleash your inner temptations and have some fun!

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